New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1923 to January 1925

Chapter 269: Names Changed
From January 1923 to January 1925, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the probate court:

Isaac Leonard Peal to Leonard Elkins Pearl
John Francis Kubiak to Donald Lawrence Lapoint
Charlotte Lucretia Gladding to Charlotte Lucretia Massey
Vivian M. Butcher to Vivian M. Stone
Bernard Arnold Robertson to Bernard Arnold Lexner
Walter Michael Radigan to Walter Michael Roach
Louise E. Meeks to Louise Edith Wyman
Murray Nelson to Nelson Peneault
Esther Eleanor Theg to Esther Eleanor MacDonald
Thelma Irene Richards to Anne Shelton
Frances Stack to Frances Shirley Longley
Bernice Connors to Ethel Shirley Tremblay
Charles Moore to Ralph Marc DesRosiers
Mary Lenora Monroe to Mary Lenora Gallacher
Dora Pearl Nichols to Dora Pearl Tibbetts
Mabel J. Odiorne to Mabel J. Trecartin
Robert Whitney Wilson to Robert Whitney Tuck
Loren Bailey McLachlan to Loren Bailey
Doris Jones to Doris Smith
Mary E. Varrell to Mary E. Belcher
Margaret M. Greenwood to Margaret M. Gilman
Francis Edward Fournier to Francis Edward Lemay
Edith Adams to Edith Adams Baine
Frances P. Tucker to Frances Johnson Peirce
Leon Eugene Hardy to Leon Eugene Abbott
Lillian Elizabeth Whittier to Elizabeth Frances Kimball
Stella Bilat to Joseph Stella Pilarczyk

Vasileke Papageorge to Vasileke Baras (adpt.)
Eva Marion Moodty to Eva Marion Pearosn (adpt.)
Hugh MacNeil to Herbert Edwin MacNeil
Rose Spinney to Rose Audrey Roxbee (adpt.)
Sarah E. Webber to Maida S. Webber
Kriakos Georgion to Kyriakos Theodore Chigres
Louis Napoleon Emond to Louis Napoleon Emmons
Ruth Feris to Ruth Hurd
Frances Pauline Rouckey to Arlene Frances O’Leary (adpt.)
Ronald T. Marsh to Forrest Linwood Marsh
Robert Freeman Hall to Robert Freeman Rowe (adpt.)
Margaret Cleaves to Phillis June Gilpatrick (adpt.)
May Myrh to Vemba May Braudis (adpt.)
“Son of Annie Cleary” to Charles Henry Jewell (adpt.)
Vivian G. Gregoire to Vivian G. Bickford

Lillian I. Joudry to Lillian Joudry Rollins (adpt.)
Arthur L. Brown to Arthur L. Fogg (adpt.)
Eunice S. Young to Eunice S. McIntyre
Charles Edward Dennis to Charles Smith Marsh (adpt.)
Mary Dennis to Mary Alice Dennis (adpt.)
Norma Trowridge to Norma Bowlby (adpt.)
Ruth Louise LaCourse to Ruth Louise Gilpatric (adpt.)
Alice Lillian Thomas to Alice Lillian Pierce
Eunice Austin Thomas to Eunice Austic Pierce
Henry Trembly diMercier to Henry Trembly
Winnie I. Starr to Winnie I. Shelburne
Almon Kelly to William Albert Kelley
Frederick Landry to Frederick Nelson Seaver (adpt.)
Clifton A. Smith to Clifton A. Ferguson (adpt.)
Thelma A Aston to Thelma A. Seeley
John Joseph Cummings to Joseph Joseph McDonough (adpt.)
Sidney Milton Balch to Sidney Milton Wooldridge (adpt.)
Rex F. Cotton to Reginald F. Cotton
Roger Sanders to Roger Cone (adpt.)
Bernice Mae Huckins to Bernice Mae Hoadley (adpt.)
Maude E. Dame to Maude E. Sleeper
Thelma D. Place to Themla D. Place (adpt.)
Charles I. Place to Charles I. Place (adpt.)
Emery Fountain to Emery Fountain (adpt.)

