New Hampshire Name Changes June 1876 to June 1877


The following changes of names have been legally made, by the Judges of Probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the year from June 1876 to June 1877

Mary Ellen Preble, of Portsmouth, to Mary Ellen Gammon
Katharine V. Spring, of Exeter, to Katharine V. Wells
Mary Florence Prescott, of Raymond, to Mary Addie Prescott
William H. Mace, of Rye, to Walter H. Beaudair.

Mamie Loring, of Farmington, to Mamie Cloutman
Alice May Miller, of Farmingtin, to Alice May Parker
Etta Hurd, of Dover, to Etta Paul
Samuel Leathers, of Barrington, to Samuel Blaisdell
Lovie Ann Leathers, of Barrington, to Annie Blaisdell
Oliver Wyatt Leathers, of Barrington, to Oliver Wyatt Blaisdell
Sallie Leathers, of Barrington, to Sarah Blaisdell
Eben Leathers, of Barrington, to Eben Blaisdell
Mary Esther Leathers, of Barrington to Mary Esther Blaisdell
George Edwin Leathers, of Barrington, to George Edwin Blaisdell
Mary Lavina Leathers, of Barrington, to May Lavina Blaisdell
Orin Melvin Leathers, of Barrington, to Orin Melvin Blaisdell
Lizzie McD. Chamberlin, of Dover, to Lizzie McDaniel
Frank I. Cater, of Barrington, to Frank I. Decatur
Zylpha May Downs, of Dover, to Zylpha May Davis

Louisa Mason, of Centre Harbor, to Louisa Thompson
Rosa A. McIntire, of Centre Harbor, to Rosa Leonore Lawrence
Annie R. Harrington, of Laconia, to Annie R. Woodburn
Mary Flowers, of Gilford, to Mary Laurinda Twombly
Maud W. Clark, of Gilmanton, to Maud W. Parsons
Hattie J. Clark, of Gilmanton, to Hattie J. Parsons
Lottie P. Clark, of Gilmanton, to Lottie P. Parsons

Harriet Jane Bodge, of Wolfeborough, to Mary Eva Carter
Franklin P. Tilton, of Sandwich, to Frank P. Tilton
Nettie Wiggin, of Ossipee, to Nettie Young
Hattie P. Roberts, of Freedom, to Hattie P. Thurston

Georgianna Buzzell to Georgianna Wiggin
Benjamin M. Buzzell to Charles M. Wiggin
Oscar H. Buzzell to Oscar H. Wiggin
John R. Buzzell to Albert L. Wiggin
Irving W. Buzzell to Irving W. Wiggin
L. Augustus Foster to Gust Foster
Mary E. Swain to Mary E. Noyes
Albert Sanborn to Frank L. Abbott
Abbie P. Herbert to Abbie P. Worthen
Mary Dow to Cora May Mead
Frank George French to George Oliver Perkins
Walter Abbott Sewall to Walter Abbott
Walter Abbott to Walter Abbott Sewall
Edwin F. Chapman to Edwin F. Page
Sarah T. Jackman to Sarah E. Russell
Volentine Hastings to Volentine Charles Hastings
John J. Flaherty to John J. Bartlett
Eldora A., Ida E., and Elma M. Freed to Eldora A., Ida E., and Elma M. Colby
Delia A. Jones to Delia A. Cross
Frank M. Morse to Frank M. Haley

Mary A. Conner to Mary A. Dix
Frances A. Eaton to Frances A. Ferris
Agnes Honora Peacock to Agnes Hanley
Melvin A. Robinson to William Henry Hudson
Thomas Franklin Harvell to Frank Harvell
Frank Masranen to Frank Benjamin Martin
Marilla R. Matthews to Marilla R. Gould
Rianzo M. Norton to Charles M. Norton
Maria A. Patten to Maria A. Smith
Sarah M. Sleeper to Sarah Mills Peaslee
Peter Savasin to Peter Portevine
Mary Ella Worthley to Ella Mary Robinson
Margaret Stickney to Martha Margaret Stickney
Abbie C. Wheeler to Abbie C. Duncklee
Lizzie Mabel Hoyt to Inez Marion Warren
Martha M. Wolfe to Martha M. Brown
Mattie M. Sargent to Marrie L. Humphrey
Georgia E. Kent to Georgia E. McCoy
Iness Avora Oliver to Iness Avora Lane
Mary J.S. Lord to Mary J.S. Shepard
Bertha Holden to Grace Gertrude Nutting
Frank Henry Pierce to Frank Hawthorne Pierce
Timothy D. Roberts to Dudley Roberts
Frank Willie Stark to William Frank Stark

Lydia K. Whitney to Lydia K. Woodward
Edwin D. Putney to Edwin D. Dodge
Lucy A. Holt to Lucy A. Beal
Viola Bell Garland to Flora Bell Tenney, and adoption.
F. Elroy Estabrook to Harlow Levett Streeter, and adoption.
Flora M. Medcalf to Flora M. Howe
James S. Healey to James S. Clark, and adoption
Harriet N. Knolwton to Harriet N. Knight
Harriet L. Esty to Harriet L. Cook
Harry Herbert Ormsby to Harry Herbert White, and adoption
Mary Jane Bemis to Mary Jane Webster
Willie Swithin to Walter A. Russell, and adoption
Henry Martin Smith to Henry Martin Parkhurst
Amelia Nelson to Nellie Amelia Brooks, and adoption

Lydia A. Sargent, of Sunapee, to Lydia A> Young
Susan Estella Davis, of Claremont, to Susan Estalle Kempton
Nancy A. Dowling, of Clarement, to Nancy A. Hart
Alnette Lucinda Smith, of Goshen to Alnette Lucinda Steel, and adoption

Lizzie C. Brown to Lizzie C. Hadley
Albion Cushin to Frank Albion Cushing
Alfred N. Child to Alfred N. Heaton
Abby H. Foster to Abby H. Turner
Isaac Newton Jones to Newton Irving Jones
James Perley to George LeClair
Emile QUimby to Emile Gibson
Kate B. Plaisted to Kate B. Hunt
Marcia St. Clair to Marcia Frances Johnson
George Oscar Turker to George Oscar Smith
Frederick Theodore Trudo to Frederick Theodore Nichols

Edson Gray to Edson Wells Eastman
Josephine England to Josephine Colby

Laws of the State of New Hampshire June 1876 to June 1877; Names Changed by Judges of Probate

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