New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1885 to June 1887

The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the years from June 1885 to June 1887

Kate Littlefield, of Elliott, Me., to Bessie Adams, November 10, 1885
Jane S. Janvrin, of Hampton Falls, to Jane Story, December 12, 1885
Charles P. Smith, of Newmarket, to Charles P. Chapman, March 1, 1885
William F. Mack, of Exeter, to William F. Witham, April 15, 1886
Addie Lillian Doe, of Candia, to Addie Lillian Turner, April 10, 1886
William Henry Parmenter, of Portsmouth, to William Parmenter Young, June 15, 1886
Elizabeth Frances Allen of Nottingham, to Elizabeth Frances Chesley, August 17, 1886
Harrison Watson Clay, of Portsmouth to Henry William Gardner, November 9, 1886
Huldah T. Small, of Fremont, to Huldah T. Sanborn, October 12, 1886
Sarah R. Chase, of Fremont, to Sarah R. Purington
Christiana E. Chase, of Fremont, to Christiana E. Purington, October 13, 1886
Marion Warren, of Exeter, to Alta May Horne, February 16, 1887
Lizzie D. Little, of Seabrook, to Lizzie D. Noyes, May 2, 1887
Lillian A. Barton, of Seabrook, to Lillian A. Dow, May 11, 1887
Ella L. P. Neal, of Windham, to Ella L.P. Wilson, June 14, 1887
Flora G. Prescott, of Brentwood to Flora G. Thomas, June 20, 1887

Nancie O. Critchett to Nancie O. Caverly
Isaac B. Downing to Benton Everett Downing
Mattie Kearney to Mattie Jackson
Helen Hortense Canney to Helen Hortense Pearl
Clara E. Chaney to Clara E. Wentworth
TImothy Buzzell Tuttle to Timothy Frank Tuttle
Emma E. Parker to Emma E. Stevens
Frank Shapleigh Lougee to Frank Shapleigh
Katie E Perkins to Kaie E. Furber
Martha S. Hall to Martha S. Pray
Harry I. Randall to Harry I. Hayes
Emma F. Randall to Fannie E. Hayes
Mary E. Willey to Mary E. Wallingford
Lauretta Randlett to Lauretta Tuttle
Ada Francis Randlett to Ada Francis Tuttle
Ella F. Woodman to Ella F. Deland
Susan Hurd to Susan Colbath
Mrs. Emma M. Foss to Miss Emma M. Tibbetts
Carrie F. Ham to Carrie F. Hamilton
Harriet J. Hayes to Harriet J. Hartford
Grace A. Collins to Grace A. Decatur
Harry Clyde Smith to Charles Clyde Harriman
Abbie V. Decatur to Abbie V. Ricker
Martha Eunice Hanson to Bertha Maud Lord
Elzina Nutter to Elzina Downs
Benjamin Franklin Foss to B. Frank Foss
Pearl W. Smith to Pearl S. Chesley
Eugene Smith to Eugene S. Russell
Harold W. Smith to Harold W. Russell
Lenora E. Smith to Lenora E. Russell
Warren B. SMith to Warren B. Russell
Carrie B. Wentworth to Carrie B. Sterling

1885–July term:
May Louise Howard, of Belmont, to May Louise Gray
October term:
Angelina V. Jenkins, of Gilmanton, to Angelina V. Edgerly
Alice M. Hawkins, of Center Harbor, to Alice M. Smith
December term:
Mary A. Carter, of Laconia, to Mary A. Kelly
Elsie E. Jackman, of Laconia to Elsie Estella Leavitt
1886–January Term
Emma M. Tilton, of Meredith, to Emma M. Chase
March term: Edwin Peavey, of ALton, to Isaac P. Coffin
Lulu M. Dunbrack, of Belmont, to Ethel N. Hawkins
April term:
Frank J. Hall, of Belmont, to Frank P. Hall
May term:
Clara E. Allen, of Laconia, to Clara E. Hutchinson
Joseph William Whitten, of Barnstead, to William Whittier Jenness
S. Mae Davis, of Center Harbor, to S. Mae Mudgett
Bernice Mildred Staples, of Gilford, to Florence Mildred Leavitt
Nellie W. Merrill, of Laconia, to Nellie W. Moulton
Mattie B. Mason, of Gilford, to Mattie B.M. Crane
Jessie May Stevens, of Meredith, to Jessie May Jenness

