New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1883 to June 1885

The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the years from June 1883 to June 1885

Edward Coleman, of Brentwood, to Edward D. Urch
Hiram Doyle, of Northwood, to William Batchelder
Gertie Woods, of Portsmouth, to Gertie Sanborn
Freeman Connor George, of Plaistow, to James Freeman George
George M. Marden, of Portsmouth, to George M. Ayer
Hattie J. Morrison, of Exeter, to Hattie J. Furnald
Sarah Elizabeth Sias, of Stratham, to Sarah Elizabeth Burnham
Ann Dooley, of Chester, to Ann Maria Kelley
Blanche I. Robinson, of Deerfield, to Blanche Canfield
William A. Kelsey, Newmarket, to Alvin W. Kelsey
Ella E.W. Little, of Chester, to Ella E. Webster
Frank S. Davis, of Brentwood to Julia Annie Dow
Albert S. Sanborn, Fremont, to Bert. S. Sanborn

Emma Adelaide Flye to Emma Adelaide Flye Currier
Lillian Coleman to Bessie Ella Philbrick
Sarah J. Hutchins to Sadie Lucinda Blanche Goodwin
Mattie M. Bills to Mattie M. Hobbs
Arthur Edward Jackson to Arthur Edward Wyatt
Cora A. Critchett to Cora A. Caswell
Hannah Bragdon to Hannah Brock
Nellie E. Mason to Nellie E. Hunter
Zylfa May Davis to Zylfa May O’Neil
Blanche Nason to Blanche Woodman
Emma F. Tibbetts to Emma F. Frost
John Colby Twombly to John Colby Shirley
Adella M. Coles to Adella M. Burleigh
Hattie E. Twombly to Hattie E. Raymond
Winnefred May Batchelder
to Winnefred May Smith
Georgie Edith BUzzell to Georgie Edith Foss
Rebecca Adelaide Chamberlain to Rebecca Adelaide Lord
Nancie O. Critchett to Nancie O. Caverly
Isaac B. Downing to Benton Everett Downing
Abbie B. Russell to Abbie B. Clay
John F. Shorey to John F. Corson

Loretta S. Ambrose of Meredith, to Loretta S. Fernal
Nellie M. Hall, of Belmont, to Nellie M. Babb
Ann M. Clough, of Gilmanton, to Ann M. Brackett
Emma Bell Jackman, of Laconia, to Ethel Emma Tyler
Martha M. Bennett, of Laconia, to Martha M. Weeks
Mary F. Lawrence, of Meredith, to Mary F. Calef
Mabel Maude Jackman, of Laconia, to Mabel Maude J. Smith
Betsey L. Sanborn, of New Hampton, to Betsey L. Woodman
Alice M. Thurston, of Gilford, to Alice M. Clough
Cathie B. Hart, of Belmont, to Blanche May Prouty
Georgianna Moulton, of Gilford, to Georgianna Goss
Abbie A. Ham, of Tilton, to Abbie A. Hill
Edith Swan, of Gilford, to Virginia Louise Cole
Edwin Carlton Hosford, of Meredith, to Carlton Edwin Mansfield
Joseph William Whittier, of Barnstead, to Joseph William Jenness

Walter H. Cady to Walter Cady Stanton
Robert Dwyer to Robert L. Chamberlain
John M. Philbrick to John M. Chase
Minnie Garland to Minnie Anna Varney
Addie E. Young to Addie F. Hicks
Freeland Amos Ordway to Fred Ordway
Elsie Hermione to Elise M. Young
Hattie M. Applebee to Hattie M. Stevens

Lillian E. Cilley to Eda Lillian Follansbee
Carrie L. Ross to Carrie L. Colby
Irvin Ross to Irvin Colby
Ida M. Ross to Ida M. Colby
Josie M. Smith to Josie M. Steeney
Hannah Maria Manning to Ella Maria Flanders
Abbie E. Spear to Abbie E. Eastman
Sarah M. Marsh to Sarah M. Carr
Ada B. Farwell to Ada B. Greenwood
Joseph Lyman Jackman to Lyman Jackman
Emma L. Colby to Emma L. Lovejoy
ALice H. Fern to Alice H. Dolbeer
Louise A. Gage to Louisa A. Follansbee
Mary Lucia Gove to Mary Lucia Woodward
Lizzie C. Annis to Lizzie C. Hook
Timothy Breen to Timothy E. Breen
Mary G. Fiske to Mary G. Turner
Joseph A. Whitehead to Joseph A. Flanders
Letta B. Babb to Letta Ardella Sweatt
Donnie M. Maynard to Donnie Eleanor Welch
Maud E. BLanchard to Winifred Head
Mary Carrie Gordon to Mary Carrie Gordon Neal
Henrietta Littlefield to Alta May Boynton
Willie C. Rowe to Willie C. Buswell
Joseph Gokey to Joseph Bean
Gracie Maude Brown to Gracie Brown Morgan
Zella V. Gove to Zella V. Crowther
Ernest E. Harris to William M. Palmer
Jessie B. Flagg to Jessie Bell Johnson
Cora Mitchell to Cora Bell Haskin
Harrison J. Bingham to Harry J. Ring
Gracie B. Hunt to Gracie B. Tucker

