New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1909 to January 1911

From January 1909 to January 1911, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names by the probate court:

Cora A. Mills to Cora A. Nudd
Harold Fay to Harold White
Viola F. Andrews to Viola F. Bickford
Sadie L. Bell to Sadie L. Taylor
Herbert Mowatt to Ralphie H. Langley
Marion Putney Martin to Marion Haley Martin
Nellie G. Gowen to Nellie G. Ross
Frederick Sylvester Currrier to Frederick Sylvester Walsh
Myrtie Belle Tilton to Myrtie Belle Healey
Charlotte C. Walsh to Carrie C. Reynolds
Arthur A. Young to Arthur A. Tingley
Evelyn Dorris Prue to Evelyn Dorris Mutlock
Geo. Thomas Rann to George Rann Henry
Nettie B. Sherman to Nettie B. Hunt
Walter N. White to Walter N. Taylor
Mary F. Mooers to Mary Frances Norman
Anna Frances Halloran to Anna Frances Herne
James T. McLeod to James T. Dimond
Mary Emma McGunnigle to Mary Emma Sanborn
James Dewytte McGunnigle to Roland Melton Sanborn
Lena Belle Webb to Lena Belle Davis
Barbara Case to Barbara Lilian Manson
Vivian Ruth Palmer to Vivian Ruth Tucker
Grace T. Kimball to Grace T. Coleman
Susy Gertrude Berry to Susy Gertrude Perkins
Gertrude Louise Young to Gertrude Louise Fogg
Ruth Wall to Ruth Mildred Webster
Ida M. Hill to Ida M. Blake
Charlotte Monroe to Nancy Lucille Preist
Ralph B. Heath to Ralph B. Avery
Grace E. Heath to Grace E. Avery
Genever Rittenhouse Jaques to David Rittenhouse Jaques
Evangeline Haynes to Lucille Klenke
Robert Lawton Owen to Robert Lawton Owen Braley

Ida Isadore Davis to Ida Isadore Mills
Allen W. Lampher to Allen Newburn Quimby (Adpt.)
George Bernard Whitehouse to George Forst Beard (Adpt.)
Forest Newton Nute to Forest Newton Page (Adpt.)
Verna May Colbroth to Verna May Willey
Eleanor May Smith to Eleanor Cloutman (Adpt.)
Eunice Agnes Mathes to Eunice Agnes Varney
Harold Anderson to Harry Spagnola

Louis BUffum Martin to Noah Louis Buffum Martin
Luella Cammet to Luella Young
Sylvester M. Smith to Carl M. Smith
Simon Grad to Samuel Grad
Nina M. Clement to Nina M. Staples
Mabel A. Aldrich to Mabel A. Osgood
Mary ELizabeth Horton to Dora Elizabeth Lougee
Noah Louis Buffum Martin to Louis Buffum Martin

Alfred Kermit Clough to Alfred Kermit Davis
Phebe I. Gay to Phebe I. Philbrick
John ALlen Horne to John Allen Albee
Dorothy Edith Horne to Dorothy Horne Albee
Francis Roland Keenan to Frank Wescott Horne
Inda Evelyn Libbey to Inda Evelyn Sawyer
Georgie M. Locke to Georgie M. Goldsmith
Frederich Ryan to Frederick Stewart
Lewis Frank SMith to Lewis Frank Abbott
Ada F. Thurston to Ada F. Dickson
Hazen Bryant White to Hazen Bryant Chamberlain
Percy A. Floyd to Percy A. Thompson

Ruth Ellen Wessman to Marion Alberta Wyman
Rena Blanche Lambert to Marie Rose Lina Allard
Gladys Sarah Perley Brown to Gladys Brown Edgerly
Leon Ward to Leon Ward Flanders
Mary Helen Moran to Helen Mary Brown
Doris May Miller to Doris May Taylor
Robert Maxwell Livingston to Robert Maxwell Livingston Phelps
Sarah G. Miller to Sarah G. Smart
Helen Hayes to Helen Cavanaugh
Marion Goodwin to Marion Cota
Florence Edith Stearns to Florence Edith Philbrick
Florence Mathews to Florence Evelyn Stevens
Elizabeth R. Downing to Elizabeth Maud Bartlett
Mabel Hawes Batcher to Mabel Hawes Merrill
George Sylvester Batcher to George Batcher Merrill
Harry P. Keniston to Harry Manton Trasher
FLorence May Champney to Florence May Weeks
Constance Hodgdon to Constance Hodgdon Russell
Alice Streeter to Alice Howe
Harold Leslie Newell to Harold Leslie Hanson
Bernice May SMith to Yernage Ethelyn Sanborn
John Boutell to John Cantin
Anna Bell Miller to Annie Bell Miller Clark
Violet May Parker to Violet May Chase
George B. Newell to George R. Taylor
Frederick Charles Harrington to Nelson Irving Dennis
John Edward Baker to John Edward Winslow
Elsie Almira Chandler to Elsie Chandler THorne
Jennie M. Strang to Jennie M. Ford
Jeremiah Elmore Franklin to Jeremiah Edward Franklin
William H. Moses to Henry Batchelder
Nina M. Wilson to Nina M. Colby
FLorence B. Hyde to Florence B. Brown
Reginald D. Venne to Reginald D. Livingston
Saml Niles Allen to Samuel Niles Allen
William J. Raynor to William J. Wells
Abbie L.R. Howe to A. Louisa R. Morrison
Della Cooper to Della Rollins
Josie M. Brown to Josephine M. Brown
Winefred B. Drake to Winifred V. Bailey
Grace E. Blanchard to Grace E. Guild
Ella M. Clough to Ella M. Howlett

