New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1889 to January 1891

New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1889 to January 1891
Laws of the State of New Hampshire, printed by the Secretary of State of the State of New Hampshire, 1891, Session Laws, page 381

From June 1889 to January 1891 the judges of probate have made and returned to the office of the secretary of state the following changes of names:

Dora Woodman, of Laconia TO Dora Keasor.
Abbie B. Ladd, of Belmont TO Bernia Lillian Lougee
Emma Sturgeon, of Belmont TO Emma Childs
Lizzie E. Morrison, of Tilton TO Lizzie E. Copp
Napoleon J. Dion, of Laconia TO Napoleon J. Dyer
Raymond Winthrop, of Tilton TO Raymond Firth
Mabel Clara Whiting, of Gilford TO Mabel Clara Whitten
Frank Lupien, of Laconia to Frank Gignac

Agnes May Thurston TO Agnes May Warren
Ella L. Bunker TO Ella L. Lopez
Grace Bleau TO Grace Marion Hill
Nellie May Boothby TO Nellie May Boothby Mason
Bertie G. Dudley TO Bertie G. Tutt
Addie F. Cook TO Addie F. Hicks
Anna C. Guttman TO Anna C. Jaclard

Emma Pelka TO Emma Aber
Jessie Pearl Southwick TO Jessie Pearl Mason
Edna Rosella Foley TO Edna Rosella Parkhurst
Florence L.E. Curtis TO Florence L.E. Wells
Max Joseph Madden TO Joseph Madden
Julia A. Franklin TO Julia A. Britton
Joseph Bowfski TO Joseph Broffe
Nellie F. Haskell TO Nellie F. Andrews

George LeForest TO Forest Gault Brown
Fred Allston TO Stewart Allston Quint
Effie Sutton TO Pearl Kimball
Emma Damon TO Emma Garland
Katie A. Kiser TO Katie A. White
Alice Bibber TO Alice Chase Lane

Ella A. Aldrich TO Ella A. Clark
Emma Louise Brown TO Maud Iola Pickering
Myrtle Currier Colcord TO Myrtle Currier Fisher
Jennie M. Clark TO Jennie M. Shute
Martha G. Cofran TO Martha C. Graham
Hattie L. Cooledge TO Hattie Luella Cunningham
Grace S. Cooledge TO Grace S. Whitman
Edith M. Coolege TO Edith M. Simons
Alice M. Hawkins TO Alice M. Cutter
Mary Ella Heath TO Mary Ella Hillison
Jennie H. Huckins TO Jennie H. Cadwell
Lillian M. Hutchins TO Lena May Clark
James William Hanscom TO William John Russell
Howard Martin TO Ernest Howard Quimby

Charlotte May Dawson TO Charlotte May Avery
Ethel Hope Dawson TO Edith Hope Avery
Almira E. Pierce TO Almira E. Hovey
Frank George Bartlett TO Frank George Traxler
George Marsh TO George Marsh Sanford
Mindie Aldrich TO Mindie Aldrich Buswell
Lizzie May Chapman TO Lizzie May Haines
Katie Charlotte Hatch TO Katie Charlotte Goldsbury
Harrie Jewett Hall TO Henry Jewett Hall
Hattie M. Mason TO Hattie M. Howard
Nellie Maria Plummer TO Nellie Maria Vose
Emily Kingsbury Donnell TO Emily Josephine Kingsbury
Sallie Underwood Barr TO Sallie Underwood Gage
Lille B. Stevens TO Lillie B. Ward
Marion Stevens TO Marion Ward
Theresa M. Sargent TO Theresa M. Lees
Ethel A. Adams to Ethel A. Gilfoile
Charles G. Amsden TO Charles L. May
Jennie Matott TO Jennie Gilman
Lillian Dunklee TO Lillian Roanna Tinker
Annie Bell Whitney TO Annie Bell Merrill
Charles A. Whittemore TO Charles Holton Babbitt*
Darcy A. Parkhurst TO Darcy A. Young
Allen F. Davis TO Allen Forest Clark
Susan J. Whitcher TO Susan J. Fowler
Katie F. Allen TO Katie F. Putnam
Ruth M. Higbee TO Ruth Miller
Ellen M. Weaver TO Ellen M. Nodding
Sadie A. Weaver TO Sadie A. Nodding
Mary Runnells TO Mary C. Gilman
Georgianna Webster TO Vera Ella Harvey
Myra L. Ross TO Myra L. Cheney
Sadie Bell Durant TO Sadie Bell Wilson
Della M. Dutton TO Della M. Hall
Gertrude M. Whitney TO Gertrude M. Holt
William Henry Bayliss TO William Henry Lyons
Alice M. Martell TO Alice M. Adams
Minnie Wallace TO Minnie Caroline Holt
Nellie Gertrude Shea TO Nellie Gertrude Stevens
Inez Lillian Shea TO Inez Lillian Stevens

