New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1911 to January 1913

From January, 1911 to January 1913, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names by the probate court:

Evelyn Hanscom to Evelyn Carleton
Edmund T. Currier to Edmund Currier True
Agnes M. Goodrich to Agnes M. Burleigh
Bertrand Wilson to Bertrand Thompson Palmer
Addie D. Davis to Addie D. Giles
Martha K. Pettus to Martha K. Straughn
Florence A. Peirce to Florence A. Belding
William A. Leavitt to Harry Lovell Aldrich
Paul A. Moses to Paul Alva Wood
Dora W. Moses to Dora Wood
Frances Hamilton Goodwin to Frances Hamilton Pelkey
Julia Aurelia Poirier to Julia Aurelia Clouette
Antoinette Desfosses to Antoinette Morey
Mary R. Gaguin to Marion Frances Lake
Arthur Frank Mitchell to Arthur Frank Young
William J. Lucier to William J. Langley
Priscilla Johnson to Priscilla Newcomb
William Arthur Enright to Clarence Howard Pratt
Jennie May Duguay to Jennie May Burke
Edith B. McDuffee to Edith Hortense Brown
Elizabeth Murphy to Elizabeth Swain

Margaret M. Bogie to Margaret M. Varney
Dorothy Margarett Welchman to Flossie Dorothy Colbath
Edith A. Ball to Edith A. Ball Sampson
Florence M. Horne to Florence M. Wilson
Leslie Fred Sow to Leslie Whitmore Snow
Dory May Parker to Dorothir May Strettmatter
Joseph Young to Joseph Benox Thererge
Catherine Frances Ring to Catherine Frances Roark
Mary Estis Keneston to Mary Estis Peaslee
Annie B. Emery to Annie B. Butler (adpt.)
William Haberkorn to William Haley
Leona Rosie Valley to Leonie Rosie Page

John Nelson to Milan James Smith (adpt.)
Lucina A. Pealsee to Lucinda A. Patten (adpt.)
Jennie C. Ellis to Jennie C. Otis
Alice H. Fone to Alice H. Merrill
Alberta Merritz to Ruth Alberta Hawkes (adpt.)
Sadie M. Hayes to Sadie Marie Knight
Bernice Ida Sanborn to Bernice Ida Page
Edward C. Mulligan to Edward C. Garland
Eveyn B. Gocher to Dorothy Louise Plummer (adpt.)
Earleen Brown Dorr to Earleen Brown
Thomas Henry Turner to Henry Thomas Turner
Elmer B. Grover to Elmer Grover Ackerman (adpt.)

Susie R. Lord to Susie R. Corson
Josephine N. Fogg to Josephine N. Raymond
Susan E. Tucker to Sarah E. Stevens
Edward Edwards Leslie to Edward Chesley
Lloyd S. Garland to Lloyd Sprague Hammond
Minnie E. Wiggin to Minnie E. Beal
Gertrude M. Welch to Gertrude M. Eldredge
Hannah M. Evans to Hannah M. Marston
Fred W. Cheney to Fred W. Taylor
Winnifred C. Fitts to Winnifred C. Cole
Phebe M. Floyd to Phebe M. Gendro
Fred Roland Greenlaw to Fred Roland Matthews

Clarissa Adams Sawyer to Orrine Gavuet Sawyer
Laura Wheeler to Laura Wheeler Moody
Helen Howe to Helen Howe Davis
Margaret Evelyn Somers to Rebecca Dean Chamberlin
Lawrence E. Bailey to Austin Douglas Heath
Charlena Knight to Beatrice C.K. Blackwood
Margaret Kilroy to Margaret Rose Roberts
Evelyn Noyes to Evelyn Young
Howard Ellis Stone to Howard Ellis Nelson
Phyllis Hope Crossett to Hazel THelma Love
George Ellsworth Webber to George Craver Ellsworth Rowell
Evelyn L. Cushman to Evelyn Cushman Howe
Elsie Metz to Precilla Celeste Blackwood
Benjamin F. Bachant to Benjamin Franklin Gonye
Ina Dickinson to Ina M. Adams
Sophia W. Connolly to Sphia Anderson Watson
Katie L. Hurd to Katherine Lillian Hurd
Lizzie Harvey to Elizabeth Kimball Harvey
Louise F. Gienty to Louise Foster Ingalls
George Dewy Pearl to Abner Sewall Pearl

