New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1919 to January 1921

Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1921 — Chapter 201 NAMES CHANGED
From January 1919 to January 1921 the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the probate court.

Scudder Klyce Jr. to Stephen Downing Kautz
Charles Michael Koszareck to Charles Michael Connor
Ellen Mary Koszareck to Ellen Mary Connor
Robert Strafford Koszareck to Robert Strafford Connor
Helen Valois Giles to Helen Valois Guild
Rosie Wilson Giles to Rosie Wilson Guild
Albert J. Trefethen to Charles Albert Willey
Rose A. Sargent to Rose A. Haish
Helen Elizabeth Trefethen to Helen Elizabeth Walsh
John Leon Greeley to Karl Eugene Soukikian
Archie Albert Nutting to Robert Spaulding Brooks
Herbert Michael Parker to Herbert Michael Gibbons
Kanelle Stratakos to Kanelle Leontides
Doris Annette Logan to Doris Annette Jones
Chrisanthos Athanosias Albuniotes to Chris Albuniotes Allen
Mildred Irene Kallock to Mildred Irene Bickford
Kathleen Barbara Harrity to Kathleen Barbara Stillings
Calvin William Segee to Calvin William Brown
Charlotte Albert Segee to Charlotte Alberta Brown
Elizabeth Wilhelmina Hayes to Elizabeth Wilhelmina Leavitt
Eva Ella West to Eva Ella St. John
ALbert Frederick Downing to Albert Frederick Downing Martin
Anna Elizabeth Langzettel to Anna Elizabeth Walker
Frank Edward Langzettel to Frank Edward Walker
Maud A. Perkins to Maud A. Brown
Edward L. Srote to Edward L. Davis
Barbara Gray to Dorothea Florence Kelley
Alfred Areand to Alfred Vendasi
Effie B. Twombly to Effie B. Page
Ethyl May Sterling to Ethyl May Lynn
Jennie Lois Sterling to Jennie Lois Lynn
Marjorie Howe Marden to Marjorie Josephine Silbery
Madeline Virginia Gross to Madeline Virginia Merrill
Eloise Thyng to Eloise Bean
Alonzo J. Bragdon to Alonzo Bradgon Scott
Viola Irene Hicks to Viola Irene O’Harra
Eleaor Brandolini to Eleanor Marotto
Palmer E. Brandolini to Palmer E. Marotto
Mertie E. Estabrook to Mertie E. Whittier
Albert Klein to Albert Shwartz

Edward Henry Cram to Edward Henry Gage
Henry J. Baker to Henry J. Berube
Charles F. Tibbitts to Charles F. Eastman
Maurice Kivel to Maurice Ennis Kivel
William Stanley Blaisdell to Willis Stanley Blaisdell
Elizabeth Parker to Elizabeth Cartland
Joseph Arthur Provincil to Alfred Pari
Phillip Brennan to Philip Anthony Brandon
Charles Austin Hodgdon to Charles Clark Scott
Ernest J. Drew to Ernest J. Kelley
Risdon D. Jones to Risdon Davis
Arthur Joseph Lachance to Arthur Joseph Caloux
Clayton Tatreau to Clayton Wilder
Leo Roland Kitchen to Leo Roland Nute
Annie Lew to Annie Wong
Blanche C. Collins to Blanche Critchett

Clarence Henry Riley to Clarence Henry Laclaire
Laura Edith Riley to Laura Edith Laclaire
Edith Alice Riley to Lora Alice Laclaire
William Wallis Jewell to William C. Wallis
David O’Shansky to David O’Shan
Florence Ann Edgell to Edrie Louise Glidden (adpt.)
Helen E. McDougall to Helen E. Keniston
Philip P. Payson to Philip Russell Payson
James Melkonian to James Milton Avery
Barbara May Whitcher to Marjorie Irene Tuttle (adpt.)
Hazel B. Palmer to Hazel Frances Warren (adpt.)
Rose Cross Bean to Ross Olivine Cross
Daisy May Caverly to Mary Gertrude Levoy (adpt.)
Robert Earle Paine to Robert Earle Aldrich (adpt.)
Dorothy Vachon to Dorothy Levasseur (adpt.)
Paul Burns to Clayton Follansbee (adpt.)
Kenneth Roger Croteau to Walter Fred Hall (adpt.)
Raymond Stanley Shaw to Oscar Allen Tucker (adpt.)
Mary Roseanna Lefebvre to Mary Roseanna Perron