Henry P. Dow, Moultonborough to Henry P. Hudson
Charles Almond Swasey, Ossipee, to Charles Almond Thompson
Rosetta M. Beede, Tamworth, to Rosetta M. Stevenson
Annie F. Smith, Tuftonborough, to Annie F. Thompson
Sarah O. Brigham, Sandwich, to Sarah O. Abbott
William J. Flude, Sandwich, to William J. Randolph
Daniel William Lord, Sandwich, to William L. Chase
Herbert E. Sleeper, Wolfeborough, to Herbert E. Davis

Alice May Albright to Alice May Goodwin
Carrie J. Coombs to Carrie J. Choate
Minnie Foss to Minnie Florence Bean
Alice Lena Belrose to Alice Lena Nuttall
Robert Ruffle to Robert William Upton
Jessie Bell Johnson to Jessie Bell Flagg
Cora Emma Moulton to Cora Emma Moody
Ida Blanch Hosmer to Ida Blanche Putney
Lucas Parent to Lucas Berger
Thomas Wade to Charles Dean
Sarah R. Glidden to Sarah R. Stevens
Mary Ella Stocker to Mary Ella Houston
Nellie M. Hendrick to Nellie M. Richardson
Sadie E. Lord to Sadie E. Elliott
Clara A. Blanchard to Clara A. Elliott
Rachel R. Marden to Rachel R. Kent
Nellie J. Pollard to Nellie J. Harper
James H. Ahern to James H. Harrington
Laura E. Warren to Laura E. Harwood
Minnie D. Hammond to Minne E. Brockway
Alice Nichols or Alma Quimby to Alice May Quimby
Amos Currier to Amos Holt Currier
Susan Bailey to Susan Woodbury
Estella C. Clark to Estella C. Young
Robertie S. Coburn to Robertie S. Frye
Augusta B. Lawrence to Augusta B. Johnson
Bridget Taylor to Bridget Hart
Olive A. Bourlet to Olive A. Rowell

Effie Florence Higgins to Effie Florence Heath
Joseph Napoleon Lebrun to Joseph Lebrun Douville
Richard A. Varick to Richard Varick
Lucy L. Kelley to Lucy L. Johnson
Ida C. Lockwood to Ida C. Fiske
Lucy L. Hall to Lucy L. Pomeroy
Amanda E. Philbrick to Amanda E. Brown
Mildred D. Savage to Mildred D. Chase
Willie A. Savage to Willie A. Chase
Lottie E. Savage to Lottie E. Chase
Mary Hall to Marguerite Drew
Emilie Judson Grant Temple to Emilie Grant
Emily E. Ellis to Emily E. Spollett
Etta M. McDonald to Etta M. Lowell
Etta Emerson to Etta Bunton
Martha M. Rollins to Martha M. Colby
John William Francis Finnigan to John William Doane-Francis
George Perley Weeks to Perley Weeks
Bessie Gardner Kimball to Elizabeth Gardner Kimball
Addie Evelyn Taylor to Addie Evelyn Kendrick
Carrie J. Cochran to Carrie J. Woodman
Charles A. Kenerson to Charles Horace Robbins
Morris Burnham Greeley to Morris Burnham
Emma Mary Greeley to Emma Mary Burnham
Fannie Burnham Greeley to Fannie Burnham
Rayworth Burnham Greeley to Rayworth Burnham
Charles Herbert Gray to Charles Herbert Buttrick
Mary Ellen Roby to Mary Ellen Kimball
Susan Marie McKinney to Susan Marie Sexton
Hattie E. Marshall to Hattie E. Rhoades
Della M. Colby to Della M. Hall
Ida Feiler to Ida Fritzsche
Clara B. Flint to Clara B. Emery
Abbie R. Huckins to Abby R. Kimball
Olivia Brown to Olivia Amsden
Edna H. Center to Edna H. Burns
Willie T. Wheeler to Willie T. Andrews
Alice Gertrude Bowen to Alice Gertrude Sargent
Mabel Agnes Bowen to Mabel Agnes Gray
Annie R. Driscoll to Annie R. Bennett
Eva A. Havendon to Eva A. Bemis
Persis Bullard to Persis Hutchinson
Martha J. Felch to Martha J. Dodge
Mary J. Bowen to Sadie Bell Newell
Harry Minot Gage to Harold Minot Gage
AEnona Louise Mudgett to AEnona Louise Williams
A. Lucien Woodbridge to A. Lucien Stevens
John Wesley Banks to John Wesley Pollard
Evora N. Barker to Evora N. Gardner