Christine Pierce Higgin to Christine Pierce
Elenora Carpenter to Elenora Blood Carpenter
Edith C. Dunbar to Edith C. Little
Ella E. Brady to Ella E. Clegg
Mary Bancroft to Mary Nichols
Bertha L. Erskine to Bertha L. Goodwin
Mary A. Miner alias Ann Miner to Mary A. Hill
Albert T. Norris to Albert T. Roberge
Alice Maude Burns to Alice Maude Taggart
Elise Spony to Elise Ringenwald
Elwin Smith Underhill to Jenness Smith Underhill
Edith May Kinnear to Edith May Clegg
Florence Nichols to Florence Weymouth
Abraham Barnett to Alfred Barnett
Valeria Margaret Rand to Valeria Margaret Carey
Mae E. Smith to Mae E. Blackmar
Donald Lee Parker to Donald Lee Barnard
Dalphis Henry Auclair to Adolphus Paradis
Willie B. Graham to William B. Graham
May Alice Smith to May Alice Daigneault
Isabella Rosaline Kay Sutton to Isabella Rosaline Kay
Anabel T. Wilkins to Anabel Wilkins Osborne
Margaret M. Buckley to Eva Roy
Margaret Silva to Agnes Marquis
Marie Claire Antoine Riley to Marie Claire Antoine Menard
Richard Stuart Carr to Richard Stuart Murphy
Benjamin Hoyt to Benjamin Heald
Frieda Koehler to Frieda Ploss
Eveline Marchand to Eveline Peltier
Harry R. Kingsbury to Harry R. Field
George Goulet to Arvine Ernest Pike
Ruth Speare to Ruth Speare Trefethen
Flora Weightman to Flora Esther Wentworth
Pearl Newman to Maud Robinson
Harry Carter to Gordon Leroy Abbott
Elizabeth O’Brien to Elizabeth Nolan
Pearl Johnson to Pearl May Jarvis
Alta Mary Foster to Alta Mary McClarty
Pauline B. Meurnier to Pauline Helen Smith
Willie Houde to Willie Gagne
Ernest James Humphrey to Ernest James Legendre
Pauline Sullivan to Pauline Gladys Gove
Ellen Catherine Hartshorn to Ellen Catherine Conway
Mary Ann Teresa Prince to Helen Maria Bressette
Margarethe Held to Margarethe Handschumacher
Howard D. Ashford to Howard Ashford Felch
Lilla Pauline Staunton to Lilla Pauline Downie
Ruth Gammon to Ruth Gammon Brown
Carlotta Katrina Sasseville to Carlotta Katrina Wuestenhain

Jennie Leora Jolly to Nellie Leora
Clara Mabel Watkins to Clara Mabel Carpenter
Lula Estella Buckwold to Lula Estella Farrer
Mary Julia Britton to Mary Julia Huggins
Eva E. Bardwell to Eva Frances Barrows
Gordon C. Foster to Gordon Henry Williams
Arthur Bicknell to Alexander Hamilton Frost
Joseph Henry Mayott to Joseph Herbert Smith
Eva Bernice Wilson to Eva Bernice Richardson
Lottie M. Howe to Lottie M. Hastings
Lyra G. Partridge Harvey to Lyra G. Partridge
Anna Marie Corey to Anna Marie Cole
Harriet May Laddy to Harriet May Mumblo
Abraham Reuben Simkovetz to Abraham Reuben Qunit
Frank H. Nourse to Frank H. Mosher
Marjorie Sarah Reed to Marjorie Willard Reed
Wilfred Louis Depres to Wilfred Louis Morin
Mabel Eunice Hodgkins to Mabel Eunice Stearns
Marion Eva Hodgkins to Sylvia Anna Dickerman
Adeline Mixer to Hazel Elizabeth Emery
Florence Mabel Scott to Florence Willard Scott

Grace J. McCasco to Grace J. Judkins
Clifford Nelson Short to Clifford Clarence Short
Katie I. Wilcox to Katie I. Morrison
—- Heath to Leon Benjamin Thompson
Eva Alice Baker to Eva Alice Maxwell
Della Evelyn Green to Barbara Eileen Eastman
—- Abel to Helen Leona Trudell
Mary J. Dyer to Mary J. George
Margaret Christena Fisher to Margaret Christena Bolio

