New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1907 to January 1909

Laws of the State of New Hampshire, 1907 — Chapter 212 NAMES CHANGED

From January 1907, to January 1909, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names by the probate courts:

Bessie Edna Bailey to Edna Pearl Carter
Cora R. Belden to Cora R. Roberts
Robert Brophy to Robert Shea
Norma Campbell to Noram Thomas
Lottie May Clark to Lottie May Rude
— Conway to Helen Lela Truman
Ruth Crane to Evelyn McGaughey
Frank Currier Crosby to Frank Currier Warren
Marion Adeline Dearman to Marion Adeline Kelley
Clara A. Dow to Clara A. Fitts
Hattie M. Dow to Hattie M. Villars
Lulu May Dunbrack to Laura May Ordway
Charles B. Eaton to Charles Blanchard
Sadie J.E. Elkins to Sadie J.E. Cameron
Grace D. Estes to Grace D. Lyford
Mary L. Fifield to Mary L. Lang
Gertrude D. Foster to Gertrude D. Washburn
Zilda May Grace to Sarah Belle Wilson
Charles Smith Hatch to Charles Burbridge Hatch
Raymond A. Ingraham to Raymond A. Evans
Dora Jelna to Dora Redman
Horace Scudder Klyee to Scudder Klyee
Annie Frances Libby to Annie Frances Osgood
Daisy Luck to Daisy Luck Follansby
Kenneth G. Manson to Kenneth G. Carter
Gertrude V. Marsh to Gertrude V. Gove
Henrietta E. Marston to Etta L. Marston
Carrie E. Mills to Carrie E. Nudd
Annie F. Morse to Annie F. Head
Eugene Henry Poliquin to Raymond Elmo Smith
Frank O. Roberts to Frank Joseph Hodges
Elizabeth A. Rollins to Elizabeth Ruth Dart
Lewis Wilbur Rollins to Earl Wilbur Langley
George L. Scott to Scott Loyd Todd
Fannie Faustina Smart to Marie Louise Smart
Lucy A. Smith to Lucy A. Barr
Arminda Gladys Smythe to Arminda Gladys Bartlett
Lenora F.B. Smythe to Lenora Francilia Bartlett
Philip W. Spinney to Philip W. Morrison
Joseph Paul Stackpole to Herbert Edwin Richardson
Ruth Timmins to Ruth Balaam
Herbert Walker to Herbert Eugene Varrell
Maxwell Herbert Wiggin to Herbert Wiggin Brooks

Edith Irene Bassler to Edith Irene Newcomb
Joseph Augustus Chamberlain to Augustus Joseph Chamberlain
Annie Chapdelaine to Orise A. Potvin (adpt.)
Annie M. Dame to Annie M. Knox
Adola Pari to Odola Gagnon (adpt.)
Clara B. Wright to Clara B. Rollins

Emma J. Abbott to Emma J. McKean
Joseph Adams to Arnold Lester Lougee
Adries I. Bailey to Esther Aileen Plum
Ada Gertrude Bennett Hubbard to Ada Gertrude Bennett
Ada M. Clark to Ada M. Berlew
Mabel Eva Clough to Mabel Eva C. Curtis
Rita Ethel Copp to Rita Ethel Plummer
Mary E. Dennis to Mary E. Kimball
Mary A. Duprey to Mary A. Hutchinson
Edna V. Elkins Edna Florentine Ham
Lucie K. Haggett to Lucie K. Seaverns
Anna B. Heenan to Anna B. Mtthews
Charles V. Hutchinson to Charles Hutchinson Walker
Cleora L. Hutchinson to Cleora Lavinia Walker
Grace H. Leavitt to Grace Sceggell
Nellie McNally to Nellie Kirkman
Arthur Verda Norcross to Arthur Verda Norcross Cota
Mary S. Osgood to Mary A. Sanders
Harry Wilbur Wallace to Harry Wilbur Levoy
Ruth S. Wallace to Ruth E. Levoy
Beatrice Wilbur to Louise Hill

Charles Selden Bean to Charles Stilphin Bean
Josephine Mary Bickford to Josephine Mary Rust
Hazen B. Chamberlain to Hazen B. White
Rosina A. Chase to Rosina A. Porter
Frederick Ryan to Frederick Stewart
Mary Stanley to Mary Mabel Bryar
Lillian M. Webster to Lillian M. Fortier