Edmund Perley Fox to Perley Edmund Fox
Mary A. Crossfield to Mary Elizabeth Hall
Anna W. Guessford to Anna W. Merrill
Gerald Wright to Geraldine Hall
Corrin C. Hall Wright to Corrin C. Hall
M. Grant Wright to M. Grant Hall
Clara Le Mond Clapp to Clara Le Mond
Hattie E. Ellor to Hattie E. Fox
William Ralph Harris to William Ralph Lewis
Felinda Mary Gaseau to Felinda Mary Pluff
David Gaseau to David Pluff
Mary Felinda Gaseau to Mary Felinda Pluff
Osmond Joseph Gaseau to Osmond Joseph Pluff
Rosella Emma Spofford to Emma Spofford Joslyn
Ada F. Bruce to Emma Frances Bailey
Rosa Gertrude Brockway to Lulu Rosa Williams
Mary Ferrin to Mary Zella Scobey
Jefferson Jay to Arthur Edgar Burgess
Vaugybella Columbia to Arabella Chapman Bolles
Jessie M. Fassett to Jessie M. Spofford
Mary E. Wheeler to Mary E. Scott
Abbie Elvira Hart to Abbie Elvira Cheever

John Arba Brown of Newport, to John Albert Bowers
Willie P. Dain, of Claremont, to Willie P. Thompson
Bessie May Paul, of Unity, to Bessie May Joslin
Lucy Ann Perry, of Lempster, to Lucy Ann Fletcher
Alice Sophia Miner to Alice Sophia Manning, September 9, 1886
Lilla M. Codman to Lilla M. Fitch, October 27, 1886
Adopted: Myrtle Anna Davis, adopted by Matilda Davis, April 27, 1887.

Katie Eliza Adams, of Hanover, to Mary Luella Nye
Sarah J. Carter, of Warren, to Sarah J. Clement
Estella A. Clement, of Warren, to Estella A. Clifford
Frank A. Cram, of Lebanon, to Frank A. Carleton
Ada E. Fifield, of Easton, to Ada E. Morse
Lizzie Rowena George, of Bath, to Lizzie R. Whitcher
Mattie M. Hartell, of Easton, to Mattie M. Morse
Mary Ella Hall, of Orford, to Mary Ella Hall Trussell
Julia A. Jones, of Thornton, to Julia A. Foss
Roxanna F. Kimball, of Canaan, to Rosie F. Peters
Gertie Knowles, of Thornton, to Anna Bell Chase
Willie Stevens, of Haverhill, to Willie Elliott
Mabel Smith, of Canaan, to Mabel Viola Leighton
Della May Winter, of Lebanon, to Della May Carpenter

No return from this county on account of destruction of records by fire.

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