Robert Vernon Gilman to Robert Vernon Woodward
Mabel Idella Clough to Mabel Idella Tilton
Mary Ruth Martin to Mary Elsie Ruth Duke
Lyndolph Tracy Keefe to Lyndolph Tracy Bowen
Lillian Mary Gouin to Lillian Mary Melanson
Dorothy Hill to Dorothy Sawyer Rogers

Stanislaw Jermuziah to Stanley Young
Inez N. Calley Ladd to Inez N. Calley
Edward Albert Pichette to Edward Albert Pickett
Louise Emilie Pichette to Louise Emile Pickett
Royce Day to Royce Day Kelley
Agnes L. Carder Martin to Agnes L. Horwood Martin
Catherine E. Mead to Catherine E. Morse
Bertha E. Sanborn to Bertha E. Emerson
Charles Francis Pichette to Charles Francies Pickett
Dorothy I. Kelley to Dorothy I. Ford
Addie A. Hamblett to Addie A. Calvert
Frederick Joseph Guymond to Frederick Joseph Bedell
Margaret Jane Kerslake to Margaret Jane Grant
Emilien Pichette to Emilien Pickett
Mary M. Pichette to Mary M. Pickett

Paul Gerald Hatzigogas to Paul Gerald Gogas
Ernest James Hatzigogas to Ernest James Gogas
Bertha Lane Currie to Bertha Lane
Ernest F. Floberg to Ernest F. Magnuson
Mary Knopel to Mary Anna Pfeiffer
Agnes Melina Grant to Agnes Melina Wyman
Attilio Santucci to Frank Wilson
Dora L. Wellman to Dora L. Merrill
Verona F. Allen to Verona F. Burnham
Mildred E. Brown to Mildred E. Loveren
Rose Cohen to Roslyn Kahn
Robert Leon Cohen to Robert Leon Kahn
Sarah Cohen to Karah Kahn
Benjamin Louis Cohen to Benjamin Louis Kahn
Charles John Johnson to Costas John Prutsalis
Arthur John Johnson to Arthur John Prutsalis
Bridget McCabe to Beatrice McCabe
James Quackenbush to Henry LaPlante
Walter C. Padelinetti to Walter C. Padell
Harold E. Heacock to Harold E. Johnson
Mary A. Huntoon to Mary A. Thompson
Adele Chocquette to Adele Beaudet
Martha E. Merrill to Martha E. Currier
Marie Caroline Clement to Winifrid Caroline Clement
Lauretta Marie Dionne to Lauretta Marie Cote
Beatrice Orvin to Beatrice Wallace
Alberta M. Laroche to Alberta M. Bean
Saheed William to Saheed William Dahar
Thomas Francis Mazza to Anthony THomas Francis Mazza
O. Veronica Roberts to O. Veronica Demers
Marie L. Boisclair to Lottie L. Cassidy
David Beard to Lawrence Quentin Goodhue
Louisa Coletti to Elizabeth Bell Rollins
Thelma Lambi akso known as Thelma Gauthrie to Thelma Madeline Maynard
Ruth Evelyn Madison to Florence Ruth Bickford
Irene Meyer to Barbara Louise Greenhalgh
Stanislawa Kolano to Stnaislawa Bednarz
Jennie E. Thompson to Fannie Elizabeth Mitchell
Mary Jane Meiklen to Jane Bellavance
Georges Perrault to Georges Tousignant
Frank Malonay to Frank Nelson Daley
Louise Althea Delaney to Louise Althea Hebert
Cora E. Anderson to Beryle Elizabeth Dubois
Robert Milton Hood to Robert Milton Dion
Florence Margaret Morton to Margaret Morton Haselton
Edouard Beaudoin to Edouard Lareau
Mary Elizabeth Flanders to Mary Elizabeth Osborne
Flora Margaret Flanders to Flora Margaret Osborne
Margaret Ellen Bennett to Margaret Ellen Newman
Thomas F. Fitzgerald to John Francis Gowans
William Richard to William Richard Racette
William Bunton to Herman Francis Cronshaw
Bertha Esterh Clement to Bertha Esther Burpee
Mildred Moran to Marie Frances McCarty
Margaret Helen Leistner to Margaret Helen Merrill
Ruth G. Parker to Ruth Parker Carlton
Geraldine Lorraine Jacques to Geraldine Lorraine O’Brien
Robert Wallace to Robert Wallace Nesbit
Phyllis Arba Peaslee to Phyllis Arba Perham
Geraldine Henrietta Peaslee to Geraldine Henrietta Perham
Idella A. Lonergan to Idella A. Totton
Richard Donald Paradie to Richard Donald Ireland
Marcell Robinson Pecker to Marcell Robinson Pecker Parker
Felix Couture to Felix Laliberte
Louise Gardner Downing to Louise Gardner Sturtevant
Charles Beard to Westley G. Rollins Jr.
Raymond MacGillivray to William F. Devine
Alphee Toupin to Alphee Delisle
Elphege Toupin to Elphege Toupin Duval
Alice Toupin to Alice Toupin Duval
Russell Derby to Robert Atherton Randall
Mary Alice Robin to Mary Alice Lillian Roberge
Robert Goulet to John Augustus McCarty
Rodney Belliveau to Rodney Belliveau White
Virginia Hamm to Magela Bellerose
Lionel Huffman to Earnest Winslow Porter
Arthur Elmer Lyon to Arthur Lyon Clement
Jeanne D’Arc Bellemore to Jeanne D’Arc Rioux
Edward James Perkins to Robert Martin Wheatley
Verna May Badger to Verna May Fox
Bernice Arlin Dow to Mary Lillian Duperron
Florence Marion Wood to Florence Wood Rolland
Pauline Palm to Pauline Tufts
Joseph Stanislas Aryell to Gerald Joseph Stanislas Caron
Mary Rita Burke to Mary Rita Smith
Barbara Louise Carter to Barbara Louise Farrell
Francis D. Charpentier to Roger A. Roy
Muriel Johnson to Muriel Eva Merrill
Herbert Speney to Dickian Michael Bakaian
Francis Smith to Thomas T. Clair
Frances Constine to Beatrice Chevrette
Ruth E. Thompson to Ruth E. Hatch
Avonia M. Goethnee to Avonia M. Rogers
Vela Georgianna Arell to Georgianna Gartner
Illie Brandt to Marguerite Schunemann
Murial May Duke to Murial May Emory
Charles Francis Stone to Charles Francis Wheeler