Mabel Avery to Mabel Granville
Lillian Fay Clough to Lillian Fay Eldridge
Viola E. Drew to Viola Etta Gilman
Christina M. Heacock to Christina May Clow

Harry F. Hayes to Harry Frank Morrill
Walter Joseph Rice to Walter Joseph Sheehan
Fred C. Woodbury to Frederick Charles Woodbury
Mildred H. Gray to Mildred H. Williams
Gertrude Mary Hurd to Gertrude Mary Vermette
Lois Webster to Lois Fadden

William Levine to Willam Balter
Morris Slominsky to Maurice Sloan
Alice Elizabeth Jones to Alice Elizabeth Snow
Carl Edwin Chenette to Carl Wood Anderson
Carol Elizabeth Cram to Carol Elizabeth Richardson
Ossian James Goodspeed to James Ossian Goodspeed
Barbara Crompton to Barbara Ford
Arthur R. Johnson to Arthur R. Zatschka
Stamatios Stavron Nicolopoulos to William Cazan
Mederise Rousseau to Mederise Boucher
Henry Torkkola to Henry Hendrickson
Peter Konstantine Kamverogianis to Peter Konstantine Kamveris
Ethel Bradeen to Ethel Bixby
Margaret Batchelder Healy to Margaret Batchelder
Catherine M. Judkins to Catherine M. Jennings
Josephine L. Broderick to Josephine Louise Pease
Clarence William O’Connor to Clarence William Greenie
Beatrice Cecelia Louise Laplant to Beatrice Cecilia Louise Preston
Marcelle Alice Marguerite Beauchmin to Marcelle Marguerite Miville
Clara Hilda Boisman to Claire Elizabeth Lynch
John Lowe to John Robert Stoddard
Leo Anderson to Leo Rioux
Anita V. Anderson to Anita V. Lafrance
Leslie Avery to Leslie Irene Morill
Isabelle M. Goss to Isabelle M. Grant
Thelma Virginya Tewksbury to Thelma Virginya LaPoint
Edward WIlusz to Edward H. Carson
Eva Drolet to Anita Robidas
Joseph Mangan to Edward Joseph Monbleau
Dorothy Louise Johnson to Dorothy Cordelia Pickering
Dorothy Morin to Dorothy Emond
Roland George Lapoint to Roland George Raymond
Unknown child to Margaret Elizabeth Hardy
Gerald Moynihan to John Joseph Scully
Peter Leo Vincent McDade to Leo Vincent Philbrick
Eva Catherine Ghedone to Eva Catherine Chandler
Madeleine Lavoie to Madeleine Corbin
Ralph Wilfred Carter to Ralph Sidney Jones
Bertha Jones to Bertha Horne
Doris Mae MacDonald to Doris Mae Parkey
Wayne Corey Coburn to Wayne C. Straw
Rose Alice Cote to Doris Rose Duprey
Gordon Saunders to Gordon Moore
Pearle Perry to Pearle Lemery
Estelle F. Goonan to Estelle Frances DeWater
Gladys Snell to Gladys Clara Hardy
Lucien Denis to Lucien Theriault
Irene Perrault to Irene Theberge
Elizabeth Coleman to Katheline Bennett Crouse
Cecil Austin to Cecil Austin Randall
Howard Elmore Bullard to Frank Langford Smith
Violet Fisher to Lottie May Clinton
William Tsiokas to William Argeropoulos
George Caraberis to George D. Labrie
Marie Yvonne Gagne to Marie Yvonne Bergeron
Evelyn Viola Conway to Helen Viola Drazkowska
Patricia Fernandez to Patricia Dupont
Louise McCombie to Mary Ellen Maloney
Cealo Chalmers to Cealo Joseph Babineau

