New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1913 to January 1915

From January 1913 to January 1915, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following names changed by the probate courts.

Doral Cardin to Dora Roy
Rosanna Cardin to Rosanna Roy
Margaret Isabell Jacksonn to Margaret Isabell Morrill
Bridget Doherty to Beatrice Josephine Trickey
Margaret J. Russell to Margaret J. Goodwin
Margaret E. Danielson to Margaret Ellen O’Brien
Francis Ward Ringey to Francis Ward Woodman
Gladys May Fisher to Gladys May Wylie
Dorothy A. Robinson to Dorothy May Frizzell
Alice Noa Maloney to Alice Nora Nichols
WIlliam Franklin Thibeault to William Franklin Tabor
Gertrude M. Haselton to Gertrude Haselton Felch
Gordon Sumner Hewins to Arthur Frank Bragdon
Geraldin Cornell Quimby to Frances Geraldine Philbrick
Greta Victoria Swenson to Greta Victoria Kellenbeck
Margaret Hebert (alias Marguerite Casey) to Margaret Jeannette Parker
Eugene Reginald Craner to Eugene Reginald Morrissey
George Henry Crainer to George Jackson Newick
John Fenwick to John Robinson
Doctrus Fountaine to Lionel Labbe
Joseph Anthony McCaffery to Joseph Anthony Long
Minnie H. Freeman to Minnie H. Jones
John William McKenzie to Walter Young
Stella Brown to Virginia A. Desmond
Betty Coltert to Marion Elaine Campbell
Walter Francis Irving to Walter Francis Purington
Mattie B. Lane to Mattie B. Dodge
Margaret A. Wallace to Irene M. Boyle

William Gracey to William Gracey Hayes
William M. Peaker to William M. Peaker Haigh
Amy Mills to Amy Olive Gould
Dorothy May Perey to Dorothy May Twombly
Robert Philbrick to Robert Philbrick Laskey
Marie Mildrea Boucher to Marie Mildrea Moreau
Clara A. Williams to Clara A. Perkins
Winifred G. Baxter to Ebbie Gertrude Goodwin
George Richmond to George Richmond Mills
Harilava Hoolis to Harilava Hoolis
Napoleon Ruel to Napoleon Victor Lanctot
Esther Green to Ruth Berry
Eva M. McDuffee to Eva Marion Whipple
Addie Gertrude Hurde to Adelaid Gertrude Hurd

Hazel M. Grey to Hazel M. Willy
Bernard B. Kimball to Bernard B. Simpson
Erline Amelia Hubbell to Eleanor Gertrude Frye (Adpt.)
Alfred Bowen to Alfred Francis Carroll (Adpt.)
Edgar B. Prescott to Edgar Brown Prescott
Robert Dee to Robert Dee Twombly (Adpt.)
Paul Gilbert Como to Paul Gilbert Brown (Adpt.)
Elmer Frank Sinclair Frost to Elmer Sinclair Frost (Adpt.)
Gladys Cota to Gladys Lottie Hale (Adpt.)
Josephine S. Kimball to Josephine S. Place
John Wendall Wheeler to Wendall John Carleton
Dorothy Smith to Gladys Granger (Adpt.)
Fred Risberg Barnstead to Fred R. Kenison (Adpt.)
Clara S. Twombley to Clara S. Salway (Adpt.)
Elva Anthus Lavois to Elva Anthus O’Hearn

Ernest W. Babb to Ernest Henderson Swift
John Edward Brown to Edmund Bickford Emerson
Addie B. Gilman to Addie Hayes
Maude C. Morse to Clara Maude Quimby
Eva P. Nichols to Eva P. Perkins
Beatrice P. Remick to Beatrice P. Morgan
Lena A. Wentworth to Lena E. Avery