Sybil Emeline Pillsbury to Sybil Emeline Sawyer
Edgar Junior Manuel to John Badger Leitch
Minnie Evans Manuel to Ruth Ann Leitch
Irene Isabel Ingell Baker to Irene Isabel Ingell
Louis Noel Lavendar to Louis Noel Fosburgh
Beatrice Marie Slack to Beatrice Marie Whitaker
Bernice ELizabeth Baker to Bernice Elizabeth Anderson
Bernice Elizabeth Anderson to Bernice Elizabeth Maxwell
Ferdinand Desoto Coffin to Ferdinand Desoto Kenney
Maxwell V. Burpee to Maxwell Burpee Lambert
Ethel Mae Frederick to Ethel Mae Kenney
Beulah Pomeroy to Della Alice Armstrong
Virginia Willard to Virginia Hardy
Ruth Lena Ingram to Ruth Lena Goodrich
Ruth Shackette to Ruth Clark
Martha E. Fairbanks to Martha E. Rich
Harold Lloyd Weeks to Harodl Francis Pasno
—- Collins to Franklin Shedd Austin
Forest Everett Jaquith to Forest Everett Burbee
Vivian Orrie Worcester to Vivian Orrie Buswell
Jasper Brown Wheeler to Jasper Wheeler Hunt
George Edward Sawtelle to George Frank Sawtelle
Harold Lloyd MacLean to Harold Lloyd Nason
Dorothy June Leahy to Dorothy Juen Wetherbee
Lauretta Turcotte to Laurette Boufford
Ernesto Amato Solari to Ernesto Amato Oliver
Robert O. ROundry to Robert William Paddock
Aramildo Portia Colburn to Aramilda Portia Johnson
Albert Dustin to Walter Cyrus Bunker

