New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1917 to January 1919

[January 1917-January 1919 in New Hampshire]

Anthony Lavine to Anthony Ferrelli
Georgianna B. Plant to Georgianna Brown
Thomas Dorr to Damase Emmanuel Laporte
Margaret Dorr to Margaret Doucette Laporte
Emma Etta Robbins to Emma Etta Allen
Harry Bennett to Ernest Sterling Knight
Grace E. Bryant to Grace Edna Tarlton
Irving Henry Kenerson to Irving H. Smith
Annie Campbell to Gertrude Catherine Butler
Harry Monroe Preston to Harry Monroe Bartholomew
Edward Lamont Goodall to Edward Bartlett Goodall
Sarah M. Bock to Sarah M. Thurston
Vera Bock to Vera Thurston
Theodore H. Bock to Theodore H. Thurston
Charles F. Bock to Charles F. Thurston
Miriam Bock to Miriam Thurston
Joseph Daley to Joseph Walthall
Louis Herman Goldberg to Louis Herman Golden
Agnes Shorey Goldberg to Agnes Shorey Golden
Harry Eugene Goldberg to Harry Eugene Holden
Agnes Jean Goldberg to Agnes Jean Golden
Louis Jackson Goldberg to Louis Jackson Golden
Leah Sarah Goldberg to Leah Sarah Golden
Charles Wilfred Estes to Charles Wilfred Lyford
Myrtie B. Guinea to Myrtie B. Healey
Alice McCarthy to Alice Katherine Shinniek
Wendell Frink Peterson to Wendell Livingston Peterson
Wendell Frink Peterson Jr. to Wendell Livington Peterson Jr.
Leopold Kantz to Austin Kantz Jr.
Ethel Heath to Dorothy Ethel Fernald
Walter Billington to Hilbert Ptten Bridges
Ethel H. Sawyer to Ethel H. Dame
Muriel Gertrude Zahn to Muriel Gertrude Morton
Geneva Emma Zahn to Geneva Emma Morton
Richard Holmes Kerr to Richard Holmes Harden
Carol Blaisdell Raynes to Lester Weston Raynes
Merle K. Somers to Merl K. Simes
VIolet Marie Amerige to Violet Marie Bennett
Renza Elizabeth Pierce to Renza Elizabeth Pingree

Elna V. Turmell to Elna V. Armstrong
—- to Nancy Babcock
Mary W. Hill to Mary W. Canney
M. Frank Roy to M. Frank Howe
Joseph Cyril Roy to Joseph Cyril Howe
Clifford Knight Barron to Clifford Barron Hayes
Stacy Y. Hartford to Stacy Y. Hammond (adpt.)
Ruth C. Libbey to Ruth C. Libbey White (adpt.)
Ruby W. Libbey to Ruby W. Libbey White (adpt.)
Ruth Hanson to Minnie Eagle (adpt.)
Albert Varney to Albert York (adpt.)
Helen E. Mills to Helen Mills Willett (adpt.)
Alice Patten to Alice Howarth
Lena Minchan to Lena Pearson
Leon Joseph Rawson to William Martin Galligan
Josehp Russo to Joseph R. Tuttle
Joseph Arthur Roy to Arthur Plante
Edward Henry Cram to Edward Henry Gage
Henry J. Baker to Henry J. Berube (adpt.)
Charles F. Tibbetts to Charles F. Eastman
Maurice Kivel to Maurice Ennis Kivel

Laura A. Clark to Laura A. Gilman
Melville Laurence Smith to Henry Leslie Smith
Gustavia Bickford to Gustavia BIckford Wilkinson
Helen Carr to Helen Carr Locke (adpt.)
Ruth Mildred McCormich to Ruth Mildred Chase (adpt.)
Miller Roscoe Wright to Roscoe Miller Wright
Vera Lilias Cilley to Vera Lelias Jones (adpt.)
Carldwin A. Langevain to Carldwin A. Hunkins
Ida B. Smith to Ida B. Johnson
Alice Keaugh to Alice Mitchell
Grace May McMichael to Grace May Corliss (adpt.)
Louise Harriman to Miriam Bertha Folsom (adpt.)
Albert Philip Gaillardet to Albert Bernard English
Ethel Marjorie White to Ethel Marjorie White Perkins (adpt.)
John Francis Bush to George Francis Stevens (adpt.)
Anna B. Schneider to Anna B. Zecha (adpt.)

