New Hampshire Name Changes from June 1878 to June 1879


The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the year from June 1878 to June 1879.

Albert A. and Fannie A. Hoag, of Stratham, to Albert A. and Fannie A. Haven
George Edward Shaw and Georgietta Shaw, of Hampton, to George Edward and Georgiette Hobbs
Susan C. Richardson, of Exeter to Susan C. Robinson
Mary E. Roberts, of Salem, to Mary E. Morrison
Susan L. Stone, of South Hampton, to Susan L. Currier
Jennie May Crosby, of Portsmouth, to Jennie May Wolcott
Vena S. Hibbert, of Newmarket to Vena S. Ames
Ella F. Wentworth of Newmarket, to Ella F. Drew

Lena Hill, of Milton, to Mildred L. ROberts
Hannah A. Ellis, of Rochester to Grace Varney Hussey
Emma F. Cobem, of New Durham, to Emma F. Burnham
Henry H. Hough, of Dover, to Harry Hough
Musetta Arabella Raitt, of Milton, to Musetta Arabella Dorr
Eben Leathers, of Barrington, to Eben Rutherford Hayes
Sarah E. George, of Somersworth, to Sarah E. Sanborn
Mary P. Otis, of Rochester, to Mary A. Pearl
Mark W. Leathers, of Barringotn, to Mark W. Stanton
Sarah E. Levy, of Somersworth, to Sarah E. Horne
Catherine E. Heiden, of Dover, to Catherine E. Rieckman
John William Heiden, of Dover, to William Henry Rieckman
Edward Julius Heiden, of Dover, to William Henry Rieckman
Bridget Ann Lindsay, of Milton, to Jennie Anna Lindsay
Amos Bailey Noyes, of Milton, to Frank E. Fernald

Alice Lucina Newton, of Center Harbor, to Alice Lucina Hawkins
Mary J. Whitton, of Alton, to Mary J. Twombly
Woodbury Melcher Tilton, of Laconia, to Woodbury Melcher
Eliza J. Tilton, of Laconia, to Eliza Taylor Melcher
Lydia P. Doe, of New Hampton, to Lydia P. Wiggin

Sadie F. Craig, of Conway, to Said F. Franklin
Frank E. Foss, of Tuftonborugh, to Frank E. Piper
Dollie May Fyre, of Sandwich, to Edith May Johnson

Anna Francella Ladd to Anna Francella Osgood
William A. Harvey to Walter A. Harvey
Lucy Janette Pelkey to Flora Belle Harvey
Anna M. Weeks to Anna M. Mudgett
Frank M. James to Frank M. Ring
Apphia R. Conery to Kate Apphia Robinson
Fanny L. Blood to Fannie L. Barett
Minnie S. Chase to Minnie S. Clough

Carrie B. Stearns to Carrie S. Bradford
Andrew J. Henesy to Andrew J. Hersey
Charles A. Henesy to Charles A. Hersey
RObert J. Henesy to Robert J. Hersey
Edith E. Henesy to Edith E. Hersey
William Campbell Grisim to William Campbell
Mary Kaveney to Mary McQueeney
Ara L. Chalk to Ara L. Pratt
Freances L. Yeaton to Frances L. Dorr
Addie J. French to Addie L. James
Mrs. Hannah Marshall to Miss Hannah Young
Emma M. Cady to Emma M. Kimball
Elijah Brown Hazzen to Elijah Brenton-Gamage Hazzen
Abbie Jame Hazzen to Eugenie Abrandette Hazzen

Lena Mabel Estabrook to Lena Mabel Cook
Eddy Weller Yolman to Edward Weller Yolman
Burton Lewis Currier to Burton Lewis Upham
Bertha Russell to Bertha Ruth Clark
Patrick Harrington to Henry P. Harrington
Rebecca Edith Buss to Rebecca Edith Hetherington

Eugene E. White to Eugene E. Pollett
Martha A. Toothacre to Martha A. Towne
Lucien W. Young to Lucien W. Cowles
Luke Shepherd Bowers to Shepherd Luke Bowers
Ida Noll to Ida Noll Chapman

Oscar Charles Eastman Baker to Charles Eastman Baker
Alice H. Cunningham to Alice H. Elliott
Effie Denio to Effie Bernard
Ella Denio to Ella Bernard
Alvin Harrison Johnson to Harry A. Johnson
John Mitchell to John M. Mitchell
Charlotte Pettes Searcy to Charlotte Prescott Searcy
Emma David Benton Scott to Emma Davis Benton
Mary Isabella Tuttle to Mary Belle Clark

Mary E. Dain to Mary E. Howard
Nancy French to Nellie F. Webb
Eldon S. Maguire to Eldon S. Cole

Source: Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1879

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