Beryl Ilda Billings to Beryl Ilda Buckminster
William Newell Davis to William Newell Austin
Rosa Jennie Cross to Rosa Jennie Jarvis
Mary Elizabeth Race to Mary Elizabeth Stowell
Jackson Bishop Turner to Jackson Bishop Austin
Eva F. VanLangendonk to Eva F. Bedaw
Joseph Brooks to Joseph Pasno
Lila Brooks to Lila Pasno
Clara Brooks to Clara Pasno
Paul West to Clifford Windsor Bullock
Charles Hirmon Goodale to Richard George Goodale
Josephine M. Seaver to Josephine M. Newell
Inez Mae Clark to Inez Mae Russell
Jerry Gilbo to Jerry J. Paro
May Leora Willis to May Leora Hill
Frances Gal Goodwin to Frances Gale Austin
David Francis Freeman to David Francis Pierce
Sali Kinnanen to Lillian Ruth Breed
Zizo Kinnanen to Ernest Lucius Breed
Warren Hollis Day to Keith Brandon Day
Harry George Lang to Harry George Raymond
Jennie Cluda Chessman to Jennie Cluda Britton
May Edna Bosworth to May Edna Wheeler

Bernice E. Nickerson to Bernice E. Waldron
Lawrence Roy Hammer to Lawrence Roy Dodge
Florence M. Jarvis to Florence M. La Crosse [Lacrosse]
Marie Louise Giguere to Marie Louise Greenwood
Emily May Huntley to Emily May Hill
Mildred J. Bedell to Mildred Mae Johnson
Agnes C. Jewell to Agnes C. Keating
Edgar Charles Corbin to Edgar Clement Corbin
Mildred Pauline Charron to Mildred Pauline Moran
Edward Francis Clarey to Edward Francis Clay
Patricia May Wilson to Patricia Wilson Upham
Florence E. Colson to Florence E. Cook
Dorothy Irene St. Laurent to Dorothy Irene Stone
Clayton Wilson to Joseph Raymond Landry
Robert Marsh to Robert Allen Dole
Herbert Swan to Herbert Gardner Bemis
Isabell Alice Gear to Isabelle Alice Clement
Cherrie M. Matthews to Cherrie M. Jackson
Velma Irene Bugbee to Velma Irene Hastings
Florence E. Cook to Florence E. Colson
Ellsworth B. Claffin to Ellsworth George Vadney

Ethel Bennett to Alopie Ethel Wescott
Myrtle I. Boynton to Myrtle Irene Ballou
Edwin B. Currier to Edwin B. Watts
Earle Smith Dow to Earle Dow Smith
Nina G. Downing to Nina Jennie Gordon
Louise Dianey Noyes De Lage to Annie Alma Dianey Noyse DeLage
Robert J. Franklin to Ralph Joseph Brown
Ellen C. Flanders to Ellen C. Haskell
Richard Gage to Richard Decato
Maud W. Gerry to Maud Gerry Wise
Owen Herbert Hopkins (not changed)
Moses J. Hill to Charles Walter Johnson
Josephine Holt to Pollyanna Henderson
Eva LaFlam to Eva Wright
John Henry Lowell to John Henry Lovely
Lillian May Lowell to Lillian May Lovely
Margaret Lowell to Margaret Louella Lovely
Robert Lindsey to Norman Robert Lord
Richard W. Labrie to Ernest John Kelley
Margaret Mary Miller to Margaret Mary Gove
Robert Miller to Lloyd Arthur Plant
Doris Pearl Nutting to Doris Woodward
John W. Nutter to John W. Jarvenpaar
Emma Pinchett to Emma Pratt
Marion Peabody to Marion E. Decato
Edwin Daniel Prue to Edwin Daniel Rich
Earl Packer to Earl John Pearman
Rose M. Rourke to Rose Maud Smith
Lila G. Robinson to Lila G. Chamberlin
Helen L. Slack to Helen Ina Crafts
Sadie C. Stimpson to Sadie C. Emery
Mattie E. Stanton to Mattie E. Gardner