Earlena Frances Densmore to Earlena Denmore Wright
Frances Geraldine page to Frances Geraldine Costello
Orrin Calvin Doolittle to Orrin Calvin Whitney
Robert Eugene Clement to Robert Eugene Hayward
Shirley Davis to Ruth Libby
Dorothy Emma Carley to Dorothy Belle Cook
Phylis E. Lewis to Phylis E. Johnson
Ada G. Johnson to Ada G. Colby
Arthur Warren Guyer to Arthur Warren Barrows
Evelyn Aurore Guyer to Evelyn Aurore Barrows
Rose Emma Guyer to Rose Emma Barrows
Eileen Margaret Guyer to Eileen Margaret Barrows
Theresa Guyer to Thresa Barrow
Herbert Garner Bemis to Herbert Milton Swan
Vernon Franklin Kingsbury to Theodore Vernon Thompson
Ruth Elder to Ruth MacAdams
Gorden Elder to Gordon MacAdams
Jacob N. Shulinsky to Jacob M. Shulins
Richard Johnson to Richard Osborne

Howard Avery to Howard Avery Stickney
Paul Boyan to Paul Jobin
Josephine Annabelle Calef to Josephine Annabelle Chamberlin
Lydia E. Cossar to Mildred Eliza Ham
Hazel V. Chamberlin to Hazel V. Tatro
Malcom George Campbell to Malcom George Lucia
Madelene M. Day to Madelene M. Day
Helen Beatrice Downing to Helen Beatrice Russell
Mary Guyette to Mary M. Wilcox
Mona A. Gitchell to Mona A. Palmer
Mary Helen Hill to Mary Helen Teel
Verna M. Homan to Verna M. Record
Pauline E. Harper to Pauline E. Johnson
Luella Holt to Luella MacDonald
Stanislaus Carl Kuszewski to Carl Stanley Smith
Clara Bertha Kuszewaki to Clara Bertha Smith
Clara E. Ledoux to Clara Margaret Elizabeth Gray
Stella G. Lindsay to Stella G. Stuart
James Madison Magoon to James Madison Jackson
Francis L. Murphy to James Hutchinson Wallace
Flora N. Nash to Flora N. Sleeper
Gertrude F. Neil to Barbara Louise Dearth
Harold Porter to Harodl Porter Jewell
Ediwn Leroy Predue to Edwin Leroy Fisher
Dorothy Pearl Place to Dorothy Pearl Young
Martha Flanders Page to Martha Flanders
Ellen B. Quigley to Ellen A. Barker
Louis Stolovsky to Louis Stahl
Nathan Stolovsky to Nathan Stahl
Robert Thomas Smith to Robert Thomas Turner
Della E. Sargent to Della E. Smith
Gertrude Tucker to Gertrude Marguerite Merrill
Muriel L. Thibedeau to Muriel L. Carroll
Walter Tuzik to Walter McManus
Earl Delbert Thomas to Earl Delbert Harvey

Edward Hills to Edward Hills Gray
Dean W. Gadwah to Dean W. Smith
Maude E. Ricker to Maude E. McGettrick
Lula Ann Dunn to Lula Ann Briggs
Alice Rose Lalerle to ALice Rose Berube
Albion Albertus Alden to Albion Alden Perkins
Clifford Lyman Palmer to Clifford Lyman Annis
Austin Robert Simpson to Austin Robert Carr
Louise Lupiers to Louise Buckley
Audrey Elizabeth Kane to Audrey Elizabeth Cole
Aldred L. Lebelle to Alfred L. Schoff
Kenneth Parsons to Robert Edwin Tyrrell
Lawrence Elwin Cantin to Lawrence Elwin Wilson
Ronald Hermann to Joseph Colin Pushee
Cecil Alvah Dale to Alvah Dale
Ila S. Brown to Ila Schoff
Thomas Edward Hanes to Thomas Edward Dorman
Octave Deslauriers to Philip Carpenter
Jessie Constantine to Jessie Gessner
Lottie E. Boutwell to Lottie E. Spaulding

–From January 1923 to January 1925, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in divorce proceedings:

