New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1925 to January 1927

Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1927–Chapter 203. Names Changed.

From January 1925 to January 1927 the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the probate court.

Rockingham County–
John P. Currier to John P. Wheeler
Margaret E. Currier to Margaret E. Wheeler
Dorothy C. Stickeny [Stickney] to Dorothy Carter
Vera O. Wade to Vera O. Eastman
Roy Herbert Perkins to Roy Herbert Cutting
Theodore Politopoulos to Theodore N. Pullos
Jemeely Peter Sarkise to Jemeely Peter Hashim
Peter Sarkise to Peter Sarkise Hashim
Abbie E. Cate to Abbie E. Hartford
Joseph W. Kalinsky to Joseph W. Kalens
Ellen F. McDonough to Ellen F. Wilson
George Carl Brassard to George Carl Price
Perley C. Osborn to Perley C. Warden
Sadie M. Olson to Sadie M. Levesque
Jeannette E. ZImmerman to Jeannette E> Saylor
Frank Demarski to Frank Herman Schultz
Lillian Mary Demarski to Lillian Mary Schultz
Frederick Edward Ham to Frederick Edward Pike
John Sidebottom to John Joseph Burkhardt
William Edgar Strickland to William Edgar Welch
Marion R. Corthell to Marion Corthell Brown
Albert Summer Eastman to Robert Deane Eastman
Lester WIlliam Newell to Lester William White
Flore M. Noyes to Flora May Gleason
Burton Jenness Caswell to Junior Caswell Bartlett
Muriel Arlene Caswell to Muriel Arlene Bartlett
Barbara May Hussey to Barbara May Duke
Mary Pratt to Mary Waterhouse
Mary Edith Rice to Mary Edith Pike
Octavia Durette to Octavia Beaudet
William Powers to Miles Herbert Maltby Jr.
Arthur M. COleman to Arthur Coleman Sherburne
Ralph E. Goad to Ralph E. Huddell
Norma A. Goad to Norma A. Huddell
Joseph Ovide CHapdelaine to Joseph Ovide Belanger
Lillian Adeline Manning to Ruby May Otis

Vivian G. Gregoire to Vivian G. Bickford
Helen Palardy to Beulah Ellen Locke
Harold Franklin Dorr to Harold Franklin Roberts
Peter Pappas to Peter Adamopoulos
Rita Milette to Bettey W. Nutter
Sadie Helen Brown to Helen Louise Scott
Russell Theodore Ham to Theodore Russell Therrien
Mescal Louise Sharpe to Mescal Louise Robinson
James Warrington Bryson to James Rowland Bryson
Barbara Palm to Barbara Ruth Nason
Mathias Christopoulos to Mathias Brown
Katherine Christopoulos to Katherine Brown
Bernice Brown to Bernice Bassett
Lester Gordon Stickney to Lester Irving Piper
Rachel Louise Rowe, to Rachel Martha Shaw
Dora Andreanopoulos to Dora Papageorge
Florence O. Perkins to Martha Florence Osborne
Mary E. Burley to Mary E. Sterling
Eugene Driscoll to Eugene McIntire
Marylon Arlena Harrell to Marylon Arlena Twombly

Ola M. London to Lola M. Ash
Ernest Grant to Robert Stuart Foster (adpt.)
Kenneth Grant to Kenneth James Foster (adpt.)
Meredith Everett Chase to Frederick James Terrill (adpt.)
Florence L. Baxter to Florence Baxter Rowe
Nellie May Lessard to Nellie May Skinner
William H. Haskell to Edward William Fogg (adpt.)
Normal Bowlby to Normal Trowbridge (adpt.)
Christine Louise Coffin to Christine Louise Sanborn (adpt.)
Bernice Delphia Therrian to Bernice Delphia Eryou
Howard Robert MacIntosh to Howard Robert Lyman (adpt.)
Eleanor Bailey to Elanor B. Shepard
Robert Densmore to Robert Densmore Smith (adpt.)
John Turgeon to Lionel Corno (adpt.)
Ethel F. King to Ethel King Cross
Willard Aulcott Snow to Willard Aulcott Jessup (adpt.)
Guennlyn Weeks Smith to Guennlyn Simpson (adpt.)
Charlotte May Ford to Charlotte May McLane (adpt.)
Charlie Nicholas Peter to George Nicholas Peter
Joan Eastman to Dorothy Joan Fields (adpt.)

