New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1935 to January 1937

From January 1935, to January 1937, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the probate court:

Roger Ellis Whitney to Roger Ellis Brown
Marion S. Frost to Marion Louise Stevens
Lucy Catharine Stewart to Lucy Stewart Ross
Virginia O. Anderson to Virginia O. Nelson
Roger Douglas Clemons to Roger Edward O’Brien
Donald Boyd to Donald Eugene Boyd Austin
Frank William Loehn to Wallace August Loehn
Pauline Cora Florand to Pauline Cora Gosselin
Irene Rose Florand to Irene Rose Gosselin
Donald Warren to Donald Tatro
Eugene Raymond Tinker to John Edwin Neal
Dorothy Poland to Mary Theresa Lamoreux
Charles Lewis Smith to Floyd Palmer Smith
Jane Doe Stevenson to Mary Lou Grammont
Anna Mae Allen to Betsy Jane Marston
Kenneth Earl Morgan to Kenneth Earl Haley
Margaret Wenhold to Margaret Locke
Rhea Marie Dumais to Rhea Marie Lafrance

Harriett Tartalis to Sandra Dolores Parent
Evelyn Horne Collins to Evelyn Horne Brewster
Priscilla Faneras to Priscilla Powell
Pauline Faneras to Pauline Powell
Stanley S. Adamandares to Stanley S. Adams
Richard Gibbs Lapointe to Richard Gibbs Hammond
Todd Lee Wyman to Todd Lee Kyle
Philip N. Hutchings to Philip Arnold Broomfield
Peter Skopecki to Peter Kopecki
Nettie Skopecki to Nettie Kopecki
Joseph Skopecki to Joseph Kopecki
John Skopecki to John Kopecki
Teresa Brooks O’Leary to Teresa Brooks
Helen Heeney to Helen Hill
Everett Warren Johnson to Everett Warren Heath
Donald S. Anderson to Donald S. Thompson
Bessie Maude Hird to Betty Maude Hird
Doris Evelyn Shaw to Doris Evelyn Whitten
Harold Austin Trefethen to Harold Austin Kelleher
Chadbourne Wallace Quimby to Chadbourne Wallace Galt
Gail Quimby to Gail Kathryn Galt
Lilian E. Clark to Lilian E. Learnard
Barbara Virginia Cammett to Barbara Virginia Stamps
Eleuterio Iamele to Andrew Eleuterio Iamele
Mildred F. Proctor to Milfred F. Stevens
Wallace Crompton to Wallace Goldsmith Crompton
Myrtle E. Ennett Crompton to Blanche Myrtelle Crompton
Marlene Betty Adams to Alice Marilyn Furman

George Fisk to Charles Edward Weed
Clifford Alvra Butters to Cliford Alvra Young
Sally Anne Chimiklis to Yvette Theodora Ambadges
Ella C. Buzzell to Ella C. Lenzi
Elanor Louse Glass to Gloria Gertrude Glass
Lorraine Patricia Wright to Lorraine Patricia Lariviere
William Davis to Thomas William O’Hearn
Paul Leo Levy to Paul Leo Rosenberg
Florence Elizabeth Hyde to Maude Elizabeth Hyde
Robert Baker to Robert Baker Burlingame
Olga Langford Elkins to Olga Irene Langford
Ella Louise Labonte to Ella Louise Edgerly
Edna Augusta Labonte to Edna Augusta Edgerly
Royal Hervey Labonte to Royal Hervey Edgerly
Pearl Christine Thurlo to Pearl Christine Thurlow
Shirley Ann Hill to Shirley Ann Randall
Mary V. Roy to Mary V. Tonkin
Harry Clinton Withman to Harry Clinton Lougee
Harold George Gault to Walter Franklin Ham
Baby Morgan to Janice Ann Percival

