New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1921 to January 1923

LAWS of the State of New Hampshire, Passed January Session 1923
From January, 1921 to January 1923, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of states the following changes of names made by the probate court:

Bessie A. Smith to Bessie A. Smith Patten
Mary Elizabeth Adams to Mary Elizabeth Grout
Violet Ruby Huber to Violet Ruby Jones
Harvey Milligan to Harvey Stowe
Lawrence Holman to Lawrence Parker Beran
Edgar Bean to Harry Charles Enire
Aurora Allard to Aurora Alice Desrosiers
Marion Elinor Fiske to Marion Elinor Moore
Margaret Ellen CLifford to Margaret Ellen Bennett
Jennie Aramenta Wood to Jennie Aramenta Wood Ransom
Florence Lillian Vose to Florence Lillian Sargent
Alma Louse Vose to Alma Louise Sargent
Marie Lavoie to Corinne Elizabeth Marie Lamoureux
Mabel Osgood to Mabel Jean Catlin
Grace Small Fuler to Grace Culver Small
John J. Hoban Jr. to George Waldo Clough
Clara L. Irving to Clara L. Felch
Minnie S. Hayford to Mary Sargent Hayford
Mildred Laura Ballou to Mildred Elizabeth Faulkner
Catherine E. Foley to Doris Elizabeth Wilson
Daniel Webster to Daniel Webster Harvey
Minnie Jane Collins to Minnie Jane Sanborn
Emerson Sanger Spinney to Emerson Sumner Spinney
Hazel Twing to Hazel Agnes Dickey
Albert L. Fieldsend Jr. to James W. Petitpas

Eleanor Collins to Eleanor M. Flanagan
Donald Ray to Nathan Howard Babcock
Orman Alfred to Orman Alfred Dodge
Merlin H. Nelson to Merlin H. Canney
Beatrice Eliza Patterson to Beatrice Eliza Moulton
Bernard Whitehouse to Bernard Whitehouse (adpt.)
George C.H. Markopoulos to George Markos
Ruth E. Sutermeister to Ruth E. Watson
Reginald J. Murphy to Reginald J. Pollock
Norman L. Ellis to Norman L. Quimby
Belle Louise LeBreton to Mary Reta Baeulieu [Beaulieu]
Gertrude May McKensie to Gertrude May Tatro
Lena Herman to Clare E. Ellison
Lillian V. Seruton to Lillian Helen Locke
Susan E. Gunn to Susan Ethel Robinson

Irene Stamboski to Eilene E. Turcotte (adpt.)
Alvina Wilkinson to Alvina Wilkinson
Ralph Swift to Ralph Carpenter (adpt.)
RIchard Leroy Hillsgrove to Cameron Junior Haynes (adpt.)
Ida Idell Richardson to Ida Idell Shaw
Blanche B. Barrett to Blanche Bundy Gordon
Ethel M. Swift to Ethel M. Baldi
Ernest Henry Cloutier to Ernest Henry Smith (adpt.)
Viola Tilton to Viola Jewell Miller (adpt.)
Walter Myron Tilton to Walter Levi Hoyt (adpt.)
Ellen Augustine Tilton to Ellen Augustine Hoyt (adpt.)
Nora Belle Buswell to Isa Belle Buswell
Gerald Fowler to Gerald Charles Combs (adpt.)
Catherine F. Lynch to Katherine F. Rogers (adpt.)
Bertha F. Fonhy to Bertha F. Copp
Louise Shackford to Louise Olive Brown (adpt.)
John Elwood Compronie to John Elwood Benton (adpt.)
Ruth P. Jones to Ruth Plummer Osgood
—– Fisher to William A. Labine (adpt.)
Esther S. Mills to Esther Stickle
Mary Elizabeth Appleton to Mary Elizabeth Clark (adpt.)
John R. Pickering to John Ralph Holden (adpt.)
Edmand Orr to Harold W. Smith (adpt.)
Hardy B. Flanders to Hardy Fuller Reynolds
Lonice Hibbard Flanders to Lonice Hibbard Reynolds

Lillian Winnifred Fraser to Mary Fraser Hobbs
Mary Viola McLean to Mary Viola Robinson
Richard Baker to Richard Bedard
Silas Parker to John Parker Lee
Shirley Ruth Hulburt to Shirley Ruth Rogers

Joseph Grandiose Alfred Couture to Elphage Joseph Couture
Lawrence C. Reif to Lawrence C. LeBean
Stillman G. Foster to Sillman Foster Davis
Winnie M. Putney to Winnifred M. Putney
Flora Eva Bly to Florence Ena Bly
Kenneth R. Fuller to Kenneth R. Towle
Fannie W. Bennett to Fannie W. Harvey

