New Hampshire Name Changes January 1895 to January 1897

New Hampshire Name Changes January 1895 to January 1897
Chapter 96: Names Changed
From January 1895 to January 1897, the judges of probate have made and returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names.

Hattie Donovan to Hattie Curry
Mary Helen Moore to Helen May Moore
Mabel L. Abbott to Mabel L. Burbank
Hector B. Wilson to Herbert B. Wilson
Ellen M. Pratt to Ellen M. Sawyer
Rosaltha Parks to Rose Althea Todd
Ida S. Dow to Ida S. Mason
Pauline Bicknell to Pauline Challis
Charles R. Edmunds to Charles Reuben Edmunds Bodwell
Georgianna A. Jones to Georgianna A. Garland
Mary Frances Hanscom to Mary Frances Goodwin
William Andrew Lloyd to William Andrew Lloyd Cochran
Horatio Beede Rowell to Beede H. Rowell
Nellie Louise Brennan to Nellie Louise Hill
Amelia Hill to Amelia Martin
Fred Brown to Fred Sanborn
Mary Genevive Costello to Mary Genevive Randall
Nettie M. Rowell to Nettie M. George
Mary F. Walker to Mary F. Emery
Susan F. Leathers to Susan F. Kennard
Margueritte Sullivan to Lillian F. Sullivan
George W. Witham to George W. Purington
Iva Frankling Witham to Iva Franklin Purington
Lucia A. Cotton to Lucia A. Hynes
Annie L. Darbe to Annie L. Fitts
Alphonso Davis to Alphnso Charles Davis
Emma C. Gray to Emma C. Wallace
Grace Noyes Beane to Grace Noyes Straw
Annie B. Stickney to Annie B. Sleeper

Nettie S. Blaisdell to Nettie S. Hamilton
Nellie Riley to Nellie Brown
Georgie E. Hughes to Georgie E. York
Ernest Dufor to Ernest Carron
Margaret J. DOherty to Margaret J. Gerry
Ida May Bowers to Ida May Horne
Eva E. Hoyt to Eva E. Leighton
Laura J. Corson to Laura J. Brooks
Frank W. Gibson to Frank Wilder Messer
Myra J. Nutting to Myra J. Randall
Holman Pearl to Holman Isaac Pearl
Emma D. Colomy to Emma D. Brackett
Clara Bell Hall to Iva E. Davis
Cynthia G. Currier to Cynthia G. Winkley
Mary B. Parrott to Mary B. Moody
Jennie A. Worster to Jennie A. Green
Minnie E. Tibbetts to Minnie E. Blaisdell
Jennie Juliette Duxbury to Juliette Wheeler Duxbury
Eva Sophia Stanyon to Eva Sophia Cilley
Alice May Stanyon to Alice May Cilley
Lydia E. Baker to Lydia E. O’Conoor
Clara E. St. John to Clary E. Winkley
Elizabeth J. Stiles to Elizabeth J. Warren
Lillian B. Howard to Lillian B. Ayer
Irene Mae Hawksworth to Effie May Swallow

Gertie J. Goodro to Gertie J. Ames
Arthur J. Whitcomb to Arthur J. Wiggin
Anna Francis French to Anna French Thompson
Mary E. Thomas to May E. Burpee
Elenora P. Hatch to Elenora P. Quinby
Eva Alma Lawrence to Eva May Babb
Jennie A. Cox to Jennie A. Clark
Ruth H. Clark to Ruth H. Canney
Mae L. Craig to Mae L. Hardy
Mary L. Symes to Mary L. Osgood
Marion G. Daniels to Marion G. Files
Bertrand N. Daniels to Bertrand N. Files
Johnnie P. Matten to Johnnie P. Shaw
Gladis Seeley to Ethel May Severance
Gladiss May Furber to Gladiss May Eaton
Richard Hooker to Irvin Jewell Severance
Alice Crosby Preble to Alice Crosby Page
Harry Cole Quinby to Henry Cole Quinby
William Rowe Jones to William D. Rowe
Helen Fidelia Leighton to Helen Leighton Merrill
Johnwesley B Stevens to Wesley B. Stevens
James Smith to James Stuart Smith

