New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1915 to January 1917

From January 1915 to January 1917, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following names changed by the probate court:
From: Laws of the State of New Hampshire, January 1917

Marion H. Dow to Marion H. Page
William H. White to William Henry Brown
Isabelle May Smith to Isabelle May Orne
Philip Johce to Philip Moulton
Mabel Faith Lewis to Mabel Faith Chadwick
Edith Frances Lewis to Edith Frances Chadwick
Beatrice Hennigan to Nona Beatrice Odiorne
Mildred Faunce to Mary Annie Milfrd Knack
Robert King Pilgrim to Robert King Brayman
Robert French to Robert Alden Bailey
Clara Caron to Doris Edith Wright
Laura R. Ramsell to Laura Elizabeth Wentworth
Marston Seavey to Marston Seavey Fenwick
Emma A. Chapman to Emma A. Thomas
Elizabeth A. Brown to Elizabeth A. Brigham
Bessie Mildred Carroll to Bessie Mildred Chaplin
Alice J. Fernald to Alice J. Campbell
Una Gladys Call to Una Gladys Dudley
Julius Einstein to Albert Klein
Ethel Douglas to Evelyn C. Hobbs
Hudger Rondeau to Ludger Rondeau

Addie Gertrude Hurd to Adelaide Gertrude Hurd
Burton D. Hull to Harold Eaton Canney
Edith I. McDennett to Edith I. Chute
Mary Pingree Harris to Mary Pingree
Birdie M. Whitten to Beatrice M. Kimball
Donald James Purtee to Charles Clifford Brock (adpt.)
Minnie B. Lucas to Marie B. Lucas
Marie Louise Cole to Marie Louise Cole (adpt.)
Vernon Mason Fairbrother to Vernon Mason Wentworth (adpt.)
Thelma Pearl Fairbrother to Thelma Pearl Wentworth (adpt.)
Evelyn Louise Smith to Evelyn Garland (adpt.)
Eliza E. Tornoto to Eliza E. Berry
Robert Stanley Willand to Robert Stanley Willard
Sarah R. Green to Sarah R. Willey
Pearl Glendin Andrews to Pearl Glendine Howe
John Francis Hurd to John Francis Hurd (adpt.)
Grace M. Shorey Sleeper to Grace M. Sleeper
Lillian Mabel Nightengale to Eva Mabel Downing

George Scott to Daniel William Barrett (adpt.)
Jose Marjorie Grieve to Jose Marjorie Bowman
Electa O. Allen to Electa O. Osgood
Belle Johnson to Mary Fiske Hubbell (adpt.)
Morris Lambert to Morris Lambert Tebbetts (adpt.)
Gretchen H.F. Dunn to Frechen Hortense Fifield
Ruth Inez Shaw to Ruth Inez Weeks (adpt.)
Agnes L. Gordon to Agnes L. Clement (adpt.)
Marguerite Geraldine Pond to Geneva Hortense Goldsmith (adpt.)
Teresa Isabelle Smith to Isabelle Irene Carr (adpt.)
Clarence Herbert Smith to John Angus Gunn (adpt.)
Theron John Tracy to Theron Lowell Bailey

John Edward Brown to Edmund Bickford Emerson
Beatrice Bickford to Beatrice Clough
Alice May Blake to Alice May Snow
Frank Hosszu to Frank Long
Lyle Hill to Florence Hill Paine
Maude C. Morse to Clara Maude Quimby
Eleanor Marsh to Luella W. Blaisdell
Eva P. Nichols to Eva P. Perkins
Lena A. Wentworth to Lena E. Avery
Beatrice P. Remick to Beatrice P. Morgan
Viola Thurston to Viola Kenison
Leon Forest Wentworth to Leon Forest Moors
William Wright to William Guptill