Marion Belle Ward to Hester Marion Cutler
Mildred Lydia Waterman to Mildred Elizabeth Rogers
Minnie Louise Brown to Margaret Louise Richards
Susie Etta Brown to Ruth Arline Hammond
Edward Sanford Brown to Robert Edward Hammond
Jessie G. Coburn to Jessie G. Thurston
Earl Brooks to Odber Ford Lunn
May Louise Chambers to May Louise Dumond
Edmond Charles Powers Finley to Edmond Charles Jewett
Agnes Gertrude Buzzell to Agnes Gertrude Hurley
Thelma Agnes Miller to Beverly Persis Fisher
Josie Augustina to Guido Augustina
Mary Irene McKenna to Della Shenk
Beatrice M. Jean Filgate to Beatrice Mae Scott
Francis Kermit Lyons to Francis Kermit Gagne
Bessie M. Annis to Bessie M. Hammond
Arthur Albert Gauthier to Albert Arthur Merchant

–FROM January 1919 tyi January 1921 the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS–

Bessie V. Hamblin to Bessie V. Oliver
Esther L. Swanson to Esther L. Task
Elanora L. Penny to Elanore L. Laneville
Ruth B. Gunn to Ruth Barnes
Belle F. Pickering to Belle F. Lewis
Emma M. Rivet to Emma Mary LaRock
Esther L. Peterson to Esther L. Schwartz
Ila G. Whitney to Ila G. Ramsdell
Eva G. Pio to Eva G. Reynolds
Mary C. Stewart to Mary C. King
Grace L. Marcantanna to Grace L. Perry
Rena B. Keith to Rena B. Roberts
Ella M. Canell to Ella M. Leonard
Pearl I. Schroeder to Pearl Iola Burns
Achsa A. King to Achsa A. Dorsey
Edith F. Kessler to Edith F. Breed
Nettie F. Leforgeais to Nettie F. Merryman
Violet J. Green to Violet J. McPheters
Mary E. Duffey to Mary E. Kelliher
Mildred E. Abbott to Mildred Estelle Bellanvance
Antoinette L. Lord to Antoinette Lavallee
May L. Graham to May L. Hamel
Flora M. Clegg to Flora M. Heath
Lilla May Munroe to Lilla May Merrill
Edith B. Heath to Edith B. Moore
Neva M. Bradshaw to Neva M. Smith

Ethel M. McNally to Ethel M. Chamberlain
Christine L. Hurd to Christine L. Stokes
Lillian Towle to Lillian Olsen
Hattie Emma Allen to Hattie Emma Cook
Viola S. Schillow to Viola S. Ward
Hazel G. Dexter to Hazel G. Gault
Martha C. Kenerson to Martha C. Runnells
Marion Leslie Perkins to Marion Leslie Chesley
Cora E. Foss to Cora E. Blaisdell
Yvonne F. Gadoury to Yvonne F. Lobossiere
Marilla E. GLidden to Marilla E. Chase
Bessie M. Duquette to Bessie M. Corson
Bridget Daley to Bridget Flanagan
Flossie Libby to Flossie Hardwood
Stella L. Creamer to Stella L. Brown
Rose E. Fall to Rose E. Varney
Kate Maud Bracket to Kate Maud Perkins
Eva B. Volo to Eva B. Cushing
Lucina M. Cheney to Lucina M. Bird
Marion G. Bessey to Marion G. Nelson