Frank G. Lane to Frank G. Chase
Maggie E. Lane to Maggie E. Hale
Nellie W. Lane to Nellie W. Hobbs
Georgia Jenness to Georgia Wyman
Henry A. Grammo to Henry D. Piper
Bertha Clara Valley to Bertha Clara Demerritt
Susan Wallace, otherwise known as Susie M. Wallace, to Susan Mildred Meloon
Elizabeth Chick to Elizabeth Lawrence
Sylvia E. Moody to Sylvia E. Evans
Martha Jane Nickols to Martha Jane Hill
Maud Blackey to Maud Lillian Tilton
Edward L. Harmon to Edward L. Libbey
Chastina A. Littlefield to Chastina A. Robin
Ellen McGraw to Ellen M. Plummer
Almena S. Avery to Almena S. Sawyer

Ida B. Merrill to Ida B. Flanders
WInnie L. Arlin to Winnie L. Hoyt
Annie B. Dnaiels to Annie B. Merrill
Sarah E. Dowlin to Sarah E. Hall
Agnes G. Robinson to Agnes G. Whittier
Jennie M. Kenney to Jennie M. Richardson
Eula M. Mansfield to Eula Maud Anderson
Roberta Mansfield to Roberta Mansfield Anderson
Laura E. Jameson to Ida M. Heath
Nancy M. Stevens to Nancy M. Batchelder
Alta M. Virgin to Alta M. Willey
Emma H. Tidmarsh to Emma H. Tuttle
John Langdon Tallant to John Langdon Tallant Shaw
Bell C. Ordway to Bell C. Bingham
Mary L. Follansbee to Mary L. Gould
Nellie L. Gillingham to Nellie M. Rowe
Belle Manion to Belle Eastman
Annie V. Ordway to Annie V. Morrison
Carrie E. Burgum to Carrie E. Stanyan
Carrie A. Vinica to Carrie A. Holt
Gertrude Thompson to Edith May Towle
Mamie Prescott Payne to Mamie Prescott Wheeler
Harold Gilpatrick to Harold Ferguson
Clara M. Curtice to Clara M. Young
Sadie Dennen Swift to Sadie Swift Richardson
Addie E. Piper to Addie E. Towne
George Vosburgh to George E. Wells
Isa G. Smith to Isa Laura Appleton
Harold R. Ferguson to Harold O. Haskins
Mark Brown to Mark Smith
Clyde M. Tryron to George H. Palmer
Mura Lawrence Fairbanks to Gladys May Pickard

George Leander Morency to George Leander Dwinnell
Anna Garneau to Anna Currier
Fannie I. Noyes to Fannie I. Watson
Mary Louisa Fox to Dorothy Elizabeth Williams
Drusilla Prichard Flather to Mary Drusilla Flather
Daisy B. Waldron to Daisy B. Swallow
Florence A. Fox to Bessie Florence Fletcher
William Livermore to William Livermore Newell
Mary A Cox to Mary A. Prescott
Mamie E. Gates to Mamie E. Wright
Philip A. Rule to Philip A. Baker
Lillian M. Flanders to Lillian M. Ordway
Israel Resnikouitz to Israel Resnik
Philena Agnes Cook to Philena Agens Cloyd
Emma J. Nichols to Emma J. Atwood
Bertie Parker to Albert Parker Bowker
Susan Tetu to Anna Mason
Dominique Lemay to Joseph Alfred Duplessis
George Caldwell to James Henry Brown
Jessie L. Hackett to Jessie L. Burnett
Lucyas Martin Strang to Francis Henry Phelps
Esther Antoinette Strang to Esther Antoinette Phelps
Inez Lenora Whiting to Inez Lenora Church
Leila Upham Marsh to Leila Upham
“Baby” Lane to Fred Herson Turner
Edwin Francis Colby to Edwin Francis Pike
Grace S. Ranno Holt to Grace S. Ranno
Angie L. Adrich to Angie L. Weeks
Minnie L. Nye to Minnie L. Stoddard
Gracie Proctor to Gracie F. Ladd
Teresa Lucy Bailey to Teresa Lucy Hurley
Frank Perley Newhall to Frank Perley Hutchinson
Eugene Barriauet to Eugene Simard
Verna Camile Sefton to Mary Elizabeth Welch
Delia A. Douglass to Delia A. Phippen
Abbie L. Bridges to Abbie Louise Lincoln
Estella M. Hildreth to Estella H. Boutelle
Edward White to Edward Velser
Hermine Camona to Hermine Geissler
Alice Aline Levesque to Lena Sumpter
Mary F. Emerty to Mary F. Dow
Addie Robbins to Addie Beckwith
Max Cunzer to Max Solomon Hillson
Flora P. Dorr to Flora P. Adams
Mabel M. Hatch to Mabel M. Wescott
Josephine Kedny to Josephine Kennedy
Nellie Kedny to Nellie Kennedy
Elizabeth Kedny to Elizabeth Kennedy
Elise Gervais to Elise Dube
Kate A. Thompson to Kate A. Kelley
Antonio Berard to Antonio Berard Marcoultier
Emma L. Belford to Emma I. Clark
Rosa Flanders to Rose Linda Burton
Annie Pearl Richardson to Pearl Richardson
Alta Hall to Alta THompson
Fern B. Marsh to Fern B. Ford
Ida M. White to Ida M. Gould