Irene Marie LeClereq to Ireme Marie DeForge
Henry C. Smith to Henry Ivan Moore
Ida E. Walton to Hazel E. Hastings
Christine M. Ingalls to Christine Margaret Bruce
–Changed by Adoption–
Robert Sidney Remington (name not changed)
William Allison Carnes to William Allison Carnes Clark
Pauline Margurite Lapierre to Pauline Marguerite Poire
Osborne William Kinnie to Osborne William Black
Rita Marion Dennison (not changed)
William P. Bartholomee to William Piper Goodwin
Frederick Augustus Bousquet to Charles Louis Plouff
Martha Violet Cramer to Martha Marilyn Smith
Beatrice Seaward to Elizabeth Ann Potter
Frances A. Varney to Frances A. Perkins
Irene R. Varney to Irene R. Perkins
Beverly Littlefield to Rosemary Eleanor Zanes
Ernest O. Libby to Everet Benjamin Otis
Ruth Murphy to Shirley Edwyna Smith
Charlyne Mae Decato to Charlyne Mae Dolloff
Raymond E. Allen to Norman Bruce Rollins
Robert Theodore Sylvia to Robert Theodore Jenson
Norman C. Kelley (not changed)
Norma Trowbridge to Normal Bowlby
Ruth May Stone to Ruth May Nault.

Lois Jean Deardorff to Drexine Kirk Cross
Rose Marie Drew to Carol Jean Philbrick
Marguerita S. Drew to Marguerita S. Tappan
Zeanas McRae Harnish to Ray Zeanas McRae
Glenna Winnifred King to Persis Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Lewis to Robert William Swett
Sarah E. Noreen to Sarah E. Robie
Shirley May McCann to Antia Evelyn Conners
Fannie Bailey Puffer to Frances Bailey Puffer
Jacqueline Ann Rodd to Jacqueline Ann Eldridge
Paul Shaw to Paul Shaw Herbert
Lois Stanton to Fredrika Hodgdon Kilburn
Sherman William Shirley to William Shirley Ballou
Charles Russell Turner to Charles Patnode Turner
Virginia Ruth Williams to Virginia Ruth Harris

Stanley Arthur Fisher to Stanley Arthur Belanger
Margaret Mary Matte to Margaret Mary Ahern
Jacklyn Calleso to Jacklyn Chapman
Calvin Wesley Upotn to Calvin Wesley Rollins
“Baby” Kirkpatrick to Janice Lucille Lewis
Richard LeBlanc to Richard John LeBlanc
Helen Prescott to Joyce Edith Howland
Maxwell Kerrick to Carroll Langdon Bristol, Jr.
Carol May McGrath to Nancy Deane Retter
Jeanne Ruth Gibbs to Jean Alicia Valliere
“Baby” Hill to Sidney Kynast Whiting
Robert O’Shaughnessy to Richard Coburn
Marian Louise Skinner to Marian Louise Cheney
“Baby” Giroux to Mary Joan Andrew
James Rodney Drake to Raymond Emerson
Viena Marie Halme to Viena Marie Halme Litle
Jacqueline M. Smith to Jacqueline Mae Laramie
Jennie Florence Pettee to Jennie Florence Gray
Donald Herman Abbott to Donald Abbott Terrill
Robert Bruce Downing to Robert Bruce Ripley
David Marden to David Philip Marden
Isabelle Arville Bunce to Anne Miller Boutelle
Richard Francis French to Richard Francis Young
Norman Lapierre to Norman Lapierre Trottier
Beverly A. Maxson to Beverly Maxson Randall
Marilyn Ruth Heney to Marilyn Ruth Cressy
Mary Kathleen Heney to Mary Kathleen Cressy
Owen Elwyn White to Clarence Paul Stevens
Vera A. Blevens to Vera Dagmar Anderson
Vera A. Steele to Vera Althea Tuttle
Orvin Stanley Marsh to Vincent Stanley Marsh
Margaret Chandronait, to Margaret Dubois
Carolyn Farnum to Carolyn Angie Farnum
Stephen White Gregory to Stephen White Winship
Joy Alice Smith to Joy Alice Clough
Alva Irving Leonard to Andrew Irving Anderson
Verne Roger Quinn to Verne Bernard Ingersoll
Frank Sherman Shepard to Robert Hersey Shepard
Marjorie McLaughlin to Marjorie Center
Louis Adelard LaMora to Louis Adelard Lamoureux