Noah Rollins Edmunds to Noah Goss Edmunds
Samuel Franklin Jenkins to Frank Samuel Jenkins
Hattie F. King to Hattie F. Liscomb
Lizzie Etta Foote to Lizzie Etta Bushey
Leonard Bushey Foote to Leonard Boast Bushey
George M. Nichols to Harland Cutler Tyrrel
Daisy Ione Wotton to Daisy Ione Young
Louise H. Howe to Louise H. Folsom
Nora Woolridge to Nora Dennis
Ella May Woolridge to Ella May Dennis
Ruth Adaline Shattuck to Esther Ruth Adeline Shattuck
Blanche D. Davis to Blanche D. Silver
George G. Davis to George G. Silver
Catherine E. Davis to Catherine E. Silver
Carl Stuart Cameron to Carl Stuart French
Mary Yvonne Chase to Margaret Rice
Mary Elizabeth Symes to Mary Elizabeth Hill
Annie Gladys Phillips to Gladys Phillips French
Ruby A. Bedard to Ruby A. Wilcox
William Gallant to William Gallant Bishopric
Lucille A. McCormick to Elizabeth Lucille McKittrick
Marion Davis to Marion Davis Fiske
Margaret J. West to Margaret J. Benedict
Jason Williams Moffat to Bruce R. Edmunds
Roscoe Duplace to Roscoe Weeks
Ella May Hopkins to Pansy Ivy Tucker
Earle Cyrille Davenport to Earle Cyrille Dostaler
Harry L. Morrison to Harry L. Blackman
Ruth Addie Spencer to Ruth Addie Lewis
Marguerite E. Echard to Marguerite Echard West
Herbert Manchester to Eugene Ford Symes
Edwin Warren Moise Guyol to Alexander Patterson Guyol

Etta Burroughs to Helen Velora Burroughs
Philip Butler to Philip Brennan
Emily Tack to Emily Mons
August Tack to August Mons
Barbara Dumarest to Doris May St. John
Elmore Raymond Hatch to Elmore Raymond Martin
Donald Raymond Welcome to Raymond Thomas
Madeline Miller to Madeline Cate
Thelma Bailey to Thelma Staples
Martha Anna Stiegler to Martha Anna Hohman
Catherine E. Sargent to Catherine E. Sells
Violet Irene Pribble to Violet Irene Williams
Henry F. Quigley to Joseph A. Cote
Rose Robarge to Mary Rose Breton
Rose LeClaire to Dorothy M. Goslant
Francis Tierney to Henry V. Freddette
Virginia M. Mugridge to Virginia M. Smith
Max Pick to Max Pick Eames
Bertha Desrosiers to Bertha Bernier
Fernand Desrosiers to Fernand Bernier
L. Ada Fitch to Ettelar Ardella Eaton
Mamie Louise Dame to Madeline Richardson
Helen Bertha Brown to Renice Marchia Wheeler
Francis Hebert to Francis Bourgeois
Madeline M. Bodge to Madeline Josephine Gilmore
Henry J. Farladeau to Clarence Morritts
Hazel Barney to Hazel Philbrick
Leonard Francis Stevens to Leonard Charles Gove
Joseph Brouillette to Rosario J. Lasalle
Abraham Ames to Elzear Walker Hewes
Harold Bullard Neeland to Harold Bullard Tarbell
Leola D. Waldron to Elizabeth Waldron Locke
Andrew P. Crooker to Andrew Jackson Crooker Jr.
John Ordway to John Whitman
Harold Hanly to Harold Francis Nicolson
Carl A. Gustafson to Carl Gus Davison
Bernard George Moran to Benjamin Bernard George Moran
Theresa Pearl Shedd to Eva Theresa Pearl Mabel Shedd
Mabel Vaughn Young to Mabel Vaughn Shaw
Raymond Chester Nute to Raymond Chester Wright
William Roy McAllister to William Riddle McAllaster
Wladislav Chernevski to Edward Wladislav Chernes
Flossie M. Carter to Flossie M. Griswold
Ella S. Carey to Ella S. Wood
Otto George Carl Merkel to Otto Carl Merkel
Louis Hyman Anzelevis to Louis Hyman Ansell
Robert Morrill Colby to Robert Morrill Blaisdell
Israel Bootoovsky to Israel Davis
Evah Pelerin to Evah Traver
Paul H. Bootoovsky to Paul H. Davis
Jacob Bootoovsky to Jacob Davis
Abraham Sukenick to Abraham Koenig
Margaret Curtis Reynolds to Margaret May Curtis
Mary E. McAteer to Mary L. Devine

Gertrude Severance to Gertrude Bishop
Arthur J. Butters to Arthur Butters Wessell
Charles Gale Newton to Charles Gale Brown
Nellie Maria Judd to Nellie Maria Slate
Winnie Emma Buzzell to Winnie Emma Hobbs
Fred Henry Kellogg to Fred Henry Stalbrid [Stalbird]
John Dawes to Alfred Henry May
Richard B. MacKay to Richard Abbott Martin
Hattie Stevens Currier to Hattie Stevens Wilson
Helna Tresa to Helena Thresa Cunningham
—- Asikainen to Carl Einar Mattson
Ella May Matthews to Ella Mary Porter
Doris May Cohen to Doris May St. John
Laura Belle Ledwick to Laura Belle Snow
Lena Jane Jaffrey to Lena May Edson
Levi Parker to Elie Paquins
Alice L. Staples to Alice L. Taylor
Sadie May Towne to Sadie May Fisher