Mina E. Adams to Mina Edgerly
Evelyn D. Dow to Evelyn D. Shampany
Grace M. Rollins to Grace M. Mallard
Clara P.B. French to Clara P. Baker
Bertha L. Rider to Bertha L. Fowler
Laura M. Turner to Laura M. Arnold
Edna M. Merchant to Edna M. Abbott
Essie R. Littlefield to Essie Richardson
Gertrude M. Baker to Gertrude M. Hull
Clover V. Evans to Clover V. Devine
Eliza A. Paul to Eliza A. Higgins
Elizabeth A. Buckley to Elizabeth A. Messer
Albertine D. Chase to Albertine D. Boulay
Bertha F. Dinsfriend to Bertha F. Ayer
Katherine D. Ellison to Katherine A. Gilman
Martha J. Clark to Martha J. Bailey

Elva I. Eldridge to Elva I. Nason
Orabell A. Thurston to Orabell A. Pascoe
Pearl G. Randall to Pearl Mooney
Bessie M. Paradis to Bessie M. Chase
Annie L. Nutter to Annie L. Hasty
Minnie Fogg to Minnie Dimick
Beulah M. Ingalls to Beulah M. Thurston

Delvina Hilliard to Delvina L’Heureux
Isadora I. Sennott to Isadora I. Harrington
Mildred Brino to Mildred Louise Foss
Flora P. Chase to Flora P. Davis
Beatrice A. McDonough to Beatric A. Tripp
Hattie R. Hanlon to Hattie R. Williamson
Melvina Mae Fenton to Melvina Mae Noe
Alice C. Ricker to Alice C. Scott
Eliza S. Buzzell to Eliza S. Dearborn
Nellie R. McGinnis to Nellie R. Nickerson
Myra L. Drown to Myra L. Bean
Ethel M. Brockway to Ethel N. Thompson
Catherine E. Wadleigh to Catherine E. Day
Mildred D. Gilbert to Mildred D. Maxham
Mary R. Demars to Mary R. McPhillips
Violet E. Parent to Violet E. Freeman

Clara O. Greene to Clara Oella Smith
Grace M. Freeman to Grace M. Jones
Janet Hutchins to Janet Plummer
Ada E. Ingerson to Ada E. Butterfield
Euphrosyne P. Couture to Euphrosyne P. Carvelle
Alice Leila O’Donnell to Alice Leila Briggs
Alma P. Meisel to Alma P. Gemeinhardt
Marry Matteau to Mary Marcotte
Julia Burrell to Julia Woodard
Alice Van Overloop to Alice De Waele
Rose Landry to Rose Cheltry
Madeline McNelly to Madeline Burns
Eva T. Clough to Eva Thompson
Edwidge M. Tousignant to Edwidge M. Gauthier
Gertrude G. Whitmore to Gertrude N. Gordon
Doris Desmarais to Doris Saunders
Zena M. Artz to Zena M. McIndoe
Delina Champagne to Delina Duquette
Nora Kempton Truesdale to Nora Kempton
Mary E. Stockdale to Mary E. Waldron
Anna Papanicolou to Anna Tsaknake
Stavroula Vitkos to Stavroula Papamichael
Olga Perry to Olga Gossler
Bessie A. Wicks to Bessie A. Glidden
Ida E. Miller to Ida E. Walton
Susan Sullivan to Susan Smith
Ava D. Green to Ava Dolores Kendall
Louise M. Hannahan to Louise M. Emerson
Theresa E. Dutrizac to Theresa Elizabeth Cummings
Theodore Ramantzas to Theodora Harisis
Gara May Anderson to Gara May Pierce
Nathalie Hoyt to Nathalie Thompson
Julia Lamper to Julia Hamel
Hazel Piplar to Hazel Harmon
Nellie A. Auclair to Nellie A. Shea
Mary RIcker Kimball to Mary E. Ricker
ANnie E. Mills to Annie Eliza Wright
Susie M. Ripley to Susie M. Flanders
Adele Patterson to Adele Marier
Margaret E. Blood to Margaret E. Lindsey
Annie Russell to Annie Cronin
Venetia J. Bellmore to Venetia J. Martin
Gertrude E. Hoyt to Gertrude E. Van Vliet
Lillian E. Kenney to Lillian E. Hoyt
Anna M. Pherson to Annie May Finley
Frances B. Hobbs to Frances Warren Burroughs
Luella Crosby to Luella Giddings
Emily Meta Hall to Meily Meta Dierig
Heraclia Apostolou to Heraclia Bella
Laurea Paquin to Laurea Henriette Gariepy
Elsie V. Corliss to Elsie V. Parsons
Ruth O. Seavey to Ruth O. Garland
Marie Bourgeault to Marie Thibaudeau
Melvina Fuller to Melvina Tracy
Evelyn Blanche Welcome to Evelyn Blanche Eustis
WInifred Catherine Cunningham to Winifred Catherine McPherson
Mae Colburn to Mae Allen
Etta A. Patch to Etta A. Wheeler
Hannah E. Martel to Hannah Elizabeth Travers