Frank Boyer, Jr. to Albert Louis Boyer
Helen Sedlewicz to Helen Sullivan
Hazel E. Murphy to Gloria Evangline Nichols
Annie Sedlewicz to Annie Sullivan
Ruth M. Angus to Ruth M. Hall
Louis Raymond Beaupre to Louis Raymond Rioux
Charles Cheney Schroeder to Charles Chute Cheney
Leda Gamache to Leda Dean
Joseph Henry Miller to Joseph Henry Miller Remillard
Fannie E. McGall to Fannie E. Robinson
Abraham Levine to John Lavigne
Phyllis Joan Rioux to Phyllis Joan Tobias
Ralph Irving Gaudreau to Irving Gaudreau Haselton
Louis Charles Andre Gaudreau to Louis Gaudreau Haselton
Joseph Paul Orlande Lemelin to Joseph Paul Orlande Anderson
Simos Vasilios Langas to Simos Vasilios Vasiliou
Avonia M. Rogers to Avonia M. Goethnee
Marie Albertine Brousso to Marie Albertine Bourcier
Euripede Hatzilelikas to Peter Hatzes
Dorothea Thompson Dubuc to Dorothea Thompson
Alta M. McClarty to Alta M. Foster
George F. Lavigne to George F. Reed
Beatrice Coburn to Beatrice Reed
Hendrick Kat to Hendrick Kate
Pater Slayton Straw to Ezeziel Albert Straw, Jr.
Isabella Marie Mayou to Isabella Marie Rood
Irene Theresa Sansouci to Irene Theresa Rau
Rose Helen Tremblay to Rose Helen Bergeron
Isabelle W. Winn to Isabelle W. Mahony
Burton Andrew Muzzey to Harland Andrew Muzzey
John C. Liliopoulos to John C. Lylis
Ernest J. Flannigan to Ernest J. Freeman
Ernest J. Flanningan Jr. to Ernest J. Freeman, Jr.
Agnes G. Green to Diane Hunt
Madeline Lonergan to Madeline Hill
Joseph Archille LeClair to Joseph Archille LeClair de Francoeur
Leo Adelard LeClair to Leo Adelard LeClair de Francoeur
Rose Delima LeClair to Rose Delima LeClair de Francoeur
Florette Irene LeClair to Florette Irene LeClair de Francoeur
Cecile LeClair to Cecile LeClair de Francoeur
Lois E. Mitten to Lois E. Watson
–Changed by Adoption–
Edward Read or Reed to Richard Boyer Anderson
Rose-marie Joan Sargent to Barbara Brown Day
William Kennedy to William Kennedy Foster
Doris Fuller to Doris Davis
Mary E. Roberge to Ann Filion
Reginald J. Therrien to Reginald P. Morin
Donald Allard to Edward J. Lehoullier
Flora May Graham to Flora May Smith
Marie Cecile Gertrude Thifault to Marie Cecile Gertrude Caron
Patricia Elaine Merrill to Margaret Gray Walbridge
Shirley Travis St. Denis to Shirley Travis Moller
Doris Frances Downey to Mary J. Easterberg
Donald Paul Oleson to Donald Earl Johnson
Mary E. Tondreau to Betty Ann English
Mary J. Beauregard to Patricia Anne Provencher
Theodore Doolittle to Theodore Joseph Degasis
William Burke to Robert Merrill Lagerquist
Phylis A. Deaette to Lorette Tanguay
Richard Labonte to Earl Edwin Mead
Roger A. Banden to Roger S. Perreault
Leslie Garland Marston to Leslie Marston Kincaid
Roberta Baker to Lucille Claire Delude
Anne F. Brown to Jacqueline Maynard
Javern Manning to Alice JOhnson Noyes
Joan Manning to Lucia Clapp Noyes
Rita Ann Robichaud to Rita Andrea Parent
John Elliot Innes to William MacDonald Battis
“Baby” Gould to Carrie Marie Lane
Laura Ann Cloutier to Patricia Laura Ann Cloutier
Ellen L. Downes to Ellen L. Fellows
Daniel Herbert Downes to Herbert D. Fellows
Gloria Maria Lucier to Gloria Marie Babel
Nureene Ouellette to Nureene Field
Pauline Rodier to Pauline Wilkaites
Reginald Storer to Reginald Storer White
Marie Therese Cecile Hamel to Marie Therese Cecile Gregoir
Armand Normand Bernard to Gaston Armand Bernard
Ronald G. Hutchinson to Ronald J. Fagnant
Betty Ryan alias Betty Ramsey to Elizabeth Ann Emerson
John Michael Morra to Frank Joseph Coco
“Baby” Regan to Jean Ann Buzzell
Delores Carol Ann Byrne to Dolores Carl Ann Wetherbee
Robert Fitzgerald to Robert James Roma
Patricia Laurent to Patricia Sanders
“Baby” Champagne to Peter Van Tetley
Lois Anne Ermalavich to Lois Anne Lalmond
Ruth Wilcox to Carol Stevens
Doris Ellen Lavigne to Doris Ellen Vaccarest
Marie Lucille Pauline Renaud to Marie Lucille Pauline Chaput
Valaria Menczywor to Valaria Puslecki
Mary J. Easterberg to Mary Joan St. Laurent
Donald McGuigan to James Donald Grenier
Theresa Elizabeth Powell to Theresa Elizabeth Cain
Phyllis Marie Davis to Phyllis Marie Powers
Pearl Marie Powell to Pearl Marie Cain
Gladys Beatrice Gamble to Gladys Beatrice Walker
Gladys Evelyn Davis to Joan Lucy Creel
Hazel Gertrude Davis to Hazel Esther Judkins
Gloria Faith Ashley to Muriel Gloria Tellier
Geneva Marie Holmes to Geneva Betty Reidy
Evelyn Reta Patten to Evelyn Reta Brown
Charlotte Mae Blood to Charlotte Mae Haight
Harriet Winona Gamble to Harriet Winona Manning
Albert Sansoucie to Albert Payant
John Robert Blakitis to Robert John Farland
Richard Carrigan to RIchard Harold Bowden
Robert Carrigan to Robert Simonds Bowden
Ronald Osborne to Robert Louis Dube
Arthur R. Allaire to Joseph R. Minturn
Barbara Ann Burgess to Barbara Ann Boy
David Welch to Joseph R. Stuard
Robert Arthur Levesque to Robert Arthur Goulet
Mary E. Duquette to Shirley A. Truchon
Elizabeth Gladys Raymond to Elizabeth Gladys Brown
Dorothy Mae Jelley to Dorothy Mae Stewart
“Baby” Purdie to Harry Bradbury Musk
William Keefe to Robert Edward Goodfellow
Alfred J. Farland to Albert Joseph Sieradski
Joseph Albert Rouleau to Albert Henry Paquette Jr.
Lois Ann Beaubien to Lois Ann Moseley
Marion Christine Law to Patricia Ann Courtemanche
Margurite A. Bowman to Mary Ann Bonin
Jacqueline Lorraine Rivard to Joan Dorothy Jordan
Shirley Ann Barry to Shirley Ann Poehlman
Robert W. Doonar to Robert Donald Welch
Dolores Lorraine Hancock to Shirley Madeline Lones
Edward George Collette to Edward George Peterson
Arthur Roland Guimond to Arthur Roland Guerette