Chester W. Dore to Chester W. Adjutant
Ralph Edgar Haynes to Ralph Edgar Beller

Dorothy Arlette Shedd to Dorothy Arlette Gilkerson
Charles Slack to Charles Gilman
Iva Minot Tasker to Iva Minot Fletcher
Dewey Lee Roby to Philip Robert Roby
Jack Bernard Keane to Jack Bernard Hawkins
Ella May Howlett to Helen Christina Howlett
FLorence Gertrude Ginnis to Florence Gertrude Long
Louanna M. Churchill to Louanna Morrill
Russell Coffin Williams to Rees Coffin Williams
Joseph Arthur Flemming to Joseph Arthur Letourneau
Helen Rimmer French to Helen Rimmer Boutwell

Louis Geroux to James S. Gordon
Barbara Viola Beals to Barbara Viola Johnson
Mary Blanche Georgianna Joy to Mary BLanche Georgianna Goss
Woodbury Cammett to Stanley Fiske Otis
Marie Alice RIchard to Marie Jilibert
George Frederick Chute to Fred G. Scott
Roy L. Chute to Roy L. Cheney
Elizabeth Edmundson to Irene Jennie Waters
Norman Arthur Peabody to William John Tibbetts
Marie Ida Grolet to Marie Ida Fortier
Bertha L. Croft to Bertha L. Piper
Joseph Alfred Letendre to Alfred Dube
Richard Earl Greeley to Richard Greeley Stevenson
Charles William Annis to Charles William Giard
Richard Earnest to Richard Earnest Durette
Alice Whittier to Adella Alice Seaverns
Catherine Landers to Mary Catherine Meyers
John William Hanks to Ernest Tardiff
Henri Alice Martin to Henri Alice Wright
Helen E. Morrison to Helen Morrison Locke
Marion Leary to Marion Louise Bradley
Virginia Lucille Guerin to Bernice Eleanor Pearsons
Dorothy Avis Hesselberg to Dorothy Avis Johnson
Katherine V. Rand to Doris Eileen Gates
Gweneth Mae Allen to Gweneth Mae Magown
Albert Ellis to George Angell Kendall
Franciska Valera Fafara to Franciska Wyderka
Owen Walter Jordan to Owen Walter Wykes
Russell Tenney Bunton to Russell Tenney Heath
Maynard Henry Mayotte to Maynard Henry Squire
Ruth Jacobs to Ruth Jacobs Flather
Norbert Leo Rosario Mason to Norbert Leo Rosario Custeau
Philemon Valley to John Edward Martin
Kenneth Lucier to Kenneth Paul Lucier
Louise Willing to Abby Janette Gay
Christine Louise Walker to Mary Eva Brosseau
Margaret Norma Kenney to Margaret Learoy
Rose Aslnian to Arasky Shahpazian
Elizabeth Cordelia Cook to Elizabeth Cordelia Holden
Irene Auclaire to Irene Auclaire Vincent
Earl Valley to Neil William Marshall
Charles Sumner Moore to Charles Sumner Butler
Elizabeth McWha to Amerlia Brown Jacobs
Julia Vanassche to Julia Wonters
Denisia Fournier to Denisia Stein
Arthur Vincentt Regan to Arthur Victor Heath
Arestoteles Landrou to Arestoteles Kouskoutas
Panagiotes Lambrou to Panagiotes Kouskoutas
James Holland to Rowe Holland
Bertha Evelyn Smith to Bertha Evelyn Corliss
Toney Battles to Toney Abraham
Kenneth Russell Stewart to Russell Edward Valrand
May M. Langlois to May M. Hebert
Alice Emma Hannon to Emma Elizabeth Chandler
Clara Emma Ermer to Clara Emma Knoetig
Basil Konstantinos Hadgiannoglou to Basil Hadgi Johnson
Tassie A. Sprague to Emily A. Sprague
Clarence Anderson Chenette to Clarence Shaldran Anderson
Roscoe Alonzo Carlton to John Alonzo Carlton
Claude Elsworth Johnson to Maxwell Elsworth Read
Helen Barr to Helen Devens Barr
Elizabeth Barr to Elizabeth Crocker Barr
Josephine Bibeau to Josephine Thompson
Flora E. Goodale to Flora E. Newton
Alexandrina Elizabeth Laribee to Eva Aleandrina Laribee
Arthur W. Guilette to Arthur H. Martin
Mary Belle Whitten to Mary Bell Prentiss
Eliza Goeman to Elisa Van der Kelen
Herbert Cutler Boynton to Herbert Mahlon Cutler
Emma Mugglebee to Emma Herbert
William Walker to William Walker Burke
Ephraim H. Little to Ephraim H. Davis
Lena Woodman to Lena Anne Woodman
Charles Ernest Iller to Charles Ernest Eckhardt
Margaret Brady Iller to Margaret Brady Eckhardt