Roberta May Sharpless to Roberta May Nichols
Robert Sharpless to Robert Eugene Nichols
Mary Boynton to Mary Nichols
Laura B. Wentworth to Laura B. Moquin
Leonore A. Burns to Lenore A. Wingate
Mary M. Thibodeau to Mary M. Thurber
Susan J. Abbott to Susan J. Ryerson
Lillian May Greager to Lillian May Wood
Ethel A. Welpley to Ethel A. Scheer
John Toivanen to John Adams
Maria Toivanen to Maria Adams
Helmi Toivanen to Helen Adams
Tyyne Toivanen to Tyyne Adams
Helene Bouchard to Helene Lachance
Daniel Frederick O’Neil to Daniel Frederick Robinson
Linda Modis to Linda Kuhn
Gladys R. Pepler to Gladys Elizabeth Render
Howard L. Rousseau to Howard L. Brooks
Ralph Taylor to Ralph Chase
Hattie M.A. Choate to Hattie M.A. Sanborn
John Gossler to John Reich
Alfred Joseph Lamore to Frederick Joseph Baker
Lena Clough Parker to Lena Clough Philbrick
Gladys Irene Learned to Gladys Irene Sweatt
Nicholas Gregoris Tringozis to Nichols Gregoris Tringoson
Arthur Peter Hartwich to Arthur Paul Modis
Joseph Henri Forbes to Joseph Henri Dion
Adelaide J. Marrott to Adelaide J. Jenness
Edith Thayer Duncklee to Edith Thayer Packard
Charles Colarusso to Charles A. Russi
Betsey Hutchins to Betsey Lovejoy
Mildred Naomi Hatjigogas to Mildred Naomi McBride
Minnie B. Jacquith to Minnie B. Farley
Kathryn P. Haskell to Kathryn P. Burns
Frances Joseph Weagle to Francis Joseph Powell
Marie Clarinda Langelier to Marie Alida Langelier
Laura Wolf Meunier to Laura Wolf
Robert Pember to Robert Cote
Blanche Claire Lavoie to Blanche Claire Jolin
William Alfred Best to Arthur Howard Bills
Lola Walters to Ella Alberta Barton
Olea Valley to Rhea Mary Ball
Jules Albert Lehman to Jules Albert Coppez
George King Sullivan to George Amos Ward
Violet Manseau to Violet Carignan
Oscar Boyer to Oscar Andrew Bourso
Doris Dupont St. Jacques to Doris Gamache
Harry Carr Reynolds to Harry Carr Smith
Marcel Bonenfant to Marcel Demers
Baby Giddings to John Wesley Wright Jr.
Joseph Harry Kean to Joseph Harry Loranger
Geraldine Barbara Lawson to Lola Jane Hesselden
Charles Edward Burns to Charles Edward Langston
Marie Murial Thalma to Muriel Talma Morin
Hazel Mae Duncan to Hazel Duncan Barrett
Doris May St. John to Doris May Gregg
Augusta Elizabeth Heacock to Augusta Elizabeth Johnson
Mary J.H. Petit to Nellie F. Jones
Clarence Henry Shaw to Stuart Arthur Marshall
Peter Smith to Joseph Raymond Lambert
Aurore Dube to Aurore Gaudet
Marie Anne Dube to Marie Anne Gaudet
Dorothy May Robinson to Dorothy May Thebodeau
Eugene Spalding to George Allyson Franke
Reginald S. Frazier to Dennis D. Blain
Winslow Manchester to Winslow Manchester Jackson
James Whiting Brianos to James G. Politis
Ruth Evelyn Healy to Ruth Evelyn Shurburne
Charles MacLeod to Charles Ready
George Foss to Earl Shaw
Robert Burns Patten to Robert Burns Davis
Doris Louise Chandler to Marjorie Ellsworth Moorby
Rita Trottier to Rita Doucette
Howard Clinton Adams to Harold Clifton Sturtevant
William Sevigny to Leo Charland
Catherine Edith Brown to Catherine Edith Sleeper
Beatrice S. Hill to Beatrice S. Currul
Margaret Josephine Daly to Rita Seymour
Marie Yvette Soucy to Marie Yvette Gamelin
C. Amy Wilder to Charlotte Wilder Ryder
Blanche Auclair to Blanche Auclair Allard
Gertrude Couturier to Gertrude Demers
Helen Reed to Helen Reed Moss
Ila Marie MacDonald to Ila Marie Mason
Erma Mabel Laschkowsky to Erma Mabel Neumann
Elizabeth Thayer to Irene Royer
Robert Allen Shortsleeve to Robert Allen Newman
Agnes O’Brien to Agnes Tourant
Mary Duffy to Mary Duffy Moss
Robert Currier to Edward Howe
Elizabeth Raymond to Elizabeth Normand.