John E. Blish to John Edward Southworth

Albert Cohn to Albert Marian Cohn McMasters
Francis Ellen Dunham to Frances Ellen Wright
Raymond Everett Day to Raymond Everett Loud
Madeline Fair to Madeline Elizabeth Rivers
Martha E. Fletcher to Laurie Ann Morse
William H. Goodwin to William H. Quebec
Ada Blanche Gould to Ada Blanche Gould
Frank Melzer Gardner to Francis W. Gardner
Dorothy Gormley to Shirley Lauristine Rising
Leah Jordon to Leah Jordon Wells
Besse Kendall to Bessie Maud Parker
Daisy M. LeClair to Daisy M. Titus
Hattie L. Lashua to Hattie L. McMahon
Francis Marion Lamare to Mary Ellen Wood
Patricia McDougal to Patricia H. Gleason
Alice A. Maxham to Alice A. Clark
William Mallard to William Town Caswell
Wallace Mallard to Wallace Calley Caswell
Grace L. Manley to Grace L. Churchill
Harriett Ann Pellerin to Harriett Ann Stone
Ada Amelia Stevens to Ada Amelia Steere
Shirley Edward Spaulding to Shirley Edward Spaulding
Clara L.H. Tyler to Clara L.H. Hutchins
Hilda Zeta Tyler to Zeta Hilda Bowman

Andrew Lindquist to Andrew Lindquist Snow
William Bacon Watson to William Barton Watson
Ida M. Lord to Ida M. Booth
Harry Tardif to Harry Roy
Glenwood Doane to Glenwood Arleigh Smith
Mary Landry to Ada Estelle McCutcheon
Margaret Rita Hunt to Margaret Rita Hicks
Sarah May Hunt to Sarah May Otto
—– Pierce to Irene Savoy
Velma Dyer to Velma Cole
clinton Chester Hunt to Clinton Chester McIntire
Frank Lewis to Francis Roger Foley
Louis Joseph Francis Campanion to Louis Joseph Francis McCann
Minnie Belle Hunt to Minnie Belle Stillings
Cathleen Grace Grapes to Cathleen Grace Lee.

===FROM January 1913 to January 1915, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following names changed by the superior court due to DIVORCE proceedings ===

Josei M. Towle to Josie Mabel Robie
Fannie I. Scanlan to Fannie I. Palmeter
Maude B. Ramsdell to Maude Buswell Seaver
Eva L. Trefethen to Eva Louise Thurston
Izella E. Murby to Izella E. St. Clair
Matie E. Duffy to Matie E. Wilcox
Gertrude M. Marison to Gertrude M. Otis
Georgie E. McGlone to Georgie E. Danforth
Ida M. Estey to Ida M. Goddard
G. Hazel Dow to Gertrude H. McAllister
Katherine R. Buteau to Katherine R. Byers
Alice L. Hunt to Alice L. Marshall
Sarah F. Starkey to Sarah Frances Carlton
Grace F. Richards to Grace Frances Chase
Annie E. Neukom to Annie E. Hogan

Bernice H. Lord to Bernice M. Hill
Edith W. Varney to Edith W. Wyatt
Grace E. Greenwood to Grace E. Moore
Alma F. Prescott to Alma F. Tebbetts
Ethel R. Emmons to Ethel R. Goodwin
Caroline Clarke to Caroline Day
Bertha M. Hayes to Bertha M. Richards
Effie M. Drew to Effie M. Thurston
Mary E. Currier to Mary E. Hackett
Ida S> Samuel to Ida S. Hill
Jessie M. Davis to Jessie M. Chapman
Ernestine Pelletier Felton to Ernestine Pelletier
Lena Schur to Lena Torno
Nellie Mildred Chandler to Nellie Mildred Perkins
Maude May Marshall to Maude May Hall
Emma Hurlburt to Emma Tauwalt
Clara A. England to Clara A. Wentworth

Mary R. Swain to Mary R. Wright
Mary Gloddy to Mary Brake
Ella M. Nichols to Ella M. Reed
Clara L. Tibbetts to Clara L. Emery
Nettie L. Holmes to Nettie L. Lull