Harry E. Merritt to Josiah Kendall Rand
Guy Lockwood Sabin to Guy Lockwood Roby
Matilda Turner Abbott to Matilda M. Turner
Abbie E. Hicks to Abbie Elvira Chappell
Lunda B. Cobb to Luna B. Hubbard
Belle Bond Paddelford to Belle Bond Wilder
Nellie May Cowan to Nellie May St. John
Blanche Ellis to Blanche Olive Jewett
Willie Chase to William Roy Brown
Addie Maria Brooks to Addie Maria Young

Laura E. Booth to Laura E. Angell
Florence L. Bartlett to Mabel A. Bean
Catherine May Cragin to Catherine May Stewart
Jessie M. Cutts to Jessie M. Sargent
Maude M. Holt to Maude M. Chapin
Mary E. Hill to Mary ELizabeth Knight
Florence L. Harding to Florence Lucinda Harding Eastman
Lizzie McDonald to Lizzie Lull
Constance Pollard to Susie Constance Benway
Ella Edna Putnam to Ella Edna Cutts
Ida H. Read to Ida H. Read Bellville
Flora B. Tryon to Belle Clara Russell

Joseph H. Birch to Joseph H. Bennett
Anna Mabel Cunningham to Anna Cunningham Kimball
Nellie B. Davis to Nellie B. Chase
Cora E. Davis to Cora E. Gannett
Helen M. Draper to Helen M. Clough
Clara Decoteau to Clara Saporte
Susan Ellison to Susan A. Eastman
Emma G. Fisher to Emma G. Webster
Carl G. Heath to Carl Hoit
James Bertram Hill to James Bertram Sias
Gladys Herbert to Gladys M. Brown
Katie I. Lamb to Katie I. Sedgell
Abbie McDonough to Elevyn Myrle Percy
Clementine V. Manson to Clementine V. Davis
Daisy Mitchell to Grace Plant
Lydia Mitchell to Bonnie Belle Dow
Lena Belle Moore to Lena Mary Carpenter
Herbert Nichols to Herbert M. Tucker
Hazel P. Noble to Hazel P. Cleasly
Henry James Palmer to Henry James Wright
Walter Royce to Walter Thomas
Fred Stewart to Fred Stewart Emerson
Lydia Jennie Waldron to Jennie M. Chase
Edna B. Wallace to Gertrude Mory
Fernald H. Webber to Francis H. Spokesfield
Mary A. Webber to Mary A. Spokesfield.
Agnes Gertrude Fuller to Agnes Gertrude Bond
Wilfred Coughlain to Wilfred Wedge
Charles Fred Cleaveland to Fred Charles Cleaveland
Nelly Corier to Nellie Driscoll
John H. Dolloff to John H. Powers
Jennie M.L. Dolloff to Mrs. Jennie M.L. Powers
Vyrne Elliott to Vyrne Crawford
Gertrude E. Fuller to Gertrude Elethea Hildreth
Henri Gonya to Henri Fisher
J. William Greenlaw to Frank Charles Stone
Rosina Holbrook to Rosina Roberts
Madeline G. Lewis to Helen Osburn Whipp
Emma W. Lull to Emma Anna Whitney
Eva May Murry to Eva May Jodrie
Henry Osburne to Henry Thorndike Osburne
Sarah J. Ranney to Sarah J. Moore
Lena Ross to Lena Ross Stewart
Lizzie Sheehe to Maud Lois Hutchins
Helen Ross Witham to Helen Ross Humphrey
Laws of the State of New Hampshire, June 1897

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