Frances Avery to Frances Thurston
Filene M. Eastman to Filene M. Moody
— Warner to Arline Ruth Bodge
Olive Margary Stetson to Olive Margary Merrill
Alvin Bachelder Edmunds to Alvin Craig Edmunds
Peter John to Peter Kreshpani
John Gunnion to Melvin Heartz
Florence M. Corriveau to Florence M. Leroux
Marion Baratelli to Marion Baratelli Lancisi
Sylvia Dennerly to Lillian Brown
Doris L. Mozroll to Doris L. Currier
Addie Maria Dearborn to Dorothy Adelaide Dearborn
Zelma Cleola Smith to Zelma Cleola Baillie
Eva Mae Haines to Evelyn Mae Haines
Mildred L. Randall to Jean Laska Randall
James Pano Anastas to Gure Pano
Ella Augusta Holmes to Helen Eastman Holmes
Laura Kathleen Johnson to Laura Kathleen Porter
Clara I. Brown to Clara I. Tuttle
Carrie V. Osgood to Carrie V. Willard
Esther S. Nelson to Esther S. Eastman
Dorothy Fay Woods to Dorothy Fay Fosberg
Catherine Quimby to Catherine Quimby Taylor
Eugene Guevin to Joseph Wilfred Robert Raymond
Charlotte Mary Lashua to Charlotte Mary Daniell
Delina Duvernay to Mary Dorothy Delina Raymond
Gertrude M. Sanborn to Evelyn M. Vadney
Hazel Ellen Sanborn to Hazel Ellen Lessard
Phylis Mae Prince to Phylis Mae Cross
Constance Louise Hazelton to Constance Louise Hill
Henry M. Bessette Jr. to Henry Thorp Corson
Helen Irene Black to Agnes Irene Cheney
Florence Elizabeth Clarke to Florence Elizabeth Grant
Kathleen Mackay to Sarah Elizabeth Weed
Irene May Foskett to Irene Foskett Fowler
Constance Riel to Constance Riel Poliquin
William Place to John Brenton Bare
Donald Robert Bird to Duane Bruce Rockwell
Hazel Lillian Madeline Tibbetts to Hazel Lillian Madeline McClintock
Margaret Fitzgerald to Sherlie Burt Brown
James Edward Venette to Paul Parker Metcalf
Joseph Raymond Bonin to Raymond Ordway
Ralph George Nokes to Ralph George Gallagher
—- Knowlton to Fay Knowlton
Roger Donald Knapp to Robert Daniel Caverly
Rose Labrecque to Laura Frances Murphy

