Celebrity Doppelgangers: Thomas Jefferson and Ian McShane

Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States was of English descent, but was already a third generation Virginian when he was born in 1743.  His father was Peter Jefferson, and his mother Jan Randolph.  Before becoming president, Thomas Jefferson … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: John Tyler and Nicolas Cage

The example to the left shows two remarkable strong faces, with long large noses, and deep set eyes.  One would have to wonder by their similarity if they have any genetic commonality. John Tyler, son of John and Mary (Armistead) … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: James A. Garfield and Leonardo DiCaprio

This is a trick question I know, but what might James A. Garfield and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common–other than of course an eerie similarity in their looks? In addition to becoming the twentieth President of the United States, James … Continue reading