New Hampshire Name Changes June 1881 to June 1883

Chapter 166 Names Changed. [State of NH]
The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the years from June 1881 to June 1883.

Fannie Young, of Auburn, to Fannie Merrill
Walter L. Bean, of Deerfield to Walter L. Rollins
William H. Hubbard, of Exeter, to Walter Chan Harriman
Edwin S. Sleeper, of Hampstead, to Edwin S. Pressey
Eddie Senter, of Kingston, to Edward Goodwin
Lurana F. James, of Kingston, to Lurana F. Philbrick
Enoch F. Pickard, of Kingston, to Frank T. Pickard
Earnest Lancaster Beede of Northwood, to Earnest Lancaster Sherman
Frank Haley, sometimes called Frank Jones or Frank Bragdon, of Northwood, to Frank Jones Haley
Alvah Herbert Tuttle, of Newmarket, to Alvah Herbert Place
Mary E. A. Norton, of Newmarket, to Mary E.A. Lewis
Isabell J. Ellis, of Newmarket, to Isabell Jones
Matthew Murphy, of Newcastle, to Daniel Stevens
Helen F. Tanner, of Portsmouth, to Helen F. Peck
Adelbert Cartin, of South Hampton, to Albert Downing

Isabella Giles, of Rochester, to Isabella Piercy
Sarah E. White, of Somersworth, to Sarah E. Merrow
Eva Dell Messenger, of Dover, to Eva Dell French
Luella C. Ellis, of Dover, to Luella C. Smith
Diana Furbush, of Rochester, to Diana Paine
John Collins, of Rollinsford, to Albert Dexter Brown
Sarah E. Colbath, of Farmington, to Sarah E. Piper
Flora E. Whitney, of Dover, to Nellie E. Nute
Ida G. Mooney, of Barrington, to Ida G. Twombly
Howard Knight, of New Durham, to Edwin Clark Neal
Georgie F. Buchanan, of Dover, to Georgie F. Edmonds
Elizabeth Ellen Pike, of Farmington, to Elizabeth Ellen Chamberlain
Abbie M. Taylor, of Madbury, to Abbie M. Young
Delia M. Perkins, of Rochester, to Delia M. York
Annette Sophia Abbott, of Somersworth, to Annette Sophia Walker
Sadie Johnson, of Dover, to Sarah Jane Hutchins
Jessie I. Vibert, or Durham, to Jessie I. Burnham
Lottie E. Grant, of Dover, to Lottie G. Swain

Freddie alexander, of Belmont, to Freddie Pulcifer
N. Mabel Page, of Laconia to Mabel Agnes Cram
Jennie A. Bean, of Laconia, to Jennie A. Blaisdell
Hannah Dyer, of Tilton, to Hannah French
Lottie M. Austin, of Gilford, to Cornelia Austin Haynes
Caroline A. Pearson, of Meredith, to Caroline A. Weston
Orrin Ezra Greenleaf, of New Hampton, to Orrin Ezra Drake
Augusta Maria Huntress, or Laconia, to Minnie Maria Perley
Lucy A. Squire, of Belmont, to Lucy A. Aldrich
Holland E. Dale, of Belmont, to Holland E. Twombly
Jonas Sleeper Everett, of Laconia, to J. Edward Everett
Alma E. Sherburne, of Alton, to Alma E. Nutter
Edward J. Burroughs, of Barnstead, to Edward J. George
Jennie Wheeler, of Meredith, to Mary Ida Norris
Mary Elisabeth Gove, of Sanbornton, to Mary ELisabeth Neal

Emma C. Gale to Emma C. Clark
Annie E. Carter to Annie E. Libby
Carrie R. Churchill to Carrie R. Roberts
ALma Ardell Copeland to Dell Alma Banks
Maggie King to Jennie Harris
Mary F. Hunt to Mary F. Beacham
Howard A. Hunt to Howard A. Beacham