Lucy Benway to Lucy Edwards
Annie G. Irving to Annie G. Shaw
Minnie C. Bryant to Minnie C. Hathaway

Ethel Symonds to Ethel Morse
Sarah A. Gilkerson to Sarah A. Littlefield
Hope R. Smith to Hope Roberts
Ella M. Atwood to Ella M. Wilson
Orpha H. Gibson to Orpha H. Drew
Mina O’Clair to Mina Young
Martha A. Murphy to Martha A. Sinotte
Ida B. Royce to Ida B. Welch
FLorence V. Canfield to Florence V. Pierce
Ethel M. Trow to Ethel M. Jones
Hannah S. Willis to Hannah S. McFarland
Nellie E. Burnham to Nellie E. Brown
Helen L. Page to Helen L. Rogers
Susie Halloran to Susie Proud
Jennie O’Brien to Jennie McClure
Jennie L. Langley to Jennie L. Ordway
Minnie L. Gregory to Minnie L. Hustus
Eva M. Silver to Eva M. Drew
Luella Cote to Luella A. Bodwell

Mary J. Battis to Mary J. Lavoie
Gladys M. Oshier to Gladys M. Cox
Marion Rivard to Marion Whitmore
Annie McQueeney to Annie Farmer
Florence M. Bailey to FLorence Hosmer
Freada M. Irving to Freada M. Gould
Stella M. Bennett to Stella M. Jones
Margaret A. Harmon to Margaret A. Norris
Lizzie McDonald to Lizzie Bennett
Bertha C. Mann to Bertha C. Folsom
Goldie May Ingram to Goldie May Webster
Anna Milne to Anne Dumas
Lillian C. Sullivan to Lillian C. Currier
Rose Etta Gault to Rose Etta Webber
May N. Wilson Dickey to May N. Wilson
Letta Bryant to Letta Jane Titus
Marguerite E. FOrtin to Marguerite E. Sylvain
Charlotte M. Moody to Charlotte M. Bell
Jane F. Strickford to Jane F. Finno
Hellen G. Dane to Halen G. Holt
Hattie F. McArdle to Hattie F. Erb
Emily Healey to Emily Warrne
Lillian May Hammond to Lillian May Duncklee
Winnifred Jacbos to Winnifred Annis
Minnie F. Cook to Minnie F. Foote
Helen D. Christian to Helen D. Kingsbury
Eva M. Barclay to Eva M. Lamper
Bessie G. Collins to Bessie G. Hartt
Diana Binette to Diana Carrier
Anna A. Heath to Anna A. Bailey
Mamie Celina Perkins to Mamie Celina Whitmore
Hilda S. LeClair (alias Sophie H. LeClair) to Hilda S. Youngquist
Lillian P. Brown to Lilliam Pearl Durgin
Susie M. Needham to Susie M. Watosn
Alma J. Couloumbe to Alma J. Lake
Mildred A. Putney to Mildred A. Trull
Carrie M. Byrne to Carrie M. Stearns
Cora B. Nelson to Cora B. Goodale
Minnie L. Austin to Minnie Alexander
Delima Agnes Denoncourt to Delima Nichols
Mary B. Belanger to Mary B. Brewer
Clara Bourrassa to Clara Boulduc

Flora Brown to Flora Sheahan
Elmira M. Ward to Elmira M. Carcomb
Amelia D. Smith to Amelia L. Dorman
Edith Burbank Farr to Edith Burbank
Lora M. Moores to Lora M. Norton
Mertina E. Smith to Mertina E. Mahon
Cora L. Goode to Cora L. Thompson

S. Bernice Kent to Sarah Bernice Richardson
Kitty S. Bull to Kitty M. Pike
Cora M. Tibbetts to Cora M. Willard
Stella Mae Engberg to Stella Mae Rowell
Helen E. Emerson to Helen E. Hall
Louise M. Lavalley to Louise M. Murphy
Caroline E.M. Lemere to Caroline E. Marston

Bessie Grace Hodgerney to Bessie Grace Parker
Georgia A. Smith to Georgia A. Williams
Clara B. Avery to Clara B. Freeman
Eleanora E. York to Eleanora E. Lowell

Mabel L. Larabee to Mabel L. Thomas
Mary D. Tatro to Mary D. Ames
Bessie Hall Streeter to Bessie A. Hall
Goldie Y. Fuller to Goldie Y. Smith
Eva E. Collins to Eva E. Pilbro
Laws of the State of New Hampshire (1915)

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