Franklin F. Haslam to Franklin Fenton Brown
Elva Louise Benton to Elva Louise Benton Knights
Raymond Elsworth Wells to Raymond Henry Boulrisse
Lena May Blanchard to Lena May Morey
Kenneth John Cole to Kenneth John Osgood
Ethel Viola Peterson to Ethel Louise Ash
Chauncy E. Berry to Chauncey E. Littlefield
Maxine Louise Downing to Maxine Louise Wiggin
Kathleen Morrison to Mary Kathleen Williams
Sarah Galeter Smart to Sadie Galeter Dewhurst
Martha S. Bickford to Martha S. Dolloff
Beatrice M. Parmenter to Beatrice May Colby
Gertrude Debois to Gertrude Dubois Edgeworth
Earl Ira Bond to Earl Ira Felch
Albert Alfred West to Paul Douglas Tucker
Bridget Craig to Bertha Craig
Iva M. Chamberlain to Iva M. Fletcher
Asa Johnson Nichols to Asa Goodhue Johnson
Cora Ardelle Nichols to Cora Ardelle Johnson
Evelyn Cleveland Nichols to Evelyn Cleveland Johnson
M. Belle Blood to M. Belle Nichols
Cora B. Longley to Cora B. Lakin
Susie Tobyne to Susie Smith
Georgia A. Greenleaf to Georgia A. Carter
Dorothy Ada Hines to Dorothy Flanders

Charles Douglas Bean to Charles Douglas Still
Betsey Jane Bryer to Betsey Jane Fellows
Belle Eliza Clement to Daisy Eliza Clement
Isabell C. Jones to Isabell C. Berry
George E. Barnes to Harry E. Mansfield
Kazimiras Zilinskas to Charles Richards
Ethel G. Lake to Ethel G. Jenkins
Jennie B. Sawyer to Jennie B. Shattuck
Florence A. Bullard to Florence A. Dicey
Emma A. Mugridge to Emma A. Smith
Harry Granger Strang to Harry Granger McNeil
Ethel L. Mayotte to Ethel L. Gates
Philisa Exior Daigneault to Philisa Veasey Daigneault
Harry A. Gregg to Harry Alan Gregg
Isaac COhen to Albert Edward Sherman
Lillian F. Labbie to Lillian F. Waterman
Elizabeth Frances Dewitt to Elizabeth Frances Wilson
Catherine O’Neil to Catherine Leary
John O’Neil to John Leary
Carlton Grant Prince to Edward Carlton Grant
Stanislaw Mucha to Stanislaw Mellek
Nellie W. Snow to Penelope Wellington Snow
James Cummings Barr, Jr. to Henry Crocker Barr
Myrtle Mae Rich to Myrtle Mae Corey
Rotha L. Golden to Rotha L. Frost
Nils B. Bjorklund to Nils D. Lund
Beatrice Alberta Gould to Beatrice Alberta Woods
Georges Fortin Chase to Georges Fortin
James Philip Brown to James Irving O’Brien
Clara Beliveau to Marie Antoinette Brulotte
Annette Beliveau to Annette Paquette
Edna Beliveau to Edna Paquette
Carolina Ciampa to Carolina Ciampa Ambrosino
William Bernard Ferguson to William Ferguson Barry
Kenneth Richard Stewart Clow to Kenneth Clow Doonan
Norman Cunningham to Norman Addison Brown
Marie Yvonne Diana Gregoire to Yvonne Odesse
Charles Egbert Couitt to Charles Egbert Poulin
Ludger Gagnon to Ludger Corriveau
Ralph Arvin Hunting to Ralph Don LaBarm
Elizabeth Grobsgaard to Elizabeth Long
Helen Grace McDuffee to Helen Grace McDuffee Barnard
Howard Earle Crane to Howard Earle Smith
Dorothea Leighton to Dorothea Fischer
Charles William Bartlett to Charles William Annis
Francis Glomboski to Francis Gremboski
Pauline Manning to Mary Rebas
Marion Elizabeth Tennant to Marion Elizabeth Rogers
Harry M. Cain to Harry Cain Robinson
Henry Patvin to Vasilios Horianopoulos
Mabel Helen Roberts to Mabel Helen Whitney
Edna Lillian Thorpe to Jennie Susan Martin
Wilbur Llewellyn LaPage to Wilbur Llewellyn Harrington
Albina Cote to Albina Chiasson
Christina Doris Leveille to Antoinette Marie Paradis
Wilbur Lunt to Wilbur Gowen Milliken
Althea Winona Ryalls to Hazel Avis Wylie
Virginia Harris to Virgina Lea.