Robert E. Chagnon to Robert E. Cleary
Phyllis May Dunbar to Muriel Hazel Goodwin
William Dewey to William M. Stratton
Phrosene Siomas to Phrosene Bitos
Henry Armond to Henry Armond Belisle
Lillian Bunton to Lillian Whitehead
Demetrius Hatzigoga to Demetrius Arthur Koutsonikas
George Crosby to Robert Charles Larmy
Joseph Arthur to Joseph Arthur Cronin
William H. Connor to William H. Northrup
Paul Cross Kidder to Paul Cross
Muriel Anne Hodgman to Harriet Florence Ames
Lillian Gertrude Morton to Lillian Morton Haselton
Agnes Rose to Agnes Rose Juneau
Pauline M. Russell to Pauline L. Fontaine
Mary P. Fortin to Mary H. Sheldon
Paul Schellinger to Paul David Cochran
Marguerite Therese Soucy to Theresa Fournier
Gloria Mitchell to Gloria Belisle
George Alfred Leavitt to Paul Eugene DeMontigny
Glenna Juanita Haselton to Barbara Helen Patch
Beulah A. Staples to Elaine Boulton
Harry Ferguson to Barr Smith
Efthemois A. Kassraras to Efthemois A. Adamopoulos
Beatrice Owens to Beatrice Owens Menter
Lawrence E. Avery to Lawrence Avery Hawkins
Lillian Garbriel to Lillian Gabriel Moritts
June Maden Estes to June Maden Carrier
John Leslie Estes to John Leslie Carrier
Emma Blanchard to Emma Woodard
Fred G. Scott to Edward Frederick Schroeder
Everett William Lyon to Evertt William Linscott
Ralph Warren to Ralph Warren Strong
Robert Daniel Peach to Robert Daniel Atkinson
Paul Gerald Gogas to Paul Gerald Fletcher
Ernest James Gogas to Ernest James Fletcher
Ethel Grace Gordon to Marie Caroline Prud’homme
Ruth Joyce Fisher to Ruth Joyce Seaver
Eileen Goodwin to Roaslie Laflotte
Dorothy Belle Peach to Dorothy Belle Duncan
William Frank Peach to Arthur William Duncan
Dorothy E. Grant to Dorothy Grant Young
Edward Albert Smith to Edward Albert Hock
Constance Ide to Constance Brailey
Bernice Hardy to Bernice Elizabeth Greene
David J. Humphrey to Arthur Lemuel Whitney
Marie Margaret Duffy to Marie Margaret Farrell
Alfred Couture to Alfred Miller
Evelyn May Griffith to Evelyn Mabel Aldridge
Vernon Howard Chase to Vernon Howard Baker
Josephine Merrill to Josephine Stratton
John F. Pratt to John F. Sheehan
Louise Rhoades to Louise Ellingsworth
Joseph Eugene Landry to Joseph Eugene Boisvert
John Kubiszyn to John Joseph Kerby
Leith Darwin Manning to Leith Darwin Gerrish
Edith Soulakiotis to Edith Otis
George Soulakiotis to George Otis
Alexander Joseph Simon to Alexander Simon Malouf
Helen G. Atherton to Helen F. Greeley
Oliva Boisvert to Oliver J. Boisvert
Bridget A. Shea to Bridget A. Blake
Hazel May Dowling to Hazel May Little
Bessie Lue Cottrell to Bessie Lue Cleveland
Darila Basil Dupous to Fred Dupuis
Luella M. Flagg to Doris M. Flagg
Iva F. Lenz to Iva F. Jennings
Dionysios D. Grimoutes to Daniel D. Grimes
Paraskeve Manouras to Paraskeve Coutas
Gertrude Frances Marsh to Gertrude Frances Towne
Clara Belle Eaton to Clara Belle Rowell
Margaret E. Hamblett to Margaret E. Davis
Charles Irving Harvey to Charles Irving Pentland
Dikran Harry Manissadjian to Dieran Harry Manis
Margaret Swart to Margaret Beason Swart
Elizabeth McQuesten to Elizabeth Swart McQuesten
William Lebel to William Cameron
Albert Starrett to Thomas Robert Starrett
Toivo Edward Liimatainen to Toivo Edward Layman
Kalle Liimatainen to Charles Layman
Michael Akstulewiz to Michael Akstull
Edward P. York to Ollo P. York

Harold Lloyd Hayes to Harold Francis Peterson
Catherine Orr Bixby to Catherine Orr Sweeney
Jennie L. Bowen to Jennie L. Wheeler
Llewellyn Harrington to Llewellyn LaPage
Alice May Watson to Alice May Barker
Roger Gilman Wheeler to John Wilson Wheeler
Melvin Bernard Tyo to Wallace Elwin Tyo
Dorothy Louise Shufelt to Dorothy Louise Johnson
Amos Fontaine Eola to Arthur Amos Parttinaa
Christine Parker Clark to Christine Gladys Parker
Addie E. Church to Addie E. Chadwick
James Hayward Batchelder to Peter Hayward Batchelder
Luigi Barbarossa to Luigi Barbarossa Quintillio
Tulio Barbarossa to Tulio Barbarossa Quintillio
Palmina Barbarossa to Palmina Barbarossa Quintillio
Angelo Barbarossa to Angel Barbarossa Quintillio
Della Louise Heard to Della Louise Crafts
Harold W. Brown to Fred A. Prescott
Hillgard June MacLean to Harriet June Prescott
Charles Henry Jelley to Charles Henry Curtis
Ruth Murray to Ruth Harris
Florence Lillian Richardson to Gladys Lillian Lewis
Ilene Erva Merrill to Ilene Erva Pasno
Beatrice Eliza Stone to Beatrice Eliza Wixson
Nellie M. Blazo to Nellie M. Cunningham
Irene Campbell to Lillian Irene Rollinson
Ethel Gertrude Holcomb to Josephine Helen Holcomb
Horace Joseph Holcomb to Joseph Horace Holcomb
France Temple Tweedy James to Alexander RObertson James
Elsie Shelley to Elsie M. McCoy