Edgar Tieger to Edgar Teger
Mildred Pollard to Mildred Harriet Langdon
Lorraine Wilder to Lorraine Mae Benton
Chester Edward Chant to Chester Edward Veneable
Anna May Miller to Anna May Stinson
Laura May Mundell to Laura Mae Whitman
Walter Baker to Walter JohN Croteau
Marilyn Ada Ayer to Marilyn Adah Ayer Beverly
Verna Mae Ayer to Verna Ayer Elwell
Constance Clark to Constance Nelson
Clayton Robert Gray or Clayton Robert Andrews to Roger Clayton Whipple
Audrey Mae French to Audrey Mae Dodge
Richard Elliot Shea to Morton Atwell Shea
Constantine Maier to Constantine Kostopoulos
Gladys C. Geiger to Gladys C. Egan
James Arthur Leslie to James Arthur Sibley
Kathleen Gloria Vargas to Kathleen Gloria Gooley
VIola Charlotte Vargas to Viola Charlotte Gooley
—– Navish to Robert Earl Emery
Edward Allen Coombs to Edward Allen Symonds
Velda Joy PIckett to Velda Joy White
Joseph Arthur Doucette to Joseph Arthur Richard Doucette
—— Sullivan to Richard Washburn Bates
Peter A. Kourevesis to Peter A. Karey
William Lessard to William Richard
Alfred Herbert Soderholm to Alfred Herbert Holmes
Bernice Baker Maxwell to Bernice Maxwell Graton
Robert Wilford Blain to Wilfrid Blain
—– Sayers to Patricia Elizabeth Hoyt
Patricia Elizabeth Hoyt to Marilyn Elizabeth Hoyt
Norman Scott to Norman Georgina
Richard Scott to Richard Georgina
Beverly Rose Lurvey to Beverly Rose Willard
James Saunders to Charles Saunders
A. Lloyd Schurman to A. Lloyd Sherman
William Edward Howe to William Stowell Howe, Jr.
Gladys Raymond Piper to Ramona Gladys Gill
Daniel L. Louks to Daniel L. Glover
Evelyn Mary Warren to Evelyn Mary Freeman
Beverly Diantha Davis to Beverly Diantha Hale
Marion Alice Dean to Marion Alice Kenney
Jouerl Battashievich to Paul Bartashevich
Harry Portas to Roger Bartashevich
Lena Lartaskvic to Helen Bartashevich