Clarisse S. Wright to Clarisse S. Johnson
Ara G. Bingham to Ara G. Smith
Ida M. Eaton to Ida M. Thompson
Dora L. Wood to Dora L. Bruno
Elsie Symonds to Elsie Manning
Blanche L. Ackley to Blanche L. Marchant
Hazel G. Bunker to Hazel G. Godfrey

Florence M. Jarvis to Florence M. LaCrosse
Marie Louise Giguere to Marie Louise Greenwood
Emily May Huntley to Emily May Hill
Mildred J. Bedell to Mildred Mae Johnson
Flossie A. Campbell to Florence A. Hutchinson
Ruth H. Carr to Ruth Hunt
Marion Marie Cushion to Marion Marie Greenwood
Harriette E. Plumb to Harriette Elizabeth Ayers
Laura Amelia Liberty to Laura A. Hurd
Dorothy M. Lynch to Dorothy M. Glasson
Nancy Agnes Brown to Nancy Agnes Jones
Lucy Laurette Jeanette Bowker to Lucy Laurette Jeanette Buckman
Eva Angie Bouchard to Eva Angie Morse
Hazel May Ordway to Hazel May Roundy
Rose May Rowell to Rose May LeClair
Gladys Roaslie Rugg to Gladys Rosalie Stone
Mabel A. Noris to Mabel A. Winn
Elizabeth M. Quimby to Elizabeth M. Philbrick
Eva B. Bugbee to Eva B. Nevers
Nona Jessie Ring to Nona Jessie Hurd
Katie A. Cutts to Katie A. Wardwell
Nellie Olga Marks to Nella Olga Simonds
Florence L. Slack to Florence L. Mahew
Jennie F. Ryan to Jennie F. Porter

Daisy M. Mitchell to Daisy M. Tobey
Gertrude Champagne to Gertrude Elliott
Maggie M. Smith to Maggie M. Currier
Annie B. Kenfield to Annie B. Fuller
Harriet V. Laro to Harriet V. Canfield
Annie M.L. Robinson to Annie M.L. Stewart
Gertrude Nickerson to Gertrude M. Spurlin
Mary A. Lashua to Mary A. Hadley
Mabel R. Watkins to Mabel R. Fickett
Iva M. Page to Iva M. Sanborn
Mary ROse DeLarge to Mary Rose Sears
Lexie E. McDonald to Lexie E. Shores
Fannie C. Fleck to Fannie C. Whitman
Alice G. Cushing to Alice Pauline Gould
Bernice Cadarette to Bernice Fitzgerald
Helen D. Currier to Helen D. Richardson
Nettie L. Morris to Nettie L. Hart

Ethel A. Palmer to Ethel A. Newton
Elizabeth P. Kelley to Elizabeth Parks
Myrtle M. Colby to Myrtle M. Simpson
Inez Scott to Inez Brown

FROM: Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1921

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