Nellie E. Fogg to Nellie E. Seymore
Mable P. Peck to Mable P. Webster
Helen N.B. Emery to Helen N. Brooks
Flora L. Krieger to Flora L. Bretschneider
Gertrude J. Young to Gertrude Frances Johnson
Pearl Higgins to Pearl Osgood
Bernice I. Charron, alias Sharron to Bernice I. Buzzelle
Sarah L. Chase to Sarah L. Eaton
Eva Belle Loftus to Eva Belle Jenkins
Dora J. Harness to Dora Jordan
Margaret A. SHuttleworth to Margaret A. Howe
Helen M. Redlon to Helen M. Oliver
Melissa Berthiaume to Melissa T. Cook
Beatrice F.E. Burnett to Beatrice E. Macia
Grace R. Steele to Grace Ruany Williamson
Maud Dynkowski to Maud Wilcox
Ethel Holmgren to Ethel B. Watt
Mary Simon to Mary Anton
Waldyslaw Polchlopek to Walter Polchlopek
Eva M. McGarr to Eva Maynard
Florence I. Day to Florence Louise Emerson
Phyllis V. Barclay to Phyllis V. Worden
Ethel M. Prescott to Ethel M. Johnson
Margaret Hale to Margaret Pickering
Mary Emma Glover to Mary Emma Sanborn
Bessie B. Osgood to Bessie Belle Ham
Anne P. Ramesdell to Anne P. Wallace
Agnes M. Chapman to Agnes M. Cornish
Katherine J. Smart to Katherine J. Mack

Esther M. Weeks, to Esther M. Jenness
Hazel E. Abraham to Hazel E. Williams
Mabel E. Gotts to Mabel E. Thompson
Flora MY Hayes to Flora May Shattuck
Edna F. Allen to Edna F. Hurd
Anna Isabell Ruel to Anna Isabel Roxbee
Sarah E. Coskoran to Sarah E. Brean
Rosa E. Foss to Rosa E. Herbert
Teresa E. Babb to Teresa E. Pratt
Mabel E. Churchill to Mabel E. Joy
Doris Wallace to Doris Desmarais
Edna J. Murray to Edna J. Dearborn
Josephine Colell to Josephine Harb
Agnes E. Corson to Agnes E. Rogers
Mary Ellen McCarthy to Mary Ellen Sullivan
Catherine Carras to Catherine Rossiter
Florence Etta Gilman to Florence Etta Rollins
Maggie McMillan to Maggie McRae
Elsie M. Thompson to Elsie M. Dennett
Margaret Britton to Margaret Spellman

ELizabeth A. Horne to Elizabeth A. Bouley
Mildred Francis Davis to Mildred Francis Roberts
Rena E. Landry to Rena E. Bartlett

Edith S. Jacobs to Edith S. Caverly
Lottie F. Dearborne to Lottie F. Irish
Bernice F. Whitfield to Bernice F. Lane
Ella G. Watson to Ella G. Morrill

Frances E. Hodgdon to Frances E. Willcox
Doris L. Clifford to Doris L. Cota
Ruth A. Sargent to Ruth A. Bucklin
Gladys M. Bingham to Gladys M. Stewart
Myra F. Kennedy to Myra F. Collins
Doris L. Carkin to Doris L. Clough
Emma Alice Arbour to Emma Alice Magee
Grace A. Pethick to Grace a. Cole
Leona C. Sisk to Leona C. Huntoon
Frances G. Brazier to Frances G. Sefton
Elsie VIola Bishop to Elsie VIola Parosons
Nora GIllespie Kelly to Nora Gillespie
Rose A. Roy to Rose A. Dorval