Grace E. Casey TO Grace E. Tilton
Gertrude Blaisdell TO Gertrude Leavitt
Mattie E. Carter TO Mattie E. Prentiss
Alice May Goodwin TO Alice May Dix
Jennie Lizzie Hoit TO Jane Elizabeth Hoyt
Charles O. Jones TO Charles L. Wiggin
Vina Ardell Long to Vina Ardell Kilburn**
Frank L. Moody TO Frank Lawrence Winslow
Mary E. Sheldon TO Mary E. Myers
Willie Ernest Smart TO Willie Payne Ring
Elizabeth Grace Smith TO Elizabeth Grace Wiggin
Sumner Putnam West TO Charles Sumner West
Myra B. Weeks TO Myra Bell Tasker
Frederick Currier TO Fred Tilton
William F. Connaughton TO William F. Carroll
Bertie William Chase TO Burt William Trumbull
Bert Johnson TO Bert Blood
Harry Earle Wells TO Harry Hazen Griffin
Walter Harriman Weeks TO Walter Harriman Rollins
Bert William Sanborn TO Bert William Huckins

May Ella Bartlett TO May Ella Bartlett Lydston
Hattie Della Wentworth TO Hattie Della Warren
Clara Hayward TO Clara Hayward Lilleston
Loretta S. Brown TO Loretta S. Bennett
Louis C. Reaney TO Louis C. Patten
Florence M. Jorden TO Florence M. Ogden
Ida May Thurston TO May Bell Chase
Margaret Cowley TO Margaret C. Holmes
Mary E. Calkins TO Mary E. Thompson
Maria A. Caswell TO Myra A. Simpson
Nellie I. Miltimore TO Nellie I. Adams
Sarah J. Quint TO Sarah J. Rogers
Hattie Meader TO Mabel Robinson
William O. Roberts TO William O. Morrison
Hall Jenness Paul TO H. Jenness Paul

Charles Caverly Horne TO Charles Frank Caverly
Ella D. M. Achroyd TO Ella D.M. Goodall
Ernest Willie Johnson TO Wilbert Ernest Demeritt
Placentia C. Blanchard TO Placentia C. Meserve
Addie Eveline Evans TO Mary Eveline Leavitt
Abbie L. Savory TO Abbie L. Clement
Jennie Johnson TO Jennie Seavey
Nettie P. Whitten TO Nettie P. Durgin
Eliza O. Hartford TO Eliza O. French
Willie U. Coburn TO Charles H. Coburn
Mary Jane Smith TO Mary Jane Bunker
Hattie E. Brewer TO Hattie E. Hayes
Orrin Varney TO Harry Hale

Emma Hill TO Emma H. Parker
Luella G. Kemp TO Luella G. Sturtevant
Jennie S. Nelson TO Jennie S. Huntoon
Lora E. Tilton TO Lora E. Brown

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