Celebrity Doppelgangers: James Madison and Peter Weller

Peter Weller, actor, was born 24 June 1947 in Stevens Point Wisconsin, the son of Frederick Bradford “Fred B.” & Dorothy Jean (Davidson) Weller. He is an American film/stage actor, director and history lecturer. His Weller ancestry hails back to … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: Thomas Jefferson and Ian McShane

Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States was of English descent, but was already a third generation Virginian when he was born in 1743.  His father was Peter Jefferson, and his mother Jan Randolph.  Before becoming president, Thomas Jefferson … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: John C. Calhoun and Willem Dafoe

As I was browsing early photographs of United States Vice-Presidents, I came upon a very serious looking one of John C. Calhoun.  I knew I had seen his face before! John Caldwell Calhoun,  son of Patrick & Martha (Caldwell) Calhoun … Continue reading