Ruth Johnson to Ruth Willis
Alice L. Louiselle to Alice L. Gillingham
Evelyn Vera Blaine to Evelyn Vera Leach
Ethel M. Atwood to Ethel M. Matthews
Bessie Mae Bunce to Bessie Mae Smith
Marjorie Melvina Barber to Marjorie Melvina Parizo
Rosamond Rollins to Louise Rollins
Prudence Evangline Gardner to Prudence Evangline Burke
Mary Chisholm to Mary Elizabeth Laber
Jame Elizabeth Walker to Jane Elizabeth Lacasse
Victor O. Parizo to Victor O. Pariseau
Fred G. Parizo to Fred G. Pariseau
Jennie S. LeGanger to Jennie S. Bryant
Fred Hoague to Fred Hoague Onley
Adam Jasiewicz to Adam Yasevitch
Gordon Thompson LeGanger to Gordon Thompson Bryant
Cora Natalie Damon to Cora Natalie Perkins
William Wade Damon to William Wade Perkins
Wilfrid Babeux to Wilford F. Babbitt
Francis Smith to Francis Mutney
Caroline E. Coutermarsh to May Elizabeth Woodward
Kenneth Lyford McCabe to Kenneth Robert Allen
Roi (Roy), Joseph Marie Leo to Leon Joseph Roy
Robert (Goodwin) Marsh to Robert Goodwin Pelletier
Patricia Arlene White to Patricia Arlene Lynch

Arlen Thornton Downing to Arlen Thornton Burke
Mildred Dodge to Mildred Byron
Edwin Austin Doremus to Edwin Doremus
Alvin Madison Emery to Alvin Madison Nichols
Richard W. Leo Grondin to Richard Willard Brunnell
Kenneth Morrill Johnson to Kenneth Morrill Pelton
Ina Becker Lower to Ina Becker Allen
Maryellen Patrricia Leonard to Maryellen Patricia Downes
Marjorie Augusta Tilton to Marjorie Augusta Gardiner
Clarence Louis White to Clarence Louis Strong
Gordon A. Besakiriski to Gordon Samuel Mascari
Beverly Ann Batchelder to Celia Ann Bassett
Jenness Stuart Bragg to Jenness Stuart Ware
Delcina W. Bennett to Delcina W. Page
Raymond Brooks to Marshall F. O’Connor
Leslie Harry Celey to RObert Eugene McKeen
Hubert Ferguson to Hubert Dryden Sycamore
Martha White Griffin to Martha White
Winifred Murphy to Constance Ann Hawes
E. Amedie Rouselle to Edward Arthur Boushey
Richard Sargent to Richard Richards.

Patricia Ann to Patricia Ann Bunnell
Mary Jane Lucchetti to Mary Jane Eastman
Norman Clark Stanley to Norman James Martin
“Infant” Morin to Omer Donald Leroux
Joseph Alexander to Joseph W. Barlow
Marie Clare Lucille to Marie Clare Lucille Collins
Mary Ellen Beady to Mary Ellen Williams
Frederic Parker Carpenter to Parker Carpenter
Donald F. Walker to Donald F. Johnson
Eugenie Aurore Buber to Annie Jennie Buber
Patricia Ann Shea to Mary Francis Cecile Caron
Marie Anna to Anna Marie Dionne
Harriet Remick to Harriet Ross
Normand Roy to Rolland Bouchard
Rita Lois Parks to Rita Lois Monahan
Doris Morin to Doris O’Hearn
Alva Bell to Alva Gagnon
Doris Geraldine Roy to Doris Geraldine Morrisette
Dolores Mary Monahan to Dolores Mary Hammond
—FROM JANUARY 1935 to JANUARY 1937, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in divorce proceedings—