Walter Myron to Walter Myron Woods
Nellie Dorothy Miller to Marjorie Allen
ALfred Oinonen to Alfred Matson
Ethel May Wellman to Ethel May Senneff
Ada Louise Bardwell to harriet Louise Austin
Ruth May Durkee to Ruth May Austin
Emma Perkins to Emma Paquins
Roger Griswold Southwick to Roger Griswold Wright
Manda Louise Smith to Manda Louise Johnson
Dorothy May Ellison to Dorothy May Patterson
Charlotte M. Parker to Charlotte Parker Flagg
Margaret Estella Sears to Margaret Hathaway
Esther Jennie Smith to Esther Jennie Palmer
Florence May Trombley to Florence May Neddo
Ethel May Larabee to Ethel May Kenney
Barbara Kirke Masi to Barbara Kirk
Paul Ruthven Roundy to Paul Champion Roundy
Daisy A. Gay to Daisy A. York

Josephine Fowler to Jospine Marion Parkin
William Carl Wright to William Francis Wood
May Pierce Hale to May Augusta Pierce
Emily Munro to Emily Heath

Eva Belle Ash to Ona Belle Avery
Phoebe Bowen to Garnet Phoebe Elizabeth Gibson
Edward Baker to Edward C. Belanger
Gordon Royal Bettinger to Gordon Royal Distin
Ruth Brunell to Ruth Catherine Brunell
Jennie Bowen to Elizabeth L. Matthew
Clarence Earl Crockett to Clarence E. Robinson
Effie L. Crockett to Efie L. Robinson
Edward Hedges Cornell to Edward Bertrand Cornell
Elsie Downing to Elsie Lulu Ibey
Dorothy G. Huckins to Dorothy Grace Page
Ceclia L. Huckins to Celia Lenora Huckins
Calvin H. Huckins to Calvin Harry Huckins
Mildred L. Hutchins to Mildred E. Jewett
Jason Hoyt to Robert John Matthew
Robert Donald Hall to Donald Desley
Berton Morris Hood to Berton Morris Keniston
Albert Alfred Lewis to Albert Lewis Mardin
Helena Lawson to Helen Mae Nuton
Gladys Ruth Malmberg to Gladys Ruth Page
Adella E. Mason to E. Adella Shaw
Lena E. Merrill to Beatrice O. Robinson
Freda Mae Mann to Freda Mae Eastman
Joseph McKinley to William Allan Sweet
Pearle Lucy Morgan to Virginia Ida Carbee
Frank C. Rattee to Frank C. Lashway
Eva Mabelle Roy to Eva Mabelle Anderson
Samuel Stolovsky to Samuel Stahl
James Storey to Arthur Marston Hadley
Harold G. SLighter to Leon Slighter Nichols
Marjorie M. Sanborn to Marjoie M. Sanborn
Daisy Snell to Daisy Belle Spence
Kenneth M. Towers to Kenneth Maruice Wilbur Towers
Mildred K. Tomlinson to Mildred Kirkland Wood
Blanche Frances Tupper to Blanche Frances Reed
Margaret Vanner to Margaret Lydia Pierce
Harold Watson to Philip Charles Johnson
Charles Weld to Charles Erasmus Ritchie
Burleigh Wyman to William Byron Smith
Oraville G. Wendell to Wendell G. Oraville