Elizabeth Dorothy Robinson to Elizabeth Dorothy Davies
Nellie Susan Kileren to Nellie Susan Poste
Rachel E. Beernaert to Rachel Hauterman
Warren Luman Sanborn to Luman Warren Sanborn
Gertrude M. Hardy to Gertrude M. Davis
Joseph S. Wilensky to Joseph S. Willens
Frances E. Chase to Frances E. Greene
Bridget Rochelle to Beatrice Rochelle
Hattie Lilliam Cote to Hattie Lillian Dawson
Dora M. Tuttle to Dorothy Moore Tuttle
Emma Whidden to Emma Schiller
Ruby R. Perkins to Ruby R. Leggett
Mary Louisa Hammond to Mary Tracy Hammond
Mary E. Stevens to Mary E. Somerville
Sophronia M. hardy to Sophronia M. Clark
Irene A. Cody to Irene May Thayer
ELizabeth McDonald to Doris Elizabeth Kennedy
Elsie M. Arbott to Isabelle E. Boutelle
Mary Weeks to Mary Gagnon
Viola Hanscom to Viola Monbleau
Joseph Eugene Blanchard to Joseph Eugene Maynard
Corinna Blanchard to Corrinna Champagne
Arthur Blanchard to Arthur Dionne
William Joseph Lessard to William Joseph Richard
Francis W. Cronin to Francis W. Duffy
Elizabeth M. Shannon to Elizabeth M. Soloman
Marie Annie Roy to Marie Annie Robilard
Arthur Roy to Arthur Leclerc
Lionel L. Blanchard to Lionel Groulx
Grace ELizabeth Reber to Grace Reber Sweeney
John T. Shea to John T. Champbell
Thadeus Warsaw Locke Jr. to Leon Ray Carr
Adelaid Mildred Sargent to Adelaid Mildred Prescott
Chester Brown to Chester Bernard Woodburn
Hammmond R. Elliott to Joseph George Martin
Harry Olson to Arthur Stnaley Samuel Peterson
Helen Beatrice Ramsey to Loretta Helen Chalker
Byron Nelson Whitehouse to Byron Nelson Chalker
Adeline Scott to Mildred Arline Mason
Donald Ellsworth Smith to Donald Ellsworth Smith Gove
Lillian Margerite Coombs to Lillian Marguerite Maguire
Esther Toomey to Esther Belanger
Paul Payne Leighton to Paul Payne Revere
Sade Ronn to Dora Selina Searles
Norman James Henry to Norman James Haskell
Ruth Baxter to Mildred Prairie
Georgia Mary Osborn to Georgia Mary Cass
Frances W. Duffy to Frances W. Lamore
John Gray to John Bilodreau
Frederick Ernest Arzt to Frederick Ernest Riescher
John Quimby to Kenneth Mansfield Hurley
Victor Gordon to Nicholas D. Mihalopoulas
Annie Leona Towsend to Annie Burns Lynch

Howard M. Tupper to Howard M. Moulton
Albert W. Tupper to Albert W. Moulton
Minnie M. Pratt to Minnie M. Prouty
Elsie Sawyer to Elsie Geneva Gates
Katherine F. Gane to Katherine Frances Gary
Augusta Carrie Barter to Augusta Carrie Robertson
Frederick Boyea to Frederick Potter
Minnie E. Farnsworth to Minnie E. Burt
Frances Neaves Scripture to Frances Neaves Bolster
Nellie Mabel Hall to Nellie Mabel Bates
Nina Gertrude Kimpton to Nine Gertrude Spaulding
George Wallace Pelkey to George Wallace Goodrich
Clara B. Pelkey to Clara B. Goodrich
James B. Pelkey to James B. Goodrich
Lucy Elmira Castor to Lucy Elmira Fish
infant child of May A. Paige adopted, and named Lillian May Labarn
infant child of Hattie Hunting adopted and named Mabel Helen Labarn