Cora E. Morrill to Eileen Morrill O’Brien
Arthur Alkins to Arthur Sharkey
Mary Vida Desilets to Mary Vida Shevlin
Lester Walter Blanchard to Edward James Gratto
Charlotte E. Burns to Charlotte Elsie Shattuck
Mary L. Zapula to Mary L. Bucossi
Louis Zapula to Louis Bucossi
Vita Zapula to Vita Bucossi
Ida Asiala to Ida Matilla
Reginald Pratt to Reginald Spencer Aldrich
Virginia Lathrop Dow to Virginia Lathrop Adams
Vivian Orrie Buswell to Vivian Orrie Worcester
Marion Lang to Marion Donnelly
Roy Guyette to Roy Wendell Williams
Grace May Dudley to Grace May Darling
Marcia Alice Greene to Marcia Alice Chadon
Jane Staples to Jane Ruth Wheeler
Dorothy Marsh Cabrol to Dorothy Jessie Marsh
Hollis Whitcomb Abbott to Charles Wescott Giles
Roberta Mavis Powers to Roberta Mavis Patrick
Thelma Agnes McClure to Thelma Agnes Wheeler

Eva M. Stevens to Eva M. Demers
Selina Jane Eastman to Selina Jane Roberts
Mae S. Mahoney to Mae S. Sulham
Ruth Evelyn Rising to Ruth Evelyn Freeman
William W. C. Vandergrift to Billy B. Van
Lillian Champlin Ager to Lillian Champlin
Mary R. Dion to Mary R. Lizzotte
Malcolm Delmore Kelton to Malcolm Delmore Young
Margaret May Lamond to Margaret May Townsend
Edward Herrick Lamond to Edward Herrick Townsend
Richard McKay to Richard Johnson
Thursa M. Clough to Thursa M. Partridge

Frederick A. Abbey to Frederick Alyward Bennett
Lawrence Merle Adams to Junior Herbert Downing
Madison K. Boemig to Madison K. Knighton
Beatrice H. Bell to Beatrice Hildreth
Rosa Boudreau to Rosa Cormier
William Wallace Birnie to William Wallace Kendall
Helen Francis Bagley to Dorothy Irene Pratt
Ruby Luthera Bailey to RUby Luthera Blanchard
Leona Callahan to Leona L. Libby
Marjorie Mabel Cushman to Marjorie Elaine Hannaford
Bessie May Callahan to Bessie M. Callahan
Beatrice Lela Deselle to Beatrice Lela Richard
Alice Day to Alice Bertha Wiggin
Mary A. Daigneau to Marion Annie Carr
Pauline L. Edwards to Pauline Lillian Edwards
Mae M. Gonyer to Mae Bailey McLellan
Ethel Mae George to Ethel Mae Spaulding
Lula LeMay to Lula Mae Farmer
Harry Fountain Lucas (not changed)
Winnifred Littlefield to Frances Eva Blair
Edna McGoff to Joyce Gerlach
Ina Nutter to Ina Bowen
Kate May Powell to Katherine Royce
Ernestine Palmer to Mary Ellen Reside
Rudolph Harlan Pierce to John Randolph Pierce
Richard Wright Putnam to Richard Wright Putnam
Doris R. Regan to Doris R. Catheart
Elizabeth Smith to Elizabeth Lowell
Alice Isabella Underhill to Alice Underhill Harwood
Eugene C. Viscusi to Eugene Lorenzo Farr
George Burton Wells to Bernard Edgar Hadlock
Marion F. Wylie to Florence Marion Wylie
Lee Weeks to Lee Weeks Bemis

Minnie Louise Brown to Margaret Louise DeCosta
Clifford Lyman Annis to Clifford Lyman Palmer
Nils Isakson to Nils Jackson
Clifford Wentworth to Clifford Thomas Verow
Rita Eva Johnson to Rita Eva Lyman
Margaret Grant to Margaret Reeves
Constance W. Jacobson to Constance W. Andresen
Earl C. Jacobson to Earl C. Andresen
Wesley Richard Young to Wesley Ariel Bullard
Helen Alice French to Marie Anne Cecila Cote
Timothy J. Ameroe to Timothy J. Rowe
Mary Lettre to Mary Laughery Fournier
Un-named Boy to Leo Bisson
Addie Mae Howland to Addie Isabell Howland
Hulda Erlandsen to Hulda Olivia Christiansen
Freida L. Fletcher to Freida Louise Thomas
George Ernest Paige to George Ernest Stone
Thomas Lynch to Thomas Bellefeuille