Ruth D. Carkin to Ruth Dixon Philbrick
Harriet L. Connors to Harriet L. Drury
Ruth P. Rainey to Ruth P. Carlton
Pearl M. Scarponi to Pearl Mills
Lillian J. Aziz to Lillian J. Seavey
Cora Helen Davis to Cora Helen Meader
Esther Leah Task Elliot to Esther Leah Task
Hazel B. Martin to Hazel M. Butler
Doris J. Golter to Doris J. Moulton
Rose Katherine Jacques to Rose Katherine Marcuri
Winniefred H. Johnson to Winniefred H. Brewster
Norma Constance Tilton Houlihan to Norma Constance Tilton (Annulment decree)
Idella A. Deal to Idella A. Gadis
Dorothy May Woodworth to Dorothy May Currier
Helen B. Palfre to Helen B. Trueman
Calleope Pappas Condoninas to Calleope Pappas
Helen E. Hussey to Helen Batchelder
Hope Akerman Moran to Hope Akerman
Mary A. Muller to Mary A. Powers
Rosetta B. Vadeboncoeur to Rosetta B. Hoyt

Effie E. Dwire to Effie E. White
Julia M. Demeritt to Julia M. Trafton
Josephine B. Dearborn to Josephine B. Edgerly
Florence E. McSorley to FLorence E. Martel
Helen R. Smith to Helen R. Johnson
Edna E. Streeter to Edna E. Bewley
Madeline E. Baker to Madeline Hudson
Evelyn E. Phillips to Evelyn E. Sevigny
Edith A. Blair to Edith A. Caverly
Geneva B. Corry to Geneva Bickford
Sadie A. Dodge to Sadie A. Dickinson
Ivadell M. Otis to Ivadell M. Nichols
Evelyn L. Holmes to Evelyn L. Walker
Mary O. Blair (otherwise known as Mary F. Plessas) to Mary O.Foss
Esther Randall to Esther Charles
Louis J. Shea to Louis J. Colby
Gertrude Pineo to Gertrude Clough
Evie Hussey to Evie B. Longley
Miriam P. Evans to Miriam Pascal
Pauline A. Jewett to Pauline Elizabeth Auger
Laura Keays to Laura Marcott
Irene M. Smith to Irene M. Desautel

Marjorie A. Smith to Marjorie A. Oliver
Thelma L. Landry to Thelma Luella DeHart
Ethel Stoddard Bannon to Ethel Stoddard
Thalia L. Blackey to Thalia Louise Kimball
Annie Hughes Carroll to Annie Clara Hughes
Avis Cox Morrison to Avis M. Cox
Vera Campbell Dane to Vera Campbell
Pearl W. Provencal to Pearl W. Whiteman
Georgie M. Duquette to Georgie Margarete Farnham
Bernice P. Abbott to Bernice Robinson
Ivy M. Galloupe to Ivy M. Burleigh

Nellie May Wheeler to Nellie May Allen
Clara L. Witham to Clara Lane
Margaret E. Martin to Margaret E. Cunningham
Elsie C. Angwin to Elsie Belle Colby
Gladys Cook Laird to Gladys Pauline Cook
Cathleen T. Rego to Kathleen T. Hayes
Mable Tebo to Mable F. Rogers
Victoria S. Wescom to Victoria S. Keniston
Edith G. Knox to Edith Nowell Grant
Stella Diversi Moore to Stella Diversi
Mary M. Reardon to Mary E. Mannion
Addie M. Lackey to Addie M. Edmunds
Stella F. Wheeler to Stella Philbrick Foster
Mabel Fern Klenke to Mabel Fern Colburn
Virginia Gray to Virginia Dolloff