Arthur Edward French to Arthur Willard Putnma
— — Reed to Thelma Magdalene Stowell
Lizzie Hazel Millbury to Hazel Dell Holbritter
John D. Morginson to John D. Gage
Wendell Gay Purmort to Wendell Phillips Dean
Mary J. Dyer to Mary J. George

Sophy J. Belware to Sophy J. Simino
Gertrude Brown to Bertha G. Goodwin
Margarette L. Blunt to Margarette L. Brown
Rose M. Briggs to Rose M. Wheeler
Ruth M. Creaden to Ruth M. Kennedy
Bertha H. Dennis to Bertha L. Hibbard
Irene Dunne to Irene Lillian St. Cyr
Laclossie Z Follansbee to Flossie Ela Camp
Errol G. Hoyt to Errol G. Foote
Ephraim H. Hodgdon to Ephraim Sam’l Hunt
Marceline J. Jackson to Marceline J. Sparks
Paul Judson to John Paul Williams
Floyd Kilby to Floyd Kilby Hunt
Fannie E. Lougee to Fannie E. Simonds
Dorothy H. Mills to Marguerite Blanche Judkins
Gertrude McKeown to Jennie A.B. Hadley
Myette May Purmont to Louise Veronica Banyea
Helen Elizabeth Quintero to Helen Elizabeth Hildreth
John Raymond to John Raymond Hildreth
Charles F. Roucher to Charles F. Rich
Anna M. Stevens to Anna M. Grant
Margret E. Stevens to Margret E. Woodward
Gertrude Olive Trommer to Olive Drummond Welton
Georgia A. Wilson to Georgia A. Johnson
Clifton F. White to Clifton F. Hews
Ethel May Watters to Ethel May Dimick

Caroline Sarah Smith to Caroline Sarah Gilman
Zola Agnes McLain to Zola Agnes Miles
Mamie G. De Shon to Mamie G. Heath
Franklin L. Oleson to Franklin L. Mortensen
Shirley Huggins to Shirley Patterson
Mabel Myrtle Hook to Mabel Myrtle Wilson
Daisy Margaret Dickson to Daisy Margaret MacDuffie
Walter Lawrence Loven to Walter Lawrence Smith
Ethel V. Burlock to Ethel Maye Crafts
Mary Louise Heath to Mary Louise Berry
—— Fowler to Marie Rose Segouin
Mary Evelyn McNamara to Mary Evelyn Hoffman

===From January 1909 to January 1911, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names by the superior court in DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS:

Josephine C. Coleman to Josephine C. Tibbetts
Mabel S. Ticknor to Mabel Sanford
Abbie T. Hoxie to Abbie T. Shaw
Alice M. Dow to Alice M. Fowler
Mary J. Carter to Mary J. Burchard
Bessie M. McGregor to Bessie M. Littlejohn
Zettie V. Toland to Zettie Villers
Ruth A. Tuttle to Ruth A. Severance
Annie S. McLane to Annie S. Brown
Nellie F. Lewis to Nellie F. Noble
Mattie A.H. Lowd to Mattie A> Horner
Annie Mae Bradley to Annie Mae Trask
Nellie C. Marshall to Nellie C. Eaton
Georgiana St. Cyr to Georgiana Lestage
Edith M. Pratt to Edith Mabel True
Alice M. Braun to Alice M. Raleigh
Georgia A. Meachem to Georgie A. Hoit
Nora E. MacDonald to Nora E. Burke
Elizabeth W. Goodwin to Elizabeth W. Lamson
Lucy H. Pecunies to Lucy May Howe
Ora A. Dexter to Ora A. Haines
Rachel O. Ingalls to Rachel O. Gammon

Gertrude Freeman to Gertrude Hanscom
Ellen W. Quimby to Ellen W. Jarvis
Mabelle F. Witham to Mabelle F. Libby
Elizabeth A. Sullivan to Elizabeth A. Boxall
Georgie H. Hughes to Georgie H. Poole
Lulu B. Garland to Lulu B. Gray
Urania B. THurston to Urania B. Leighton

Hattie M. McMichael to Hattie M. Drury
Iantha S. Webber to Iantha S. Moulton
Anna M. Glines to Anna M. Knowles