Gardner L. Fisher to Gardner L. Taylor
Ralph Marsh to John ELmer Letteney
Jessie Maria RObbins to Jessie Maria Strong
Marie Geneviere Fisher to Mary Geneviere O’Leary
Robert Harlow Fisher to Robert Harlow O’Leary
Grace Eliza Newton to Grace Eliza McCann
Guy Howes to Guy Howes Higgins
Clara Abbie Driscoll to Clara Abbie RObbins
ROsanna Brooks to Rosanna Patterosn
Lila May Brooks to Lila May Besaw
Mary E. Riley to Mary Elizabeth Adams
Gertrude Peats to Gertrude Loucisse
Della M. Boyea to Della M. Sullivan
Mildred Viola Piper to Mildred Viola Gilman
Lota Dora Reinhart to Lota Dora Hart
William Nelson Reinhart to William Nelson Hart
Laura Blanche Coralie Pierce to Laura Blanche Coralie Hills
Doris Marcotte to Doris White
Sherman Delos Coane to Sherman Coane White
Deborah Lillian BIssell to Deborah Lillian Pendergast
Fred Miller to Fred Trombley

John Slosberg to THomas WIlliam Keeth
Martha Frances Fenton to Martha Frances Walker
Francis Wilfred Bartram to Francis Wilfred Lablanc

Edwin B. Currier to Edwin B. Watts
Hiram Powers Colston to Hiram Powers Merrill
Elizabeth Della Colston to Elizabeth Della Merrill
Harry M. B. Chamberlin to Harry M. B. Eagle
Harry Callahan to Harry C. Poor
Emma Eda Deselle to Emma Eola Nutting
Pearl Graham to Frances Pearl Brunelle (revoked)
Samuel Gratusky to Samuel Gould
Victoria M. Guyer to Victoria M. Eaton
Lucille Hope Houghton to Lucille Hope Hartwell
Burnice M. Hoyt to Burnice M. Hutchins
Rosaria Imbriana to Rosaria Minichello
John WIlliam Javenpaar to John William Nutter
L. Grace Johnson to L. Grace Pillsbury
George Wilson Kimball to Elmer Wilson Gonyer
Daisy B. Leavitt to Frances B. White
—- Lewis to Marjorie G. Smith
Lillie M.E. Mayette to Lille M.E. Mayette
Elsie B. Martel to Elsie B. BLake
Gertrude Gleason Perkins to Thelmer Gertrude Olyer
Mary C. Perrigo to Mary C. Seavey
Rosa Ella PLacey to Rose Ella Marie Laflamme
Eva D. Pike to Eva D. Kelley
Cathleen B. Plant to Eva A. Taylor
Francis M. Richardson to Frank Richardson Martel
Daniel Robinson Robinson to Harry D. Green
Lucy M. Russell to Blanche Marie Smith
Orilla E. SMith to Orilla F. Kelley
Marie Katherine Skow to Marie Katherine jessen
Reuben Charles Sweet to William Reuben Breer
Violet E. Sargent to VIolet E. Henderson
ALice May Tibbetts to Alice May Dalton
Raymond F. Watson to Raymond F. Drew