Paul Burns to Paul Burns Atwood
Leon A. Batchelder to Arthur R. Morrill
Raymond N. Braley to Raymond N. Shepard
John Burton to Clinton Garland
Eugene E. Fraser to Eugene E. Lagassee
Flora M. Gove to Flora M. Cass
Philip O. Gray to Charles S. Milligan
Elida B. Hilliard to Elida B. Sleeper
Olive J. Huntoon to Isabel Olive Judith Ames
Royce H. Hall to Royce H. Hutchins
Lalma Hill to Lalma Tutikka
Maryanna Jenkins to Vivian M. Chamberlin
Blanche C. Kelley to Carolyne B. Heath
Richard Ward King to Donald Ward King
Bulah Josephine King to Dulcie Vera King
Walter A. Norman to William Scott Strand Bartlett
Robina R. Pillsbury to Rachel R. Higgins
Ethel L. Pinney to Emily R. Pulsifer
Henry W. Riddle to Harry W. Riddle
Frederick Ruthford to Frederic E. Gerrish
Ronald Robie to Ronald Robie Sloane
Vimera E. Simpson to Vimera E. Woodward
Gwendolyn Marguerite Stanley to Gwendolyn Marguerite McMeekin
Emma Marie Simpson to Emma Marie Clough
Bert Herbert Simpson to Bert Herbert Clough
Lewis Stanley Simpson to Lee Rupert Jackson
Mabel L. Tucker to Mabel Tucker Tragansa
Margaret M.E. Vigenault to Margaret May Dickson
Minnie E. Woods to Minnie E. Cutting
Thelma A. Webster to Marjorie A. Land
Norman Paul Young to Norman Paul Brock

Jessie Potter to Jessie Lang
Emma B. Sears to Emma B. Holland
Kedah G. Daley to Kedah G. Evans
Abbie Peabody to Abbie Cook
Evelyn Alberta Russell to Evelyn Alberta Willey
Harry Stiles to Harold Stiles White
Alice Evangeline Muzerolle to Alice Evangeline Dionne
Agnes Gertrude Currie to Agnes Gertrude Buzzell
Helen Said Hayes to Helen Sadie Bridgman
Barbara Brown to Barbara Hicks
Lewis Edmond Bearor to Gerald Earl Marshall
Ethel May Turcotte to Evelyn Ethel Buffington
“Infant” Fuller to Meredith Edna Sisco
Dorris M. Brown to Dorcas May Gould
Ralph Marsh to Ralph Woodman Howland
Elizabeth Perkins to Elizabeth Perkins Plaisted.

From January, 1911 to January 1913, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names by the superior court in divorce proceedings:
Mabel B. Allen to Mabel B. Lamson
Ellen M. Jones to Ellen M. Roberts
Grace S. Trefethen to Grace S. Etheater
Clara St. Onge to Clara Roux
ELizabeth P. Allen to Elizabeth Prosehold
Catherine M. Lolley to Catherine M. Beesley
Elizabeth S. Howes to ELizabeth S. white
Bessie M. Abbott to Bessie M. Ayer
Vivian J. Ackerman to Vivian J. Grover
Flora B. Corson to Flora B. Locke
Cordelia Sawyer to Cordelia Hebbert
Teresa E. McKeown to Teresa E. Slaney
Agnes S. Pierce to Agnes S. Randall
Carolyn M. Pierce to Carolyn M. Stevens
Mary A. Bjorn to Mary A. Hawes.

Zelma I. Dolan to Zelma I. Letch
Bessie Goosney to Bessie Vay
Mary V. Pinkham to Mary V. Anderson
Jennie L. Burt to Jennie L. Robinson
Abbie L. Clark to Abbie L. Hanscom
Annie Gunderman to Annie Drouin
Clara Bunker to Clara Colomy
Katie A. Winslow to Katie A. Burns
Margaret E. Pineo to Margaret E. Holland
Carrie B. Clough to Carrie B. Wormhood
Annie L. Varney to Annie L. Chisholm
Emma Dearing to Emma Bushier
Martice O. Garland to Mertice O. Ames
Florence V. Ferguson to Florence B. Putney
Bernice H. Lord to Bernice H. Hill
Edith W. Varney to Edith W. Wyatt
Grace E. Greenwood to Grace E. Moore

Grace P. Black to Grace P. Smith
Alice M. Battis to Alice Maud Rayno
Lillian Boomhower to Lillian Young
Mabel Bowley to Mabel G. Addison
Marion L. Colby to Mamie L. Stevens
Eliza J. Cutting to Eliza J. Braley
Bessie G. Godfrey to Bessie G. Huggin
Maude M. Hastings to Maud M. Huggins
Ellen J. Heath to Ellen J. Perkins
Cornelia D. Holland to Cornelia Dearborn
Grace M. Loveren to Grace M. Bilsborough
Lottie E. Marsh to Lottie E. Nutter
Mary Agnes Noble to Mary Agnes Craig
Florence E. Palmer to Florence E. Towle
Carrie M. Parshley to Carrie M. Ring
Nellie M. Perkins to Nellie M. Bickford
Addie M. Pettengill to Addie M. Scott
Caroline M. Piper to Caroline M. Morrell
Alice P. MacArthur to Alice Permelia Preston