Richard Arthur Gordan to Richard Arthur Howe
Priscilla Hope Aldworth to Idella Marie Martin
Hilda M. Roys or Royce to Hilda M. Wallace
George Louis Hamel to George Louis Franco
Martha Miller to Martha Miller Zeriadki
Ernest C. Gonyea to Raymond Edmund Lamare

Clarence Rodney Ashford to Clarence ROdney Daniels
Alice F. Banfil to Alice F. Fellows
Mary B. Belford to Mary B. Cordon
Alfa May Brackett to Alfa Brackett Guyer
Preston Clark to Gorton Benjamin Willis
Lorraine E. Dimick to Lyle Elizabeth Welch
Ella M. Dodge to Ella M. Silver
Syliva Eunice Dustin to Sylvia Eunice Dustin
Raymond Edmund Fillion to Raymond Edmund Fillion
Maxine Fournier to Maxine Fournier
Marjorie V. Howland to Marjorie V. Paro
Bertha G. King to Bertha G. Smith
Nina Berl LaBelle to Nina Bell Killam
Sylvia Marcroft to Sylvia Warner
Raymond C. Paige to Raymond C. Williams
Robert Arthur Paige to Robert Arthur Williams
Emile Paquett to Joseph P. Paquett
Helen M. Valia to Helen Marr Sulloway
Roderick Pike Whiting to Roderick William Ewen
Una Marion Abbott to Una Marion Abbott
Eva Brown to Eva Elizabeth O’Connor
Richard A. Burpee to Richard A. Bowles
Ethel May Brown to Grace Elizabeth Casteels
Patricia C. Gilpatric to Patricia C. Jenness
Donald R. Jordan to Donald R. Jordan
Reginald Chase Leach to Reginald Chase Corey
Norma Mitton to Norma Mitton Flodin
Claudia Mitton to Claudia Mitton Flodin
Theresa Parent to Theresa Parent
Curtis Wright to Curtis Wickersham Wright
Violet Wright to Violet Bundy

John Walter Hynes to Walter John Hynes
Albert Lidstone to Albert Powers
Mary Louise Chapman to Rachel Louise Barbour
Stewart Albert Hamilton to Raymodn Perreault
Frances May Gall to Frances May Hayes
Ellen Florence Thomas to Ellen Florence McCarthy
Emile Richard to Richard Lambert
Joseph Leopold Levesque to Thomas Leopold Levesque
Kedah G. Small to Kedah G. Evans
Dorothy R. Dutton to Dorothy R. Cotnoir
Victor Demers to Victor Miller
Marion Boyce to Marion Mansfield
Child of Dorothy L. Gale to Helen Ruth Carter
Frances Violet Bryan to Frances Violet Noyes
Barbara Warfield to Barbara Willis
Poisson Antonia to Antonia Dussault
David Haynes to David Haynes Crockett
George L. Knapp to George L. Hilliard
John Warren Crowley to John Warren Halloway
Bertha R. Keough to Bertha R. Trask
Theresa Boisvert to Pauline Hamel
John Henry Roberts to John Powell
Bernard Lynaugh to Bernard Wilson

From January 1925 to January 1927, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in divorce proceedings:

