World War I Abbreviations Quick List

A Quick List of Abbreviations used during World War I in the United States of America A.A., A.A.A. – antiaircraft artillery A.B.M.C. – American Battle Monuments Commission A.C. – Army Corps A.E.F. – American Expeditionary Forces aero – aeronautical A.F.S. … Continue reading

A Quick Guide To Researching United States WWI Military Genealogy

Researching the WW1 military involvement of your ancestor in the United States has unique challenges. A 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) destroyed about 16-18 million official military personnel files (OMPF). The official National Archives web site … Continue reading

Learning More About your New Hampshire Civil War Ancestor

There are many free resources found on the Internet and in your local public library that will help you to learn more about your ancestor’s Civil War involvement.  A wonderful starting point could be a visit to your library, asking … Continue reading