Sarah E. Small to Sarah E. Dennis
Linius D. Small to Linius Dennis
Emmagene Buell to Emmagene Colby
Etta Gove Buell to Etta Gove Colby
Hiram Gookin to Frank L. Gookin
Hattie B. Flanders to Hattie B. Chase
Roxanna Straw to Roxanna Anderson
Sarah A. Dow to Sarah A. James
John H. F. Collins to John W. Henry
ALice A. Parker to Alice A. Norris
Charlotte M. Raymond to Charlotte M. Rand
Josephine French to Josephine Hatch
Martha N. Marden to Martha N. Robinson
Olivia M. Sanborn to Olivia M. Carter
Alice B. Corey to Alice B. Dennett
Clara J. Spofford to Clara J. Story
Celicia Chase Jenness to Celicia Chase Colby
Urania M. Jameson to Urania M. Stanyan
Emily L. WInslow to Emily L. Clark
Content Jenkins Smith to Content Jenkins Lake
Lulu Parker to Lul Ames
John R. Atwood to John R. Morrison
Charlie C. Thompson to Charles T. Chase
Susan A. Ingalls to Susan A. Mudgett
Ellie F. Hilpert to Ellie F. Balcom
Etta Belinda Colby to Etta Belinda Colby Woods
Minnie Hickock to Minnie Wilder
May Hickock to May Wilder
Charles L. Clark to Charles L. Rowe
Joseph Longley to Joseph Ash
Charles Frost to Charles Ash
Francis Paul Fifield to Francis Paul Perry
George Richards to George Richards Perry
Edwin Forrest Hobart to Edwin Forrest Perkins
Freddie Comfort to Frederick Grandmon
Eva May Farrar to Eva May Farrar Campbell
George Henry Harvey to Henry Dwinnells
Fred E. Smith to Fred E. Cheney

George W. Twiss, of Amherst, to George W. Putnam
Wilfred Geron, of Manchester to Wilfred E. Drew
Mary A. Ahlert, of Manchester to Mary Ann Selina Dowd
Maria B. Garland, of Nashua, to Maria B. Davis
Arianna Dodge, of Manchester, to Arianna Moody
Pierre Charles Horace Phaneuf, of Nashua, to Horace Charles Phaneuf
Jesse Clement Jr. of Weare, to Jesse Holmes Clement
Maria Hill, of Manchester, to Maria Huckins
Fred O. Paine, of Manchester, to Fred O. Wilson
Martha J. Barnes, of Nashua, to Martha J. Blackwood
Samuel Tucker, of Hillsborough, to Charles Edward Jones
Mary C. Hennesey of Manchester, to Mary C. Hersey
Emma B. Carr, of Manchester, to Emma B. Quimby
William Samuel Melendy, of Amherst, to William Melendy
Lizzie C. White, of Manchester, to Lizzie C. Baker
Lillian E. Philbrick, of Manchester, to Lillian E. Hersey
Almira Whitney Goodhue, of Manchester, to Almira Whitney
George Bragdon Doyle, of Bedford, to George Doyle Soper
Maggie Fox of Manchester, to Maggie Harrison
Polly Eaton Amsden, of Wilton, to Mary Eaton Amsden
Rowena A. Frye, of Manchester, to Rowena A. Feyler
Lydia A. Frost, of Manchester, to Lydia A. Hanchett
Elizabeth Bush, of Manchester, to Elizabeth Masten
Louis Elmer Lee, of Manchester, to Lous Elmer Livingston
Frank Gay Clark, of Peterborough, to Frank Gay Clarke
Babson LeRoy Moulton, of Manchester, to Charles LeRoy Moulton
Charles Merrill, of Weare, to Charles G. Cram
Almira Esther Hodgkins, of Nashua, to Almira Esther Lund
John Horne, of Manchester, to Harry J. Morrow
Joseph Henry Mitchell, of Manchester, to Joseph Henry LaRock
Nancy Kathleen Horne, of Manchester to Agnes Ellen Riley
Flossa May Rogers, of Holyoke, Mass to Flossa May Griswold
Lena May Wilcox, of Goffstown, to Lena May Davis
Lisa Viola Preston, of Peterborough, to Viola Lisa Ballard
Frederick A. Thompson, of Manchester, to Frederick Albert Bartlett
Winnifred Natala Hayes, of Manchester, to Grace Alma Pierce
Annie L. Cummock, of Manchester, to Annie L. Gillis
Susie Luella Smith, of Manchester, to Susie Luella Lacomse
Lottie May Wheeler, of Weare, to Lottie May Boynton
Eva Sarah Paige, of Manchester, to Eva Paige Sweatt
Fred Clealand Young, of Manchester, to Fred Young Stearns
Lilla B. Currier, of Manchester, to Lilla B. Marston
Sada H. Burbank, of Nashua, to Sada Huldah Barker
Elizabeth Long, of Nashua, to Elizabeth Martel
Abbie I. Colby, of Goffstown, to Abbie I. Farley
Katie I. Douglass, of Bedford, to Katie I. Wiggin
Nahum W. Ridley, of Manchester, to Nahum W. Ward
Michaiah Moore George, of Bennington, to Micajah Moore George
Ebenezer Dodge, of New Boston, to Eben Dodge
Ella S. Hardy, of Antrim, to Ella S. Newton
Caroline H. Wheeler, of Manchester, to Caroline H. Summers
Elvira Edith Chase, of Manchester, to Elvira Edith Watson
Ora McGarrett, of Nashua, to Ora Shattuck
Sarah J. Wilson, of Nashua, to S. Jennie Eaton
Stella M. Porter, of Greenville, to Stella M. Farrar
George Brown, of Wilton, to Jesse Morrill Martin
Adaline J. Fellows, of Manchester, to Addie J. Kimball
Elizabeth Holt, of Peterborough, to Martha Elizabeth Barker