Rockingham County.–
Victoria M. Morris to Victoria M. Moody
Mildred G. Goodrich to Julia A. Davisdon
Mary A. Houde to Mary A. Ryan
Florence E. Blair to Florence E. Hartford
Eva M. Johnson to Eva M. Erickson
Gladys I. Chase to Gladys I. Hoolock
Alice Enire to Alice M. Robbins
Louise D. Henderson to Louise D. Annis
Bernice M. Horton to Bernice M. Mason
Frances E. DeVeau Pevear to Frances E. DeVeau
Nellie G. Robinson to Nellie G. Ross
Jennie E. Gove to Jennie E. Gorodn
Frances Louise Carr O’Connor to Frances Louise Carr
Ethel M. Hamblett to Ethel M. Ray
Annie M. Hall to Annie M. Hesey
Elizabeth H. Stevens to Elizabeth H. Severance
Stella Biancki to Stella Lougee
Gladys T. Kimball to Gladys T. Coleman
Annie T. Nudd to Annie T. Coleman
Marion Cooley to Marion TIbbets
Ora J. St. Clair to Ora Spinney
Jessie J. Simonelli to Jessie J. Cole
Marion J. Hepworth to Marion J. George
Constance Williford to COnstance Whittier

Strafford Co.–
Jennie M. Walton to Jennie May Foss
Avis L. Morrill to Avis L. Shumway
Marie E. Stanley to Marie E. St. Peter
Ruth A. Babbitt to Ruth Elizabeth Allen
Florence C. Marcotte to Florence C. Mulligan
Alice M. Canney to Alice M. Brownell

Belknap Co.–
Hattie E. Hayward to Hattie E. Ingram
Agnes H. Hamilton to Agnes H. Coburn
Leranda A. Adams to Leranda A. Fox
Bertha G. Olsen to Bertha G. Bacon
Nellie M. Roberts Gleason to Nellie M. Roberts
Belzora F. Brooks to Velzora F. Wallett
Catherine M. Amazeen to Catherine T. Clough

Carroll Co.–
Priscilla E. Thompson to Priscilla E. Willey
Hattie B. Reid to Hattie B. Estes
Charlotte H. Ames to Charlotte Hoag

Merrimack County.–
Marie S. Parshley to Marie S. Houle
Elsie Viola Bishop to Elsie Viola Parsons
Nora Gillespie Kelly to Nora Gillespie
Rose A. Roy to Rose A. Dorval
Eva M. Cloutier to Eva M. Leblanc
Maude Helen G. Lucier to Maud Helen Goodwin
Eliza M. Stevens to Eliza M. Sweet
Milfred F. Hayes to Milfred Irene Flint
Alice G. Madison to Alice G. Allen
Mary M. Seaward to Mary M. Sanders
Lottie A. Howes to Lottie A. Farnsworth
LaVerne H. Wallace to LaVerne H. Frary
Hattie M. Cummings to Hattie M. Rundlett
Arabella P. Mayhew to Arabella P. Dow
Annie M. Brockway to Annie M. Colby
Rachel B. French to Rachel Buchanan
Cyrena B. Clement to Cyrena B. Woodward
Martha Jones to Bertha Messer
Clara H. Smith to Clara Piper
Rose B. Brill to Rose B. Robertson
Minnie C. McGrath to Minnie Crane

