New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1879 to June 1881


CHAPTER 155: Names Changed
The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the years from June, 1879 to June, 1881:

Frank Mahan, Jr., of Derry, to Herbert F. Tebbetts
Phineas D. Reed, of Plaistow, to Phineas D. Britton
Horace Bunnell Kent, of Portsmouth, to Horace Penniman Kent
Willie Dean, of Salem, to Willie a. Palmer
Lillian Abbie Leach, of Seabrook, to Lillian Abbie Barton
Annie L. Locke, of Rye, to Annie L. Garland
Ida E. McKay of Newmarket, to Ida E. Perkins
Abby F. Hodgdon, of Newmarket, to Abby F. Hall
Sarah E. Diman, of Newmarket, to Sarah E. Sinclair
Mary E. Rodman, of Newmarket, to Mary E. Conner
Rhoda B. Batchelder, of Raymond, to Rhoda B. Young
Teresa Ann Brown, of East Kingston, to Anna Teresa Bagley
Annie L. Jones, of Fremont, to Annie L. Smith
Joigen Joigenson, of Portsmouth, to Jate Johnson
Katie J. and Frank S. Gilmore, of Hampton, to Katie J. and Frank S. James
Helen F. Turner, of Portsmouth, to Helen F. Peck
Earnest Lancaster Beede, of Northwood, to Earnest Lancaster Sherman
Leonard O. Goodwin, of Salme, to Leonard O. Burrill

Emma L. Horne of Farmington, to Emma L. Parker
Julia Arlin, of Barrington, to Julia Capen
Charles Henry Leighton, of Farmington, to Henry Charles Leighton
Gracie La Forest Moore Wiley, of Dover, to Gracie La Forest Meserve
Thornton Frank Beecher, of Rochester, to Thornton Frank Sanborn
Edward Ellsworth Chamberlin, of Dover to Goerge Henry Osgood
Elmira A. Taylor of Dover to Elmia A. Ham
Samuel D. Taylor, of Dover, to Samuel D. Ham
Olive I. Taylor, of Dover to Olive I. Ham
Bessie M. Cooley, of Dover, to Bessie M. Smith
Emma E. Brown, of Somerworth, to Emma E. Jones
Sarah E. Pineo, of New Durham, to Sarah Elizabeth Dophenee
Emma E. Hatch, of Somersworth, to Emma E. Wentworth
Addie S. Trask, of Dover, to Addie S. Drew
Mary M. Taylor of Barrington, to Mary M. Perkins
Ida M. Chase, of Dover, to Ida M. Holbrook
Clarissa Whitehouse, of Somersworth to Clarissa Elwell
Mary Ann Riley, of Rochester, to Mary Ann Reynolds
Bernice May Palmer, of Dover, to Benice May Force
Hattie Z. Smith, of Farmington, to Hattie Z. Curtis
Mary Ann Mason, of Strafford, to Mary Ann Young
Stephen Young Mason, of Strafford, to Stephen Young
Arthur W. Walker, of Dover, to Arthur W. Simpson
Etta Susan Hurd, of Dover to Etta Mary Paul
Laura Alice Fiske, of Barrington, to Laura Alice Felker
Abbie F. Gould, of Farmington, to Abbie F. Leeds
Ellen C. Drew, of Farmington to Ellen C. Crosby
Michael Rohan, of New Durham, to George Frederick Rohan
Benjamin Franklin Foss, of Strafford, to Frank B. Foss
Isabelle Giles, of ROchester, to Isabella Piercey