Carrie M. Gordon to Carrie M. Goodwin
Anna Cremonas to Anna Vamvas
Agnes Doherty to Agnes Rust
Emma M. Otis to Emma M. Pietsch
Elizabeth C. Dion to Elizabeth C. Spence
Grace J. Haskell to Grace J. Jones
Angeline M. Matheson to Angeline Melissa Wilkins
Charlotte Foster White to Charlotte Foster Pratt
Ida M. Picord to Ida M. Bowen
Sadie L. Robinson to Sadie L. Manning
Maude McKenzie to Maude Hayes
Annie B. Darby to Annie B. Heath
Annie J. Bennett to Annie J. Hagan
Lois E. Warren Lois E. Munson
Henrietta S. Losech to Henrietta Arfken
Jennie Belisle to Jennie Desrosier
Mary T. Worthley to Margaret T. Burke
Bertha M. Mann to Bertha M. McDuffee
Elfrida S.E. Cummings to Elfrida S.E. Bruce
Nellie G. Donihue to Nellie G. Colburn
Nellie R. Jenness to Nellie R. Hardy
Millie M. Peterson to Millie M. Hessert
Mary Annie Aldrich to Mary Annie Nees
Martha M. Neidhardt to Martha M. Bleil
Marie Loise Bonenfant to Marie Loise Dejardin
Osceola J. Laselle to Osceola Josephine Watts
Etta Maud Wagner to Etta Maud Shirley
Clara Helen Goldstone to Clara Helen Welcome
Rosanna Dumais to Rosanna Mullen
Jennie E. Upham to Jennie E. Foley
Lilla E. Nichols to Lilla E. Mudge
Edna F. Manley to Edna F. Hale
Lulu A. Newton to Lulu Almira Barker
Etta S. Quimby to Etta S. Trainor
Abbie Omey Nichols to Abbie Omey Wyman
Blanche Miller to Blanche Taylor
Mary Medora Heath to Mary Medora Martin
Lillian Pearl Jones to Lillian Pearl Hill
Alberta M. Batson to Alberta M. Fuller
Eva J. Yeaton to Eva J. Thornton
Anna Johnson to Anna Zatschka
Grace P. McAfee to Grace P. Parkhurst
Emilie E. Heath to Emilie E. Boehner
Hannah A. Veino to Hannah A. Bailey
Belle F. Banister to Belle F. Roby
Bertha F. Dawborn to Bertha F. Forbush
Charlotte Goodsell to Charlotte Hilehey
Alice Lees to Alice Swett
Mary A. Hackett to Mary C. McClintock
Lillian B. Cosotto to Lillian B. Kenney
Rachel M. Walbridge to Rachel M. Cram
Mildred R. Bowen to Milfred R. Banister

Emily P. Odiorne to Emily P. Brown
FLorence M. Hathaway to Florence M. Rutter
Harriette E. Gleason to Harriette E. Cummings
Eva M. Norcoss to Eva M. Crouch
Ruth J. Wilcox to Ruth J. Babbitt
Lena M. Newton to Lena M. Hopkins
Bertha L. Grover to Bertha L. RObbins
Grace M. Johnson to Grace M. Vinton
Emily Hieckel to Emily Johnson
Blanche M. Johnson to Blanche M. Nash
Margaret G. Hackett to Margaret G. Gray
Nellie E. Furgeson to Nellie E. Lang
Mary Jane Southwell to Mary Jane Heffron
Sarah J. Farrand to Sarah J. Wilson
Emma J. Royce to Emma J. Starkey
Alice E. Clark to Alice E. Cram

Jennie E. Swain to Jennie E. Howe
Ethel M. Rotherme to Ethel M. Bates
Eva M. Lavene to Eva M. Gardner
Ada E. Haselton to Ada E. Cone

Ida A. Hunt to Ida A. Howard
Grace H. Hawkins to Grace Elinor Harriman
Grace W. Bingham to Grace W. Boomhower
Mabel E. Flanders to Mabel E. Chapman
Alta Summers to Alta Evans
Addie S. Corey to Addie L. Blake
Caroline R. Little to Caroline R. Somers
Nellie White to Nellie Vannor
Gertrude W. Wheeler to Gertrude W. Clark
Ora L. Hampson to Ora L. Bennett
Clara P. Jesseman to Clara P. Baker
Jennie F. Wilson to Jennie F. Follansbee

Nellie Barrows to Nellie Parker
Marion M. Flaherty to Marion McGregor
Florence Bennett to Florence Whitcomb
Maud A. York to Maud A. Mitchell
Tessie Wilson to Tessie Gray
Mary L. Turner to Mary LaCroix
Laws of the State of New Hampshire – 1913

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