Emma G. Forristall to Emma G. Harriman
George Thomas to George Thomas Brooks
Hazel Anne Doyle to Hazel Anne Wood
Roland Lahonillier to ROland Lapointe
Evelyn Gourre to Evelyn Keith
Hilda Elaine Anderson to Hilda Elaine Hawes
Barbara Isabelle Wynne to Barbara Isabelle Ward
Ernest Sanborn to Ernest Osborne Adams
Mitilene Ethel Kimball to Mitilene Ethel Gray
Fred Arthur Briggs to Franklin IRving Hopps
George Elwell to Donald George Gleason
Irene Margaret Rogers to Irene Margaret Ward
Madeline Bressette to Madeline Woodrow
Agnes F. Thurston to Agnes Thurston Raymond
Clayton Cole to Clayton Vincent Howland
Relma Evelyn Doyle to Relma Doyle Urquhart
Julia Emma Doyle to Julia Emma Urquhart

From January 1917, to January 1919, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following names changed by the superior court in divorce proceedings.

Fannie G. Janvrin to Fannie G. Beekman
Irene E. Downs to Irene E. Jenness
Marie A. Verno to Marie A. McCOmbie
Hazel Ione Fitzpatrick to Hazel IOne Patch
Almira G. Adams to Almira G. Trueman
Eveyln W. Tucker to Evelyn W. Reich
Edith Holl to Edith Chasson
Elsie V. Finlanson to Elsie Venus Godfrey
Grace A. Smelter to Grace A. Johnson
Jennie M. Spencer to Jennie M. Rousseau
Susie M. Smith to Susie M. Wentworth
Ida L. Miner to Ida Florence Langdon
Margaret M. Bryant to Margaret M. Koster
Lyda W. Roberts to Lyda W. Ferren
Florence Z. Jones to FLorence Z. Garvin
Addie E. Wagner to Addie E. Healey

Effie Ricker to Effie Isherwood
Ruth T. Spear to Ruth T. Gordon
Ruby M. Nutter to Ruby M. Hayes
Myrtle E. Goodwin to Myrtle E. Chesley
Adeliade Gannon to Adeliade Isherwood
Mabel E. Rankin to Mabel E. Jones
FLorence Myrtle Maddocks to Florence Myrtle Evans
Eva M. Hodson to Eva M. Folland
Gertrude E. Pinkham to Gertrude E. Langmaid

Eva Babb Nichols to Eva May Babb
Anna Sanborn to Anna Nelligan
Jennie May Perry to Jennie May Chase
Mary E. Longfellow to Mary E. Fletcher
Ellen A. Smith to Ellen A. Odom
Lillian A. Bresette to Lillian A Chase

Huldah M. Fogg to Huldah M. Johnson
Laura E. Whittaker to Laura E. Thayer

Phebie Larow to Phebie Laclair
Anna B. Hopkins to Anna B. Blake
Mabel Hannah Avery to Mabel H. Burnham
Esther M. Bowers to Esther M. Nord
Genevieve M. Ellison to Genevieve M. Greeley
Mary E. Doyle to Mary E. Smith
Mary Montgomery to Mary Fuller
Nettie L. Trombly to Nettie L. Truax
Sylvia Lindsey to Sylvia Messer
Eva E. Chpaman to Eva E. Leclair
Katherine Turcotte to Katherine Boyd
Lena M. Johnson to Lena M. Small
Marie G. Renfrew to Marie G. Morse
Florence Marguerite Niblock to Florence Marguerite Sargent
Clara J. Seruton to Clara J. Woodman
Flora H. Coffran to Flora H. Cheney
Mabel B. Taylor to Mabel B. Dimick