Gara E. Wilson to Gara E. Brown
Lillian May Meader to Lillian May Hoague
Hazel E. Murphy to Hazel E. Nicholas
Mary Staples Cote to Mary Staples
Amanda Blanchette to FLorette A. Proulx
Alice D. Gormley to Alice D. TIrrell
Laura D. Carnes to Laura D. Carr
Beatrice Cora Shea to Beatrice Cora Roux
Minnie Denton Pazychuck to Minnie Denton
Harriet L. Bellofatto to Harriet L. Smith
Alice Y. Merrill to Alice Thelma Young
Gladys Stantial to Gladys Grenier
Clara Mae Cassidy to Clara Mae Tulin
Isabelle F. McLaughlin to Isabelle F. Miller
Ruth M. Chase to Ruth M. Smart
Mary Barrett Chilton to Mary Barrett
Laura A. Wheeler Dodge to Laura A. Wheeler
Josephine W. Schneiderheinze to Josephine Kendall Welch
Sophie Curtis to Sophie Daukas
Clara B. Ackermann to Clara B. Clough
Lucienne Durgan to Lucienne Corriveau
Joanna Gorcyca to Joanna Szemela
Linda Elizabeth Colburn to Lidna ELizabeth Freeman
Bernice E. Atwood to Bernice E. Newcomb
Vera Smith Bennett to Vera Smith
Alice Mildred Sartent to Alice Mildred Chase
Luva Robinson to Luva Blow
Maude Ann Roystan to Ruade Ann Branch
Anna M. Dorval to Anna Marie Laventure
Dorothy Campbell Wilson to Dorothy Campbell
Aniela Flis to Aniela Janiesqewska
Audrey Parker to Audrey Bishop
Evelyn May Jacques to Evelyn May Hall
Pearl M. Ziarko to Pearl M. Ingraham
Bernice Wheeler to Bernice Viola Stevens
Elizabeth Pearl Towne to Elizabeth Signor
Isabella Boisseau to Isabella Barrett
Jennie W. Clarke to Jennie Witham
Louise C. Farris to Louise C. Reynolds
Elizabeth W. Dee to Elizabeth Welch

Marie I. LeClair to Marie Irma Hebert
Meredith L. Sanders to Meredith L. Stewart
Winifred F. Hudson to Winifred Frances Witham
Ruth Inez Seymour to Ruth Inez Whitcomb
Mildred M. Allen to Mildred E. Montgomery
June Bodwell to June Croft
Dorothy E. Miller to Dorothy E. Brooks
Pearl L. Lower to Pearl Lamber
Louise L. Hadley to Louise L. Perron
Geraldine T. Vaughan to Geraldine T. Lovering
Edda Renouf von der Marwitz to Edda V. Renouf
Blanche Lillian Winn to Blanche Lillian Plummer

Rose H. McKenne to Rose H. Clark
Ethel Vine Chatsey to Ethel Vine Farnsworth
Edith M. Goodwin to Edith M. Ordway
Lillian D. Wallace to Lillian Dewey
Celia A. Kidder to Celia A. Johnson
Luella Mabel Wells Nolan to Luella Mabel Wells
Marion E. Corey to Marion E. Pitkin
Louise May Partlow to Louise May Gilson

Hazel N. Wilcox to Hazel N. Bliss
Grace R. Burnham to Grace Richardson
Ethel A. Norton to Ethel A. Lafoe
Esther Agnes Haggerty to Esther Agnes Riley
Laura C. Harrower to Laura M. Carter
Edith Knight to Edith Manchester
Odalite E. Johnson to Odalite E. Chesley
Lillian Mae Wheeler to Lillian Mae Rathburn
Ariel M. Smith to Ariel M. Marston
Florence M. Solberg to Florence Morin
Evelyn Estella Butman to Evelyn Estella Hayes
Sally La Belle to Sally Louise Kendall
Mary F. Connery to Mary F. McLachlin
Zilpha A. Heinrich to Ailpha C. Avery
Gladys M. Barry to Gladys M. Fosie
Edith V. Aiken to Edith Violet Ruggles
Florence I. LaCourse to Florence I. Gault
Letha Elizabeth Conlin to Letha Elizabeth Nelson
Emma O. BLanchard to Emma O. Johnson
Josephine M. Phillips to Josephine Raymond
Estella H. Glover to Estella H. Greenhalgh
Florence Ellen Bressette to Florence Ellen Howland
Sarah A. Simonds to Sarah A. Dudley
Rena Greenan Villeneuve to Rena Greenan
Ethel M. Tobin to Ethel M. Hopkins
Edna A. Ingalls to Edna A. Knights

Veneda W. Parshley to Veneda Wheeler
Annie Mae Whitcomb to Annie Mae Bermis
Rita Sloane Ross to Rita Eleanor Sloane
Mary Taylor to Mary Anna Donnelly
Eliza Howe Tondreau to Eliza Anne Howe
Ruth B. Reed to Ruth B. Courser
Nathalie A. Dow to Nathalie Akers
Helen Willis to Helen Stahl
Verna G. Stevens to Verna G. Berry
Thelma Caird Witham to THelma Caird
Clara C. Noyes to Clara E. Chamberlain
Hazel M. Reed to Hazel M. McClintock
Helen M. Donnelly to Helen M. Gould
Ruie R. Bunnell to Ruie R. Paige
Emma Louise Wells to Emma Louise Landry
Anne T. Predoehl to Anne Tankard




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