Hillsborough County.–
Cornelia St. Germaine to Cornelia Hall
Marion Ardelle King Fitch to Marion Ardelle King
Florence M. Farrar to Florence M. Murdough
Ottillie B. McNally to Ottilie Bryer Drew
Rowena E. Wade to Rowena E. Werden
Anna Majkowski to Anna Saida
Annie K. Sansoucie to Annie Katherine holt
Geanula Kukurabas to Geanula Thaoharis
Ethel I. Swett to Ethel I. Brown
Doris M. Beauregard to Doris M. Campbell
Anna Misiak to Anna Lula
Mary Cechini to Mary Bruno
Mattie Whitcher to Mattie Fox
Frances C. King to Frances A.S. Crowell
Annie Sapurka to Annie Klara Schirnack
Marguerite Blake to Marguerite Chandler
Doris May Myhaver to Doris May Warren
Mathilda Keko to Mathilda Bussiere
Mary Lariviere to Mary Lepage
Irene A. LeBlanc to Irene A. Galipeau
Marjory E. Wolahan to Marjory E. Drew
Lida B. Dion to Lida B. Reed
Anna Dubois to Anna Paquette
Erma Luccille McCabe to Erma Luccille Baker
Mildred H. Miner to Mildred Smith
Harriet M. Wood to Harriet M. Shaw
Lillian Marion Mahoney to Lillian Marion McGowan
Ola A. Preston to Ola A. Stafford
Mabel B. Thomas to Mabel B. Westcott
Lena Grassi to Lena Ouellette
Winona P. Larose to Winona Prescott
Abbie E. Murphy to Abbie E. Wiggin
Grace J.G. Warren to Grace J.G. Moir
Lillian Dubey Burdette to Lillian Mary Dubey
Marie H. Racette to Marie Helen Perrault
Bernice F. Dane to Bernice F. Lintott
Marie Debusschere Meersman to Marie Debusschere

Cheshire County.–
Clara M. Brady to Clara M. Chase
Mary Robinson to Mary Marcotte
Josephine M. Duval to Josephine M. LaBier
Edna Tenney to Edna Butler
Ella M. Tourtellott to Ella M. Lincoln
Christabel C. Whittemore to Christabel C. Higgins
Alice Zecha to Alice Whitcher
Calista Ellor to Calista Cloutier
Rena Gerard to Rena Bushey
Lillian W. Kibbie to Lillian W. Whitney

Sullivan County.–
Vina Allen Willis to Vina ALlen
Irene Frances Grant to Irene Frances Straw
Ruth Esther Davio to Ruth Esther Prue
Dorothy Ellen Hatch to Dorothy Ellen Chamberlain
Ruth Dorothy Phelps to Ruth Dorothy Hunt
Anna E. Miller to Anna E. Chase
Florence Beatrice Smith to Florence Beatrice Morris
Hazel Edith Jones to Hazel Edith Dougherty
Laurel Vane Smith to Laurel Vane Hopkins
Juliet Marie Nichols to Juliet Marie Patten
Minnie Silverman to Minnie Blakcer
Ellen Jennie Rayno to Ellen Jennie Pinard
Marion L. Craig to Marion L. Davis
Sadie Elizabeth McElreavy to Sadie Elizabeth Guyette
Elizabeth C. Buzzell to Elizabeth C. Gallup
Sybil F. Swain to Sybil F. Marshall

Grafton County.–
Madge Lahaye to Madge Talbot
Ruth Marion Parker to Ruth Marion Allen
Vivian F. Gardner to Vivan F. Plant
Madeline A. Tupper to Madeline A. Hernon
Mabel C. Farrell to Mabel C. Harper
Mamie B. Sears to Mamie B. Burnor
Lucile Woodward to Lucile Church
Lillian M. McCarthy to Lillian M. Hanson
Grace C. French to Grace C. Fox
Rachel Byron Gould to Rachel Maud Byron
Nellie F. Paige to Nellie F. Chapman
Lora Belle Fredette to Lora Belle Knapp
Ivis L. MacLean to Ivis L. McLeod
Nellie J. Simpson to Nellie J. Wright
Anna M. Hill to Anna M. Way
Charlotte M. Johnson to Charlotte M. Mather

Coos County.–
Harriett E. Stone to Harriet E. Ball
Mary A. Richards to Mary A> Hovey
Lilla E. Owen to Lilla E. Frizzell
Doris Sanborn to Doris Belanger
Helen Jane Caird to Helen Jane Daley
Vivian C.G. Fortier to Vivian C.G. Hall
Ruth M. Prowell to Ruth M. Trainer
Margaret Delena Lavoid to Margaret Delena Cutler
Mary E. Day to Mary E. Stahl
Pearl Bushnell to Pearl Dickey
Gladys Goldie Springer to Gladys Goldie Scalion
Inez E. Iacoboni to Inez N. Eaton
Mertie Henderson to Mertie Eastman

Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1927

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