Vera Alice Annis to Vera Alice Stevens
Coral A. Earnshaw to Coral A. Bennett
Julia E. Smith to Julia Gibbs
Mae Hardy to Mae E. Elliott
Laura Bourque to Laura Cote
Virginia Dancose to Virginia Brousseau
Olympias A. Kalogianis to Olympias A. Chalogias
Rhoda P. Jones to Rhoda J. Parker
Evelyn M. Leavitt to Evelyn M. Robbins
Eveline D. Hudson to Eveline D. Rogers
Anna Elizabeth Hutchinson to Anna Elizabeth Hurley
Lanche E. Mugridge to Blanche Sprague
Alexina Bergeron to Alexina Cote
Grace O. Hewinson to Grace O. Travis
Jessie M. Levesque to Jessie M. Collins
ELizabeth Fothergill to Elizabeth Craft
Sarah E. Maxwell to Sarah E. Goen
Henriette I. Bailey to Henrietta I. Yandoh
Ella A. Mansfield to Ella A. Gould
Marie Anna Lebel to Marie Anna Demers
Carrie Josephine Graton to Carrie Josephine Thompson
Ida E. Miner to Ada E. Jackman
Emma E. Isabelle to Emma E. Schier
Lucy J. Hartman to Lucy J. Scott
ELizabeth DeSomme to Elizabeth Booth
Eva Languirand to Eva Davis
Bessie G. Boutelle to Bessie G. Gruenler
Rose Mondville to Rose Ann Bussiere
Hazel L. Kimball to Hazel L. Stokes
Annie A. Pratt to Annie A. Carrier
Maude F. Nash to Maude F. Lothrop
Maud V. Godrey to Maud V. Hayes

Nellie M. York to Nellie M. Lilly
Eliza Burney to Eliza A. Barrett
Ruth Davis Scott to Ruth Davis
Ethel E. Trask to Ethel E. Young

Bess Marvin Goddard to Bess S. Marvin
Della A. St. Lawrence to Della Elthera Devoid
Lillian J. Pheriault to Lillian J. Osgood
Amy L. Lockwood to AMy L. White
Clara Creighton to Clara Lemay
Olga Gott to Olga Gorecka
Anna Augusta Silsby to Anna A. Olund
Lillian M. Burns to Lillian LePeirre
Minnie Blanche McElreavy to Minnie Blanche Johnson
Dorothy L. Fiske to Dorothy L. Smith
Martha Waittimen to Martha Ketola
Della O. Chappele to Della O. MacNabb
Eva Louise Rivet Lacourse to Eva Louise Rivet
Lillian S. Widgren to Lillian M. Shepardson
Jennie Elizabeth Russell to Jennie Elizabeth Wiley
Goldie Tokunaga to Goldie Russell
Hattie A. Quimby to Hattie A. Cram

Ida English Harris to Ida A> English
Josie M. Ampollini to Josie M. Barden
Cecile M. Skow to Cecile M. Jessen
Elsie M. Donnelly to Elsie M. Pilotte
Ruby Sherburne to Ruby Gordon
FLorence M. Davidson to Florence M. Alexander
Hazel Brown McGuire to Hazel Brown
Edith L. West to Edith L. Pollard
Lily Florence White to Lily Florence Kelley
Iva E. York to Iva E. Reid
Ruby E. Adams to Ruby E. Andrews
Marion J. Riddle to Marion J. Robinson
Charlotte B. Warner to Charlotte Burpee
Matilda Buck Morrison to Matilda Buck
Lena R. Ploof to Lena Ruth Gardner
Delvina A. York to Delvina A. LaValley
Lena M. Joy to Lena M. Dexter
Bessie E. GOodson to Bessie Laber
Flossie M. Applebee to Flossie M. Page
Cora C. Crowe to Cora C. Church
Marion A. Larkin to Marion A. Corey
Mary C. Perry to Mary C. Ashley
Nellie M. English to Nellie Swerdfeger
Ada B. Page to Ada B. Hartwell
Elizabeth A. MacComb to ELizabeth A. Parfrement
Exilda Augusta Eramo to Exilda Augusta Sanville
Elizabeth A. Dow to Elizabeth A. Hughes
Jennie Oldham to Jennie McDonald
Eleanor A. Crocker to Eleanor Abbe
Rosa L. Dewing to Rosa L. Haggett
Grace G. Pellon to Grace G. Sargent

Grace A. Thorne to Grace A. Thompson
Gertrude M. Noel to Gertrude M. Verge
Aleida E. Parks to Aleida E. Orcutt
Lena M. Robarge to Lena M. Harriman

Laws of the State of New Hampshire

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