Verna Rae Nichols to Verna Rae Newman
Linwood Stanley Wilkinson to Linwood Stanley Johnson
William Corbin Brawn to William Richardson Corbin
Iouald Malia to Donald Hall
John Larsson to John L. Lawson
Cecil P. Coombs to Malcom Allen McCullough
Hyman Dooskin to Hyman Davis
Frank Blake Emery to Frank Blake Woodward
Frances Jones Smith to Roy Gunnerson
James George Murphy to James George Lezotte
Ethel Mandy Dow to Ethel Olive Dow
Patrick Derusha to Eddie L. Moulton

Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1917
FROM JANUARY 1915 to JANUARY 1917, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following names changed by the superior court in DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS:

Etta M. Frye to Etta M. Curtis
Ina L. Raether to Ina L. Goodrich
Ida M. Murray to Ida M. Chaisson
Edythe R. Turner to Edythe R. Dearborn
Etta M. Winslow to Etta M. Merrick
Mary T. Robinson to Mary L.L. Tucker
Edna M. Vezina to Edna May Roberts
Bertha E. Talbot to Bertha E. Davis
Florence G. Thurston to Florence G. Canavan
Lucy A. Seay to Lucy A. Fisher
Josephine M. Ramsdell to Josephine M. Dudley
Helena M. Clark to Helena M. Norton
Mary Merrifield to Mary Wilcox
Florence J. McKenney to Florence J. Gunn
Ida R. Noyes to Ida P. Rand
Irene G. Arthur to Irene G. Welch
Phyllis R. Salters to Phyllis Reed

Eva W. Willet to Eva W. Willand
Vera M. Lowell to Vera M. Crediford
Myrtle Kanoski to Myrtle Seeggell
Elizabeth Huneau to Elizabeth M. Phillips
Eleanor Frances Hull to Eleanor Frances Blaisdell
Ethel Day Chisholm to N. Ethel Day
Gertrude L. Miller to Gertrude I. Montgomery
Emma Sheehy to Emma Rowe
Helen M. McCarthy to Helen M. Derby
Jessie M. Niles to Jessie M. Chapman
Maud Vivian Jordon to Maud Vivian Livington
Blanche C. Colbath to Blanche C. Hussey
Mae C. Young to Mae C. Quinn
Mary Ellen Butler to Mary Ellen Nutter
Ethel E. Frost to Ethel E. Corson

Arthemise Vallancourt to Martha King
Sophia R. Kimball to Sophia R. Green
Jennie M. Duffy to Jennie M. Blair
Maude Whitcomb Brown to Maud Whitcomb
Bertha Perkins Tufts to Bertha Perkins
Bernice Goodell Brisebois to Bernice Lydia Elizabeth Goodell
Elanor J. Lougee to Elanor J. Gove

Ella Davis to Ella Matthews
Marion F. Marshall to Marion F. Hayes

Emma R. Savageau to Emma R. Pichette
Adelle Adams Hoyt to Adelle Adams
Blanche M. Currier to Blanche M. Healey
Jennie Oxtoby to Jennie Henshaw
Frances E. Dyment to Frances E. Crowther
Mary E. Vigneault to Mary E. Parker
Marinda A. Ellis to Marinda A. Moore
Edith M. Nutting to Edith M. Deos
Maude C. Campbell to Maude E. Calley
Carrie A. woodward to Carrie A. Fowler
Olive G. Livingston to Olive G. Brooks
Susie Hilda Morrill to Susie H. Drake
Lavinia Helen Mercure to Lavinia H. Schermerhorn
Mary Baker to Mary Huggins
Eva L. Blake to Eva L. Hill
Christie A. Bland to Christie A. Bean
Bertha P. Morse to Bertha P. Engel