Mary Anna Bachant to Anna Stebbins
Beatrice Mae Barron to Beatrice Mae Twombly
Alton Kirk Morgan Carron to ALton Kirk Morgan
Mabel Sarah Coudry to Mabel Sarah Shontell
Chester Allen Davis to Francis Allen Carleno
Alice Mabel Day to Alice Mabel Savage
Florence M. DeForge to Florence May Champney
Madeleine Ewer Dooley to Madeleine Ewer Brown
Frederick Flarity to Frederick W. Bean
Raymond Forsaith to Wesley Franklin Rand
Ralph Edward Foster to Clinton Wheeler
Earl S. Gilmore to George Worthen Rice
Ohannes Gurgian to Ohannes Gurgo Agbashian
Gladys Mae Hunkins to Gladys Hunkins Webster
Annie S. Kennedy to Annie S. Page
Ralph LaPlante to Ralph Eugene Adams
Minnie Hunter Lay to Marion Hunter Lay
Priscilla Leone to Elsie Leonia Belrose
Eva Lessard to Eva Gage
Louis H. Lindsay to Lewis H. Thompson
Bessie Jenkins Potter to Bessie Jenkins
Edward St. Pierre to Edward Plourde
Francis Thomas Seanlan to Francis Thomas Powell
Violet Margaret Sturtevant to Violet Emma Dexter
Beatrice May Whitlam to Beatrice May Horne
Eva May Willis to Edna May Lowell

Gerline Ashford to Florence Mabel Bohonan
Helen Ashford to Florence May Bohonan
THeodore W. Barker to Theodore Barker Hadley
Ivory R. Bean to Ralph Ivory Bean
Helen M. Bingham to Elizabeth Marian St. John
Waldo C. Bingham to Waldo Canaan St. John
Waldo Philip Birch to Waldo Philip Jackson
Laura May Blood to Laura May Gould
Mary P. Briggs to Miriam Conway
Milton Ensley Broomhead to Milton Ensley Wheeler
Edith Brown to Ruth Marion Cole
Josephine Clem to Josephine Ollson
Mary K. Cuddy to Mary K. Champagne
Roy Lee Darby to Roy Lee Badger
Angelina Elizabeth Davis to Angelina Elizabeth Barnett
Minnie Mary Devio to Minnie Mary Sweeney
Alice May Doulby to Alice May Graham
Armand Fregeau to Armand Carter
Lillian Belle Gothron to Lillian Belle Burbee
—– Gregory to Millard Alvin Blaisdell
Russell Hall to Russell Hall Knowles
Raymond Edwin Ham to Raymond Edwin Lazarus
Eva Jane Hayford to Eva Jane Hutchins
Dora A.C. Hildebrandt to Dora A.C. Krogmann
Lucie E. Hill to Lucie E. Swett
Grace Helen Crosby Howard to Grace Helen Crosby
Mary Mayne Howatt to Mary Mayne MacEwen
Henry Lafarniere to Henry Ross
Llewellin LaPage to Llewellyn Harrington
Charles W. Leary to Charles W. Martin
Mary Ann Blanche LeBrun to Mary Anne Blanche Laliberte
Georgia B. Leny to Georgia B. Merrill
Mary Elizabeth Long to Marian Palmer
Jacob Michelson to Jacob M. Mitchelson
Charles Louis Nealey to Charles Louis Loverin
Mary Agnes O’Shea to Eva Mary Burtt
Ralph Alexander Paquin to Ralph Fremont Perry
Adrianne Poirier to Adrianne Laois
Isabelle Poirier to Isabelle Rattee
Benjamin Harrison Rankins to Benjamin Harrison Caverly
Oscar Leon Reynolds to James Oscar Herbert
Nellie Grant Richards to Nellie Grant Guertin
Doris Marion Richardson to Doris Marion Richardson Rand
Armand Ronan to Armand Patajo
Leo Ronan to Leo Patajo
Harold Allen Ross to Harold Ross Moore
Emma May Roy to Emma May Curran
Florence Sherman to Martha Beauchiane
Edith Frances Shields to Edith Frances Follansbee
Anna Smith to Anna Boisvert
Amelia Josephine Spaulding to Amelia Josephine Carlton
Frank Fielding Taylor to Frank Taylor McEnrue
May Eunice Thomas to May Eunice Wilkins
Gladys Mae Tibbetts to Gladys Mae Elder
Bertha Etta Twombly to Bertha Etta Roberts
Anthony Uzdanawieze to Anthony Uzdan
Elsie D. Wason to Elsie D. Lee
Adeline E. Woods to Adeline E. Mitchell
Mary Louise Woodsum to Mary Louise Wells

Ethel B. Corliss to Ethel B. Zhwail
Bessie L. Crain to Bessie L. Knight
Morris Gooz to Morris Gass
Emma G. Libby to Emogene D. Libby
Carrie M. Nash to Carrie M. Foote
Everett Elwin Nash to William Elwin Nash
Clark Arthur Potter to Clark Arthur Kathan
Guy E. Reed to Guy Eugene Severance
Myrtle R. Robinson to Myrtle R. Sanborn
Clara B. Smith to Grace L. Farr
Grace Corinea Stephenson to Grace Corinea Nadeau
Florence May Trombly to Florence May Hall
Henry Vincent to Henry Buillardety
Archibald Wyman to Archibald Wyman Champney