From January, 1921 to January, 1923, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in divorce proceedings:

Florence R. Richards to Florence Ruthella Williams
Alice A. Johnson to Alice A. Carlson
Mildred B. Montgomery to Mildred B. Wentworht
Beulah E. Brackett to Beulah Edmunds
Nora P. Stone to Nora P. Conlon
Perthenia A. Maritn to Perthenia A. Wentworth
Mary H. Young to Mary H. Knowles
Eva M. Prime to Eva M. White
Jennie M. Sherry to Jennie M. Rousseau
Jennie G. Hastings to Jennie G. Read
Thelma R. White to Thelma R. Sylvia
Annie E. Leavitt to Annie E. Flint
Esther L. Kirby to Esther L. Task
Laura J. Smart to Laura J. Rutledge
Edith M. Barr to Edith M. Bickum
Marjorie W. Trueman to Marjorie W. Mitchell
Gladys C. Gardiner to Gladys C. Jones
Bertha E. LeClaire to Bertha E. Sargent
Elizabeth S. Soule to Elizabeth S. Kiltie
Helen R. Marcley to Helen R. Kinville

Clytie M. Lacasse to Clytie M. Horne
Elizabeth Hatch to Elizabeth Jones
Wilhemine Roy to Wilhemine Cummings
Maud G. Wheeler to Maud G. Heath
FLorence S. Salinardi to Florence Gorman
Neline Mae Beaudoin to Neline Mae Adams
Evelyn Meader Boyd to Evelyn Meader
Gladys Evelyn Andres to Gladys Evelyn Miller
Catherine M. Annis to Catherine M. Caron
Maud B. Hamilton to Maud Bruce
Lucy Wagner to Lucy Court
Helen M. JOnes to Helen M. Grant
Clara Etta French to Clara Etta Towsend
Harriet A. Colomy to Harriet A. Thayer
Mercie Clara Tryon to Mercie C. Warburton
Mary C. Dickerson to Mary C. BIrmingham
Eliza M. Ordway to Eliza May Carr
Mildred Colprit to Mildred Hobby
Mary E. Bean to Mary Slater
Lillian Boivin to Lillian Rochelean

Evelyn E. Tufts to Evelyn E. Jones
Ruth W. Lynch to Ruth Elizabeth Woodward
Eva V. Wallace to Eva V. Vallier
Rose Annie Grant to Rose A. Croteau
Blanche L. Brock to Blanche L. Esty
Mary A. Bean to Mary A. Perkins
Lizzie L. Stetson Benson to Lizzie Lucia Stetson

Blanche L. McGIlvary to Blanche L. Leavitt
Hazel M. Lord to Hazel M. Lamontagne
Agnes R. Wiggin to Agnes Winifred Robinson
Lottie McGraw to Lottie Drew
Jennie M. Angell to Jennie M. Spinney

Caroline E. Francisco to Caroline E. Beebe
Maude E. Stingel to Maude E. Bailey
Eleanor B. Shepard to Eleanor Bailey
Martha McLeod Heartz to Martha McLeod
Nathalie J. Jameson to Nathalie Jenness
Gertrude T. Robinson to Gertrude T. Lafortune
Viola Juanita Young to Viola Juanita Holmquist
Beatrice Elizabeth Bishop to Beatrice Elizabeth Lucier
Margaret Lilla Burnap to Margaret Lilla Gowing
Lillian M. Cross to Lillian M. Tupper
Edith Foley to Edith B. Collins
Ruth B. Langevain to Ruth E. Gibson
Katherine E. Rayno to Katherine E. Riggs
Mildred Evelyn BOyle to Mildred Evelyn Sanville
Leona I. Cutting to Leona I Shurtleff
Julia M. Connors to Julia M. Proulx