Ella August Berry to Ella Augusta Healey
Susan Alice Gaffney to ALice Grey
William Bagerkiewret to William Boru
Lizzie J. Roby to Lizzie J. CHeever
Capitola E. Tucker to Capitola E. McClentic
Minnie A. Buell to Minnie A. Wadsworth
John E. Hancock to John E. Sherwin
J. Warren Wentworth to J. Warren Holmes
Nancy K. Worthley to Nancy J. Crawford
Joanna Crowell Harmon to Joanna Crowell Thompson
Eliza Francis Dutton to Eliza Francis Reed
Annie L. Vincent to Annie L. Simonds
Sarah Walker to Sarah Griffin
Frank S. Spofford to Frank S. Stacy
Adelia A. Cass to Adelia A. Clement
John Lucy to John Preston
Patrick Allison Collins to Ross Allison Collins
Lizzie A. Jones to Lizzie A. Aiken
Maria C. Abbott to Maria C. Stockdale
Nora E. Currier to Nora E. Hutchins
Helen G. Treat to Helen G. Rockwood
Addie Evelyn Taylor to Addie Evelyn Kendrick
Carrie J. Cochran to Carrie J. Woodman
Mabel Florence Mason to Mabel Florence Haseltin
Elma Lemieux to Elma Champaigne
Florence May Southwell to Florence May Bixby
Nellie E. Mason to Nellie E. Bond
Flossie Bell Wells to Flossie Belle Morse
Edith Redmund Davis to Jessie R. Simpson
Harry Arthur Winchell to Harry Arthur Conant
Grace E. Preston to Grace E. Herrick
Elma Champaigne to Elma Lemieux
Myrtie M. Davis to Myrtie M. Patterson
Alfred Jacques to Alfred Bourque
Ethel Josephine Dooley to Ethel Josephine Dooley Fullerton
Aloysius Waldron to Aloysius G. Searles
Nellie M. Kittredge to Nellie M. Carr
Frank Loomis to Ernest Ralph Woods
Tryrissa A. McGrath to Tryrissa A. McQuade
Harvey A. Rankin to Harvey Rankin Perkins
Mabel Estella Gorman to Mabel Estella Fiske
Mertie D. Patterson to Mertie Melissa Davis
Benjamin W. Rogers to Benjamin W. Lake
Edith Celia Lackie to Edith Celie Wallace
Florence Nutting to Lilla May Burbank
Maud A. Wadlow to Maud A. Fellows
Minnie F. Cummings to Minnie F. Cummings Carr.

Florence Nash to Florence Mary Brown
Harriet E. Carroll to Harriet E. Robbins
Rosa L. McLane to Rosa L. Bemis
Charles F. Heath to Charles F. Coburn
Lottie M. Bemis to Lottie M. Ayer
Minnie Barnes to Edith Z. Mason
Lydia Eldora Putney to Lydia Eldora Green
Harriet Prentiss Cross to Katherine Prentiss Cross
Lydia Elenor Parker to Elenor L. Swan
Mary Crouch to Mary Wilber
Thirza C. Clark to Thurza C. Burt
William Stinson to Alva Eustis Robbins
Maria J. Dunham to Maria J. Paine
Elvah E. Colburn to Elvah E. Leach

Cecil Beach, of Claremont, to Hugh Putnam Eastman
Lillian Mabel Davis, of Lempster, to Lillian Mabel Keyes
infant child of Luella Wellman, adopted by Mehitable Wright of Unity, to Forest E. Wright
Eva V. Daniels of Plainfield, to Eva V. French
George P. Walkup, of Claremont, to George P. Merton
Willie Norton, of Cornish, to Willie Henderson
Forest John Nichols, of Newport, to Forest John Folsom
Josephine Loverin, of Croydon, to Josephine Woodward
Floyd Burton Paul, of Unity, to Floyd Burton Hall
Arthur T. Paul, of Unity, to Frank Arthur Allen

Abbie F. Andrews, of Plymouth, to Abbie Andrews Dodge
Nelson Painchard, of Lebanon, to Nelson Langlois
Alice Elnora Titus, of Hanover, to Alice Elnora Hatch
Henry Oliver, of Alexandria, to Harry D. Rollins
Eddie Dow, of Franconia, to Edward B. Tewksbury
Bessie M. Goodwin, of Lyme, to Bessie M. Mayo
Sarah Clifford, of Haverhill, to Sarah Fellows.
Bessie R. Scruton, of Alexandria, to Bessie R. Cheney
Fred Osmon Merrill, of Holderness, to Osmon B. Copeland
Anna B. Noyes, of Warren, to Anna B. Leighton
Mary Elizabeth Chapman, of Lebanon, to Mary Elizabeth Cushman
Lillian B. Simonds, of Alexandria, to Lillian Winnifred Kelley
Ella Ford, of Canaan, to Ella Aldrich
Florence English, of Littleton, to Florence Gertrude Page
Harry G. Clifford, of Plymouth to Harry G. Paige
Sarah Elizabeth Johnston, of Lebanon, to Sarah Elizabeth Cressy
Elmah S. Davis, of Bath, to Nellie S. Davis
Annie Eliza Peterson, of Littleton, to Annie Peterson Gile
Adelaide A. Perkins, to Plymouth, to Adelaide A. Harran
Minnie M. Johnson, of Lebanon, to Minnie M. Hoffman

Joshua Martin Tirrell to Martin L. Tirrell
Edith G. Wilson to Edith G. Smith
Jacob Elmer Huntley to Joseph N. Dauphin
Setira Emma Huntley to Setira Emma St. Hillaire
Abogail Sullivan to Abigail Sullivan Hall
infant child adopted by Walter H. and Hannah E. Evans, decree making name of child Flora Winfield Evans
infant daughter of Daniel Gray to Elize Plaettner

Laws of New Hampshire, 1885

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