Lulumay Buzzell to Lulumay Burbank
Addie R. Clark to Gladys Ayer
—- Gardner to Jennette Nancy Sorrento
Harold Eugene Johnson to Harold Eugene Blanchard
—- Jones to John Wesley Weeks
Daniel Maher to Daniel James Gilbert
Blanch M. Mayote to Blanche May Hamel
—- Neilson to Edith May MacDuffie
—- Neilson to Edna Mabel MacDuffie
Nellie M. Wright to Nellie M. Quimby
Herbert I. Adams to Herbert I. Fisk

Arthur Harold Bellows to Harold Adams Bellows
Guy Llewellyn Blanchard to Guy Llewellyn Putney
Ada Connell to Ada McClure
Bertha H. Dennis to Bertha L. Hibbard
Mary DeVarney to Mary white
Harold C. Enderson to Harold D. Enderson
Verne S. Goodwin to Verne S. Anderson
Edith E. Hoisington to Edith E. Jones
Albert R. Mitchell to Albert R. Little
Gladys May Poore to Ruth Alpha Clark
Frank M. Plant to Frank M. Revoir
Guy Llewellyn Putney to Guy Llewellyn Blanchard
George Raymond to George Raymond Page
Helen J. Rowell to Helen J. Emerson
ALice J. Skaggs to Alice J. Quimby
Georgie E. Vermott to Georgie E. Gorgon
Hattie M. Wentworth to Hattie M. Clough
Walter A. Williams to Walter A. Stoddard

Mary C. Brainard to Mary Cree Mahurin
Austin Philip Cook to Austin Philip Lord
John Little to John Sigvard Thorn
Everett McCrillis to Robert Hobson Fletcher
Myrtle E. Potter to Myrtle E. Abbott
Addie Rowell to Addie Rowell Burbank
Mary Lillian Tyrill to Mary Lillian Noonan
Doris I. Wescott to Doris Helen Whelan

—FROM January 1907 to January 1909 the registers of probate returned to the scretary of state the following changes of names by the superior court in DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS—

Margaret B. Keege to Margaret Brown Keltie
Mattie M. Small to Mattie M. Dane

Gertrude L. Bumford to Gertrude L. Wallace
Mary E. Haley to Mary E. Jorde
Helen L. Hanscom to Helen L. Nighswander
Sadie M. Jackson to Sadie M. Rowe
Nellie M. Moore to Nellie M. Elwell
Ethelind M. Reed to Ethelind M. Jones

Eliza A. Durant to Eliza A. Higgins
Mary D. Durgin to Mary D. Sulloway

Florence M. Adams to Katherine Marx

Florence M. Adams to Florence M. Harrington
Ida M. Bailey to Ida M. Hannaford
Catherine E. Cass to Catherine E. Carroll
Ethel G.B. Dooley to Ethel G. Brown
Edith M. Fagan to Edith M. Pearl
Bella Feirstein to Bella Hirsch
Carrie M. Grafton to Carrie M. Farmer
Minnie E. Kimball to Minnie E. Sweatt
Stella L. Langill to Stella L. Stone
Susie J. Pettit to Susie J. Piper
Lura May Putney to Lura May Adams
Mabel I. Rolfe to Mabel I. Young
Nora Sevigny to Nora Chartier
Isabell E. Strickford to Isabell E. Noyes
Grace E. Tenney to Grace E. Stevens
Winnifred Tewhill to Winnifred George
Edith D. Travers to Edith D. Trull
Aldine F. White to Aldine F. Riley

Mary J. Bressaw to Mary J. Goodhue
Emma I. Gibson to Emma I. French
Lillian I. Maxfield to Lillian I. Brown
Mary F. Moore to Mary Fountain
Blanch S. Sessions to Blanch S. Lathrop
Addie R. Stowell to Addie R. Page

Lucy E. Jewell Babock to Lucy E. Jewell
Ellen A. Dexter to Ellan F. Foster
Clara Mae Gale to Clara Mae Waterman
Lillian E. Gobar to Lillian E. Miller
Cecil Dick Haddock to Cecil Dick
Bessie V. Hickey to Bessie V. Freeman
Helen Hayander to Helen Hellegard
Luella V. Kincaid to Luella Vivian Bemis
Victoria H. Lowd to Victoria H. McIntire
Louise F. McKenzie to Louise F. Connor
ALice J. Messer to Alice J. Thayer
Hazel E. Perley to Hazel E. Caswell
Mazie Robbins to Mazie Goodrich
Lu Dell Ruggles to Lu Dell Remick

Flora A. Remick to Flora A. Green
Lillian M. Reed to Lillian M. Stanley

FROM: Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1909

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