Ida Blanche Dow, of Laconia, to Ida Blanche Sanborn
Augusta Cheever Rutman, of New Hampton, to Augusta Cheever Blodgett Putnam
Lulu Maud Rutman, of New Hampton to Lulu Maud Putnam
Leonora M. Perkins, of Center Harbor, to Leonora M. Hawkins
Carrie L. Collins, of Gilmanton, to Carrie L. Gilman
Marianna Gray, of Gilford, to Marianna Webster
Ann R. Whiting, of Sanbornton, to Annie M. Nelson
Edgar Leon Whiting of Sanbornton, to Leon Nelson
Willie E. Barry, of Meredith, to Willie E. Lee
Clara I. Thompson, of Gilmanton to Clara I. Ross
Sadie P. Thompson, of Gilmanton, to Said P. Ross
George H. Nelson, of Tilton, to George H. Gigar
George W. Graves, of Center Harbor, to George W. Benson
Lucy May BUrley, of Laconia, to Lucy May BUrley Garratt
Julius Augustus Tatham, of Gilford to Julius Augustus Buzzell
Eliza T. Tilton to Elia T. Melcher
Woodbury M. Tilton to Woodbury Melcher
Lydia P. Doe to Lydia P. Wiggin
George H. Wendover to Elmer F. Page

Hannah J. Burbank to Hannah J. Rust
Eliza R. Burbank to Eliza R. Rust
Abbie S. Floyd to Abbie S. Lord
Annie E. Carter to Annie E. Libby
Maria A. Carter to Nettie Libby
Carrie E. Churchill to Carrie Roberts
Alama Ardell Copeland to Dell Alama Banks

Rachel Ellen Thorndike to Nellie R. Thorndike
George Washington Cook to George Cook
Francis P. Messer to Frank P. Messer
George B., Annie E., and Florence E. Pecker to George B., Annie E., and Florence E. Packer
Lucy Maria Brown to Lucy Maria Marston
Mary E.J. Berry to Mary E.J. Harvey
Nancy A. Emery to Nancy A Wheeler
Abbie S. Miller to Abbie S. Sherburne
Alice M. Young to Alice M. Eaton
Mary C. Higgins to Mary C. Caswell
Mary Isabel Higgins to Mary Isabel Caswell
Eudocia H. Carroll to Edward H. Carroll
Lill M. Young to Lill M. Eaton
Alice M. Godfrey to Alice M. Durgin
addie S. Gould to Addie S. Downs
Theresa M. Rand to Theresa M. Hayes
Charles H. Evans to Charles H. Heath
Alice M. Southmayd to Alice M. Haynes
Silas Bailey to John Silas Rollins
Orie L. Johnson to Orie L. Mussey
Alzina E. Greeley to Alzina Eaton
Chauncey Hoyt Giles to Chauncey Gile Jones
Annie L. Huntoon to Annie L.H. Knowles
Marietta Farwell to Grace Frances Colby
Horace J. Clyde to Horace Claude Call
Florence Kirkpatrick Foster to Florence Kirkpatrick Foster Hall
Irving Lee to Irving Lee Pickering
Alice Wilson to Harry Frederick Gove
Mabel Gray to Mabel Blanche Cole
Jennie Belmana to Jennie M. Abbott
Fred R. Smith to Fred R. Mann
Lena D. Godfrey to Lena Durgin

Mary E. Pleunley, of Manchester, to Mary E. Bailey
Ellen J. Twiss, of Nashua, to Ellen J. Jaquith
Sarah M. Finigan, of Manchester to Sarah H. Hull
Luella Mary Finigan, of Manchester, to Luella Mary Hull
Etta J. Phillips, of Nashua, to Etta J. Lazelle
Rufus Ambrose Elliott, of Mason, to Abrose Rufus Elliott
Wilfred Sylvester Tenney, of Peterborough to Fred Sylvester Tenney
Willie Sylvanus Challis, of Manchester, to Willie Frank Challis
Melissa R. McCann, of Peterborough to Melissa R. Petts
Sarah A. Chandler of Nashua, to Sarah A. Baker
Manus McGLynn, of Nashua to Charles McGlynn
Ella A. WInn, of Nashua, to Ella A. Hosford
Carosse Bly Smith, of WIlton, to Charles Bly Smith
Ardell B. Flanders, of Manchester, to Ardell B. Taylor
Mary E. LEwis, of Manchester, to Mary E. Preston
Sarah A. Ripley, of Nashua, to Sarah A. Menter
Nettie I. Downs, of Manchester, to Nettie I. Dickey
Nellie F. FLanders, of Manchester, to Nellie F. Batchelder
Edward Stevens Martin, of Nashua, to Charles E.P. Smith
Sula A. Lovejoy, of Nashua, to Lula A. Buzzell
Leona A. Lovejoy, of Nashua, to Leona A. Buzzell
William Samuel Aiken, of New Boston, to Fred Samuel Aiken

