Blog Fodder: Themes for June

June is a great month, with plenty of blog fodder to write about.

June 3: National Repeat Day.Old postcard flag
According to The Syracuse Post Standard of June 3, 1995, page 11: “Today is National Repeat Day, a day in which we are all encouraged to expand our personal vocabulary by choosing an unfamiliar word and using it in different sentences as many times as possible throughout the day. The afflatus (look it up) for this observance comes from a fifth-grader from Hartford, Conn., through his local newspaper, the Hartford Courant. Just another example of news-paper’s role in education….” Continue reading

Blog Fodder: Themes For May

May is a month ripe with topics to write about.  As the western world becomes lush preparing for summer, so should our blog stories flourish.

May 1: May Day but also Mother Goose Day.  Almost every American child has grown up listening flowers old cardto Mother Goose tales, like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  Did these stories spur you to read more, or did they upset you as being senselessly scary in some cases?

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