Agnes Rowe to Effie Zella Bayliss
Homer O. Farnum to Homer Farnum Priest
Julia A. Sears to Julia A. Gardner
Addie F. Messer to Addie F. Washburn
Robert E. Munroe to Erwin Franklin Wilson
Frank Gee to Frank L. Booth
Zilla J. Rogers to Zilla J. Powers
Ida May Bates to Ida M. Pratt
Philena Clark Martin to Philena Clark Vose
Nettie E. Cole to Nettie E. Field
Sarah Ada Bemis to Sarah Ada Wood
Miriam A. Reed to Miriam A. Towne
Stella M. Conroy to Stella M. Aldrich

Fred Henry Elliott to Fred Henry Baker
Chelsey C. Strickland to George E. Straw
Fanny B. Child to Fanny B. Walker
Elly Myra Buswell to Ella Myra Prescott
Mrs. Matilda Plummer to Mrs. Matilda Davis
Mary E. Comstock to Mary Elizabeth Severance
ALice Walker to Alice B. Walker
Rosetta Marsh Kempton to Rosetta Marsh Hall
Martha J. Spaulding to Martha J. Evans
Bertha Belle Nourse to Bertha Belle Page
Betsey M. Hayward to Betsey M. Mann
Flora Ann Thornton to Florance Sophia Kellogg

Fannie Chase Allen, of Lebanon, to Fannie Allen Chase
Perley LeRoy Burgess, of Alexandria, to Perley LeRoy Healey
Ellen Gertrude Stanley, of Bethlehem, to Ellen Gertrude Sawyer
Harriet E. Merriman, of Littleton, to Hattie E. Underwood
Joseph Henry LeRock, of Littleton, to Henry Stone
Arthur Bagley, of Piermont, to Lang Merrill
Mary M. Colby of Haverhill, to Mary M. Rowe
Gilman C. Davis, of Wentworth, to Gilman C. Marshall
Ida M. Mitchell of Campton, to Ida May Smith
Olive A. Gale, of Bath, to Olive A Hawkins
Kattie L. Merrill, of Plymouth, to Katie L. Piper
Sarah G. Morse, of Campton, to Sarah G. Leavitt
Chastina Webster, of Wentworth, to Chastina Rollins.

Infant child of William Cameron, of Whitefield, to Flora Malona Pillsbury
Carrie Izzie Blodgett, of Stratford, to Izzie B. Wheeler.

From Laws of the State of New Hampshire, passed June Session 1883

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