Myron Fassett Wilbur to Myron Fassett Chickering
Lottie M. Estabrook to Lottie Mabel Bemis
Lucena V. Howard to Lucena V. Foster
Nathan B. Hale (commonly known as Nathan B. Hayden) to Nathan B. Hayden
Allan S. Heath to Allan Heath Marsh
Ellan Moran to Ellan Gorman
Maria P. Nash to Maria Polly RUssell
Lucy a. Frederick to Lucy A. Gibson
Alfred Buckingham to Alfred Buckingham Leach
Olive Maud George to Olive Maud Bennett
Parmelia E. Foss to Truth Fisher
Gracie May McKenzie to Gracie May Taft
Jennie May Houghton to Jennie May Dix
Belle Emmaroy Atwood to Belle Emmaroy Rugg
Flora L. Fairbanks to Flora L. Capron
Della M. Tyrrel to Della M. Fleming

Benjamin Thomas Sturtevant to Benjamin Thomas Harlow
Viola Bella Atwood to Viola Belle Fisk
Edgar H. Nash to Edgar H. Whitney
Earnest Edward Robins to Earnest Edward French
Franklin E. Pike to Frank Westley Pike
Laura E. Whitney to Laura E. Emerson
Helen M. Russell to Helen M. Merrill

Eleanor A. Pressey to Eleanor A. Andrews
Estelle A. Hayward to Estella A. George
Allen Rogers Morrill to Allen Rogers Noyes
Annie Little Morrill to Annie Little Noyes
Sally T. Rollins to Sally T. Perkins
Mary Arabel Shepard to Mary Arabel Shepard Currier
Laura Augusta Hammond to Mary Augusta Glynn
Walter Elwin Aiken to Walter Elwin Sturtevant
Charles H. Blake to Charles H. Hart
Lillie Palmer to Lillie Palmer Atwood
Slater Owen to William S. Owen
Hattie Luella Mitchell, of Orford, to Hattie Luella Coolidge
Jennie Austin, of Lebanon, to Jennie A. Barstow
Elizabeth R. Jewell, of Lisbon, to Elizabeth R. Sanders
Luther Henry Pike, of Lebanon, to Henry Luther Pike
John Chester Pike, of Lebanon, to Chester John Pike
John B. McGregory of Bethlehem, to John B. McGregor
Joseph E. Marshall, of Haverhill, to John E. Marshall
Addie M. Smith, of Littleton, to Addie M. Dunn
Walter C. Aiken, of Wentworth, to Walter C. Downing
Sarah D. Simpson, of Littleton, to Sarah D. Bass
George E. Bean, of Canaan, to George E. Flint
Emily Jane Barney, of Grafton, to Jennie Emily Maranda Walker

Infant son of Hiram G. and Anna Hicks to take the name of Lawrence H. Howland
Fred Cooper to Fred Beal Cooper
Ellery Webster Drew to John Webster Drew
Wiliam Brooks to William Estes Shedd
Ransom Twitchell to Ransom A. Twitchell
Wesley Wheeler to Wesley Walker Wheeler
Ida A. Cota to Ida A. Howe
Mary Abbie Tracy to Mary Abbie Hartshorn
Charles Dexter Smith to Charles Dexter
Addie May Dun to Addie May Martin
Laws of the State of New Hampshire Passed June Session, 1881, Concord NH; Parsons B. Cogswell, State Printer, 1881


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