Emma Salunier to Emma Bean
Gertrude K. Richardson to Gertrude K. Jordan

Julia A. Sturtevant to Julia A. Tyler
Harriette A. Wheeler to Harriette A. Marston
Verona L. Montelins to Verona L. Grant
Elizabeth K. Upton to Elizabeth K. Watson
Laura B. Bean to Laura B. Fitzgerald
Jennie H. Swift to Jennie H. Smith
Lila Thompson French to Lila Thompson
Kate A. Halpin to Kate A. Webber
Kate J. Brown to Kathryn C. Morrill
Edith M. Wells to Edith M. Deoss
Maude B. Kenney to Maude Lillian Butterfield
Jennie M. Shampney to Jennie M. Carter
Ethel M. Gallagher to Ethel M. Packard
Mabel Coron to Mabel Perry
Hattie E. Pennock to Hattie E. Sweatt
Mary J. West to Mary J. Brackett
Eva L. Lord to Eva L. Scott
Jennie C. Sanborn to Jennie C. Batchelder
Alva C. Spaulding to Alva C. Bowman
Ada C. Tozier to Ada C. Pope
Dorothy G. Walker to Dorothy Gerry
Nettie V. Battis to Nettie V. Emmons

Ida M. Cram to Ida M. Annis
Jennie M. McDOnnell to Jennie M. Bray
Ida M. Ash to Ida M. Dickey
Rose Marcus to Rose Elfand
Etta A. Cullen to Etta A. Graf
Jennie A. Cross to Jennie A. Rogers
Mary E. Gove to Mary E. Center
Eva J. Knowlton to Eva J. Thornton
Sadie R. Cadergren to Sadie R. Jenkins
Dora G. Manseau to Dora G. Conlan
Elmeria Auger to Elmeria Martel
Alice Walch to Alice Shepard
Emily Wolf to Emily Simon
Rose B. Middleby to Rose B. Marshall
Mary Louise Gay to Mary Louise Daniels
Delia Hawes to Delia Paro
Mary A. Rich to Mary Arvilla Wyman
Hattie A. Sullivan to Hattie A. Davis
Mary B. Perkins to Mary Bootle
Margaret A. Kent to Margaret A. Wilkinson
Martha E. Ingram to Martha E. Spaulding
Eveline M. Allen to Eveline M. Dudley
Mary Agnes Pierce to Mary Agnes Cronin
Magnolia A. Russ to Magnolia A. Bessey
Della M. Crough to Della M. Severance
Marion M. Tucker to Marion M. Philbrick
Mary C. Perkins to Mary E. Call
Olive M. Horton to Olive M. Melanson
Louise Ruley to Louise Tovette
Flora E. Parker to Flora E. Merrill
Hattie Elizabeth Ayers to Harriet Elizabeth Cooke
Agnes C. Quimby to Agnes C. Sargent
Josephine M. Welch to Josephine M. Lacour
Anna A. Konstantin to Anna Alida Nuss
Margaret G. Barrett to Margaret G. Gordon
Helen I. Quimby to Helen I. Ellsworth
Eugenie Charette To Eugenie Villeneuve
M. Etta Wheeler to M. Etta Lockwood
Cora B. Watson to Cora B. Currier
Mary Heroux to Mary Martel

Lillian I. Maxfield to Lillian I. Brown
Mary J. Brassaw to Mary J. Goodhue
Blanch S. Sessions to Blanche S. Lathrop
Addie R. Stowell to Addie R. Page
Mary F. Moore to Mary Fountain
Emma I. Gibson to Emma I. French
Grace McCasco to Grace J. Judkins
Cora M. Ellingwood to Cora M. Humphrey

Ora Rebecca Dodge to Ora Rebecca Smith
Edna A. Porter to Edna A. Bradford
Emma B. Magoun to Emma B. Smart
Rose L. Wright to Rose L. Morse
L. Mae Wilkie to L. Mae Delworth
Lena A. Belding to Lena A. Goss
Eva A. Colburn to Eva A. Collins
Alice M. Duval to Alice M. Smith
Elsie M. harris to Elsie M. Bagley
Gertrude R. Day to Gertrude R. Woods
Nellie Nute Aldrich to Nellie Frances Nute
Bertha D. DuRenfret to Bertha B. Eastman
Lillian N. Baker to Lillian N. LeMay
Louise C. Robertson to Louise Cummings
Maude E. Cameron to Maude E. Johnson
Faustina B. Howard to Faustina B. Avery

Florence E. Fearon to Florence E. Eccless
Thyra B. Joy to Thyra B. Griffith
Alice S. Hartley to Alice Sargent
Hannah A. Hunt to Hannah A. Simonds
Blanche A. Dale to Blanche Archer

Laws of the State of New Hampshire


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