Anna M. Austin to Anna M. Drouin
Virgina E. Rourke to Virginia E. Cota
Eugenie Debier to Eugenie DeWalle
Orina Czywel to Orina Soltys
Clara Valade to Clara Pelletier
Rachel Flanders to Rachel Poisson
Mathilda Gelinas to Mathilda Moquin
WInona R. Austin to Winona R. Johonnett
Elizabeth V. Brooks to Elizabeth Buckley
Mary D. Etcher (alias Mary D. Dragon) to Mary D. O’Neil
Rose Ketcham to Rose Lachance
Mary Charlotte Bertha Gillespie to Mary Charlotte Bertha Baker
Leora E. Shattuck to Leora E. Brainerd
Rose A. Rheaume to Rose A. LaBarre
Ruth B. Donnelly to Ruth Miller
Saima Lydia Doucette to Saima Lydia Bedders
Fannie Hakala Johnson to Fannie Hakala
Fredrika Wilhelmina Marquebreuk to Fredrika Wilhelmina Klardie
Olga C. Hurd to Olga C. Olsen
Maria Cassarina Buffeli to Maria Cassarino
Catherine L. Shaw to Catherine Lillian MacMillan
Lois L. Bedell to Lois L. Griffin
Nellie Emerson Keyes to Nellie Emerson Whitcomb
Maude Whittier Fielding to Maude S. Whittier
Alice Pike to Alice Norris
Luce Caron to Luce Charois
Harriet E. Hunter to Harriet E. Toomey
Beatrice Peterson to Beatrice Callaghan
Elise Lehman Coppez to Elise Lehman
Lucretia McDowell to Lucretia Driver
Minnie L. Redman to Minnie Lee Lister
Mary E. Bickford to Mary E. Shattuck
Blanche Barnaby to Blanche Bourbeau
Edith E. Colburn to Edith E. Blodgett
Hazel M. Martel to Hazel M. Purmort
Myrtle M. Carpenter to Myrtle M. Brown
Delia R. Fenerty to Delia Boudreau
Mary Jameson to Mary Lamoreux
(1917, Dec 14) Augusta M. ROgers to Augusta M. Conant

Helen L. Cota to Helen Lucinda Wells
Mabel Lescord to Mabel Moors
Mary M. Sanborn to Mary M. Maynard
Florence Brooks Aten to Florence Brooks Ellwanger
Ellyn W. Bassette to Ellyn Elizabeth Whithill
Rosa M. Harrington to Rosa M. Jefts
Ethel S. Chickering to Ethel Atherson Spaulding

Gladys Beatrice Greenwood to Gladys Beatrice Sanders
Dorothy Mildred Johnston to Dorothy Mildred Thrasher
Mabel Bertha Harvey to Mabel Bertha Kimball
Edith M. Blodgett to Edith M. Fowler
Ruth E. WIlson to Ruth Estella Stevens
Lottie I. Luman to Lottie I. THompson
Margaret A. Villar to Margaret Anne Whittier
Annie M. Fifield to Annie M. Stockwell
Helen Marcella Nichols to Helen Marcella Putnam
Marjorie Bowman Jordan to Marjorie Bowman

Eva Della Pike to Eva Della Kelley
Carrie A. Gardner to Carrie A. Taylor
Clara J. Brock to Clara J. Smith
Fred M. Stevens to Fred M. Wright
Mary T. Morrison to Mary Tupper
Nellie C. Sulham to Nellie C. Pennock
Anna Bean to Anna Way
Esther Faunce to Esther Elmer
Emma J. Waterman to Emma J. Lindberg
Maude J. Hanson to Maude J. Smith
Marion Wharem to Marion Calkins
Nellie M. Jarvenpaar to Nellie M. Williams
Gladys E. Knighton to Gladys E. WInslow
Evelyn Mossey to Evelyn Pollard
Anna J. Dugan to Anna J. Farrington
Jennie Morehouse to Jennie Beodzensky

Erna T. Holden to Erna T. Tilotson
Ida J. Myshrall to Ida J. Weymouth
Lucy Towle to Lucy Waldron
Laura Astle to Laura Reed
Lillian M. Smith to Lillian M. Van Ness
Eva M. Younkers to Eva M. D’Amour
Chapter 40: An Act To Change the Name of Nelson Aldrich Edgell to that of Stephen Maurice Edgell
WHEREAS on the twenty-ninth day of October A.D. 1915, there was born in the town of Warwick, state of Rhode Island, to Stephen Maurice Edgell and Elsie Aldrich Edgell, both of Newport, in the county of Sullivan, and state of New Hampshire, a son who was given the name of Nelson Aldrich Edgell; and
WHEREAS the father, Stephen Maurice Edgell, died on the twenty-first day of June, 1921, leaving property which, by inheritance descended to his said son, Nelson Aldrich Edgell; and
WHEREAS out of respect and love for the memory of her late husband, the said Elsie Aldrich Edgell desires to have the name of her son changed ot that of his father, Stephen Maurice Edgell, now therefore
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:
Section 1. That the name of Nelson Aldrich Edgell be, and hereby is, chagned to Stephen Maurice Edgell, the same hereafter to be his lawful name.
Sect. 2 This act shall take effect upon its passage.
[Approved April 12, 1923]
Laws of the State of New Hampshire


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