Lelia May Heyl to Lelia May Hayes
Emma McMillan Tergis to Emma McMillan
Etterlelar A. Pelletier to Etterlelar A. Fitch
Angie F. Duncan to Angie F. Barker
Jane Dinwoodie Fitzgerald to Jane Dinwoodie
Esther Roberts to Esther Reardon
Yvonne Pelletier to Yvonne Lessard
Annie Graff to Annie Newton
Ella C. Ayer to Ella C. Stacy
Rose Epohlman to Rose Gelinas
Stella Richmond to Stella M. Boardman
Evelyn E. Harrison to Evelyn E. Johnson
Catherine E. Johnston to Catherine E. Whitlock
Rosalia Swietuk to Rosalia Melenkwich
Dorothy MacD. Rausch to Dorothy Florence MacDonald
Agnes P. Kendall to Agnes Pauline Donah
Ella S. Webber to Ella S. Jones
Bertha M. George to Bertha E. Magee
Madeline E. Reed to Madeline Perkins
Ethelyn Rice Chase to Ethelyn Alfrieda Rice
Jessie Paton Crosby to Jessie Paton
Adeline Bourrassa to Adeline Barrett
Evangelia A. Kaperonis to Evanelia T. Caldara
FLorida Lambert Chabot to Florida Lambert
Margaret S. Kelliher to Margaret S. Keefe
Hazel M. Cheney to Hazel M. Maker
Etta Bailey to Etta Morison
Florence Elizabeth Gerry to Florence Elizabeth Bruce
Eva A. Foss to Eva A. Ouellette
Marguerite A. Clark to Marguerite A. Greene
Rose Lavoie to Rose Lefebvre
Agnes M. LaMountain to Agnes M. McCann
Hazel E. Knight to Hazel E> Roy
Lillian Estelle Thompson to Lillian E. Moir
Madeline L. McSweeney to Madeline L. Carlson
Brunislawa Chiesinski to Brunislawa Futyra
Harriet B. Perkins to Harriet B. Morse
Rose B. Lapointe to Rose B. Lamy
C. Pearl Devoll to C. Pearl Maxwell
Marie Moulaert to Marie DeVlaminck
Delia P. Faucher to Delia P. Bennett
Thelma G. Soper to Thelma G. Conery
Bernice Merlin to Bernice Young

Wilma G. Blanchard to Wilma G. Damon
Leda Orlene Peroskas to Leda Orlene Hurley
G. Madeleine Crossley to G. Madeleine Quinn
Hazel K. Holbrook to Hazel K. Eastwood
Beatrice L. Oliver to Beatrice L. Jorden
Ivy E. Aptt to Ivy E. Ashcroft
Celia M. Mansfield to Celia M. Roy
Hattie E. Bean to Hattie Emma Kimball
Doris N. Gates to Doris M. Cole
Charlotte E. Ells to Charlotte E. Larner
Anna M. Blair to Anna M. Gannon
Erma O. Patno to Erma I. Olmstead
Esther Brannock to Esther Royce

Marguerite W. George to Marguerite W. Putnam
Georgia E. Weyant to Georgia Empey
Eliza Touchette to Eliza Boucher
Eva L. Dunbar to Eva L. Melendy
Helen Baxter Hanson to Helen Baxter Thrasher
Eva A. Lambert to Eva A. Simano

Helen Griffin Gober to Helen Griffin
Marie A. Bednard to Marie Lachat
ELizabeth H. Witt to Elizabeth H. Devino
Dorothy A. Smith to Dorothy A. Miller
Mary A. Morton to Mary A. Pride
Elsie E. Delaney to Elsie E. Proctor
FLorence B. Chalmers to Florence B. Wells
Margaret H. Greene to Margaret H. Webb
Betsy Kinne to Betsy Johnson
Mary Rebecca Everet to Mary Rebecca Crabb
Mary E. Batchelder to Mary B. Tippett
Exilda Mikowski to Exilda Sanville
Jessie M. Perkins to Jessie M. Davis
Elizabeth P. Marden to Elizabeth M. Pickering
Bulah C. Marsh to Bulah C. Cutting
Bertha E. Kimball to Bertha E. Braynard
Eva M. Marcotte to Eva M. Dunham
Rosilda E. Emerosn to Rosilda E. Gagnon
Nora S. Emerson to Nora S. Spooner
Ferne E. Smith to Ferne E. Thomas
Elizabeth I. Clement to Elizabeth I. Barker
Ella D. Barnhart to Ella Pierce
Edna A. Ayers to Edna A. Bradford
Elsie L. Giguere to Elsie L. Watson

Jennie M. Proof to Jennie M. Spinney
ALica L. Towle to ALica L. Gordon
Pearle Lillian Tripp to Pearl Lillian Campbell
Laws of the State of New Hampshire, 1925

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