Annie E. Burke to Annie E. Waterfield
Anna Kennedy to Anna Davis
Lotta Clifford Davis to Lotta Clifford
Annie Lucy Monbleau to Annie Lucy Dennen
Bertha T. Maloon to Bertha Towle
Ogida Kassabian to Ogida Attarian
Bertha M. Raby to Bertha M. Wilkins
Dorothy Potvin to Dorothy Chilcott
Alice H. Ford to Alice G. Hunneyman
Marie Bellemare to Marie Arsenau
Effie T. Winter to Effie Thompson
Fannie M. Gove to Fannie M. Huntoon
Mae E. Grant to Mae E. Longa
Rose M. Robert to Rose M. Boisvert
Edith M. Gloddy to Edith M. Tetrealt
Mary Mabel Soule to Mary M. Marquis
Lucie A. Lafavor to Lucie A. Packard
Agnes Josephine Cutler to Agnes Josephine Mugridge
Edith G. Jameson to Edith G. Towns
Susan B. Sylvester to Susan B. Foster
Elizabeth Descalopulos to Elizabeth Beliveau
Delphine Haynes to Delphine Guerin
Gladys Z. Gleason to Gladys Z. Parsons
Angie Towle to Angie Melden
Grace L. Garney to Grace L. Croy
Etta May Nealey to Etta May Hanscom
Willette S. Grover to Willette S. Silvernail
Ethel Beadle to Ethel Rich
Florida Dubuc to Florida Druin
Agnes M. Blood to Agnes M. Weaver
Harriet C. Hambleton to Harriet M. Curren
Harriett M. Myers to Harriett M. Templeton
Angelina Hamel (alias Angelina Emery) to Angelina Racine
Jennie M. Worthen to Jennie M. Moulton
ALice B. Dudley to Alice B. Major
Dora DeGrandmaison Denis to Dora DeGrandmaison
May A. Landry to May A. Dubray

Laura L. Buckwold to Laura L. Harper
Clara A. Seitzinger to Clara A. Findon
Lillian A. Sheldon to Lillian A. Provoncher

Edith M. Grandlemere to Edith M. Kennedy
Kate Chadwick to Kate Colston
Mary A. Johnson to Mary A. Hart
Eva A. Morris to Eva A. Carey
Helen F. Fredrick to Helen F. Bradbury
Mabelle E. Poore to Mabelle E. Blaisdell
Marabel Ruth Bickford to Marabel Ruth Rugg

Mary E. Webster Quint to Mary E. Webster
Emily A. Heath to Emily A. Severance
Bernice F. Williams to Bernice F. Rathburn
Victoria M. Heath to Victoria M. McIntyre
Alma M. Valley to Alma M. Gerald
Eveline L. Langmaid to Eveline Lillian Allen
Cordelia L. Greenwood to Cordelia Lalonde
Catherine Cadarette to Catherine Carpenter
Elsie Corey to Elsie Taylor
Sarah M. Bramble to Sarah M. Barnes
Ella M. King to Ella M. Robinson
Ineze Kelley to Ineze Irwin
Stasia La Porte to Stasia Brodjensky
Mary Alice Waite to Mary A. Corey
Ethel E. Lougee to Ethel E. Simonds
Lillian Ellingwood to Lillian Bryant
ALicia A. Tetreau to Alicia McArthur
Grace A. Barney to Grace A. Safford
Julia C. Leigh to Julia C. Thompson
Nina Lidia SImpson to Nina Lidia Wright
Alice F. Glines to Alice F. Severance
May W. Laughlin Stearns to May W. Laughlin
Winifred Tobyne to Winifred Cook
Julia Ardell French to Julia Ardell Ploof
Edna M. Richards to Edna M. Clark
Margaret Morrison Ruiter to Margaret Morrison

Ina E. Buskett to Ina Ruth Brooks
Marie Berry to Marie Mahurin
Nina Agnes Sun to Nina Agnes Boutwell
Julia Elizabeth Larue to Julia Elizabeth Haynes
Grace H. Noyes to Grace Helene Bass
Lena Mae Walker to Lena Mae Brown


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