Blog Fodder: Themes for May

The first post on a new blog is often the most difficult.  What is better than a new post on a date associated with the fall of the Old Man of the PhotoFunia-janwizardMountain?  At least 132 years before the famed granite profile fell, people predicted its demise.  That example just goes to show:  everything has a beginning and an end, but no one can accurately predict the exact time of its finality.

But back to post creation! Using a current theme can help inspire you.  For example:

– May is National Military Appreciation Month. This month you can write about a living member of your family who served in the United States military in any capacity, or in keeping with Mother’s Day, you could write about how you think a woman in your family reacted and what she went through when she went off to war, or while her spouse/father/brother went off to war.

– May 6th is National Nurses Day (coordinated with the birthday of the noted Florence Nightingale, who was born 12 May 1820). Surely you have a nurse in your family, as a neighbor, a friend or perhaps have a favorite or non-favorite one who cared for you in the past.  Blog it!

– We can’t forget Mother’s Day, on May 12, 2013.  Whether she is living or not, write a story about your Mom, and don’t leave out the photographs.  I bet she was beautiful, just like mine.

– Really and truly, May 13th is Frog Jumping Day.  Today is the perfect time to write about amphibians, or other hairless pets, in your family.  My son enjoyed collecting salamanders.  I once had a coffee-can size hoard of toads that got loose, and made my mother scream.  Relate an amusing tale of your own.

– The last day of May is always Memorial Day.  Write a story about how you spent the day (since you are still making history), or your favorite memories of this day.  Perhaps a photo-blog of flags pictures is in order.

If you know of more May-specific, blog-worthy events that are being celebrated, please let me know.