New Hampshire Name Changes From January 1903 to January 1905

Chapter 148. Names Changed [State of New Hampshire]
From January 1903 to January 1905, the Registers of Probate have returned to the Secretary of State the following changes of names.

Robert Joshua Ramsbottom to Robert W. Ramsdell
Martha Jane Ramsbottom to Martha Jane Ramsdell
Charles Franklin Ramsbottom to Charles Franklin Ramsdell
Joseph Howard Ramsbottom to Joseph Howard Ramsdell
Robert Wylie Ramsbottom to Robert Wylie Ramsdell
Irving Joshua Ramsbottom to Irving Joshua Ramsdell
John Edward Ramsbottom to John Edward Ramsdell
Everett Louis Ramsbottom to Everett Louis Ramsdell
Gertrude Martha Ramsbottom to Gertrude Martha Ramsdell
Sarah D. Hoitt to Sarah D. Paul
Addie L. Swinerton to Addie L. Peverly
Laura Wood to Laura May Robinson (adoption)
Blanche H. Meserve to Blanche N. True (adoption)
Agnes Fouchon to Helen Virginia Corning (adoption)
Harriet E. Gage to Harriet E. Roach
Florence Edith Hudson to Florence Edith Nichols
Sylvia E. Hudson to Sylvia E. Nichols
Hattie M. Hartford to Hattie M. Rollins
William Ford to William Ford Chapman
Fannie P. Wendell to Frances P. Wendell
Louisa Blanchette to Louisa Eva Boisvert (adoption)
Mary Catherine Cronin to Mary Alice Kironac
Atta I. Cram to Atta Cram Fitts (adoption)
Esther W. Austin to Esther B. Warner
Jennie Wood Perkins to Jane Wood Perkins
Clifton Russell to Charles Clifton Russell
Kenneth Russell to Kenneth Samuel Russell
Emma M. Bates to Emma M. Gay
Annie E. Rand to Annie Rand Jenness (adoption)
Marjorie Roberts to Marjorie Frances Brackett (adoption)
Lillian B. Sanborn to Lillian Bell Robbins (adoption)
Laura E. Goodwin to Laura E. Ramsdell (adoption)
Dorothy H. Whitehouse to Dorothy Hazel Berry (adoption)
Mary Jane Pierce to Mary Pierce Chapman
May Appleton Taylor to May Edith Appleton
Marion G. Nealey to Marion G. Merrill
Lila Nason to Lila Hunt
John William Bassett to John William Peaslee
Ethel M. Phillips to Ethel M. Bickford
Flossie T. Brown to Florence B. Noyes (adoption)
Maude A. Micklewright to Maud A. Gage
Mattie N.H. Kingsbury to Mattie N. Hutchinson
Otis E. Flint to Arthur George Blackman (adoption)
Frank Louis Smith to Frank Louis Thomas
Agnes B. Prescott to Thelma Young (adoption)
Elizabeth Maria Howard Smith to Elisabeth Fuller Smith
Mabel Bennett to Mae Belle Whitney (adoption)
Oscar Ehrlich to Oscar Eldredge
William H. Greenway to Fred Greenway Dalton (adoption)

Grace Greenwood Coleman to Grace Greenwood Sterling
Gertrude L. Tanner to Gertrude L.T. Wilkinson
Edith McWhinney to Edith Bell
Grace L. Boyd to Grace L. Avery
Julia S. McDonald to Julia S. Shapleigh
Alice Asenath Nye to Alice Asenath Hamblet
Mercy Clara Manzera to Mercy Clara Warburton
Thomas Brown to Thomas Haggerty
Sarah R. Chase to Sarah R. French
Clara O. Whalley to Clara Otillia Becker
Lilla M. Watson to Lilla M. Keay
Frances Eaton to Erma Edna Small
Mary Elizabeth Nealley to Mary ELizabeth Weare
Lavenia E. Jenness to Lavenia E. Newcomb
Ruth Young to Ruth Estelle Clough
William Pearl Guy to Pearl Guy Clough
Martha Washington Horr to Martha Plumer Horr
Edna L. Leighton to Edna L. French

Augustus S. Owen to Stanton Owen
Nellie Maud McIntire to Nellie Maud Huckins
Myrtie Glenina Rand to Myrtie Glenina Crooker
Annie J. Heath to Annie J. Swain
Florence Maud Bean to FLorence Maud Parshley
Joseph Alexander Theberge to Joseph Trombley
Lucy M. Perkins to Lucy M. Sargent
Harry W. Gross to Harry W. Laprise
Betsey J. Kennie to Betsey J. Parnell
Isabel A. Huntoon to Isabel A. Spiller
Mabel M. Piper to Mabel M. Hubbard
Frances R. Ranlet to Frances R. Robinson
Clarence Stone to Clarence Vallee
Grace P. Weeks to Grace P. Kimball
Nancy J. Wilkinson to Alice J. Wilkinson
Ellen L. Campbell to Ellen L. Davis
John Henry B. Clow to Henry B. Clow
Harold Jesse Huckins to Harold Stephen Huckins
George LaBelle to Samuel Lawrence Leavitt
Herbert Freeman LaFleur to Herbert Freeman LaFleur
James Leroy LaFleur to James Leroy LaFleur
Bessie Black to Blanche Allen Leavitt
Bessie M. Boylan to Bessie M. Grant
Raymond Foster Gilbert to Raymond Hawyard Coone
Hollis Beede to Donald Knight Sanborn
Leon BLanchette, alias Harry Leon Guayette to Leon Blanchette

Anna Stella haines to Anna Stella King
Lucy M. Hutchins to Lucy M. Smith
Sarah J. Whitehouse to Sarah Jane Dorr
Edward Kendall to Charles Edward Sanborn
Marilla M. Abbott to Marilla M. Patten
Clara M. Staples to Clara M. Liberty
Abbie E. Brown to Abbie E. Brann
Harold Holman Gay to Harold Holman Head
Mary J. Corson to Mary L. Canney

Arthur C. Bronner to Arthur Coolidge Chadwick
Eilen Hewes to Pauline Frances Gibson
Donald E. Bean to Donald B. Chase
Lillian Pearl Tobyne to Lillian Pearl Blake
Carl Alfred Carlson to Harold Alfred Matthews
Raymond B. Johnson to Raymond B. Lord
Mildred Gillingham to Mildred Emerson
Eleanor Catherine Thomas to Dorothy Flanders
George Russell Bowers to Leonard Davis
Ruth Hills to Ruth Hazel Osgood
Grace M. Garland to Grace M. Rice
Haold W. Mellen to Neil Alfred Dow
Addie P. Jameson to Addie P. Nudd
Florence May Spaulding to FLorence May Kenrick
Flora E. STory Tarbell to Flora Ermenie Jones
Edith May Thompson to Edith May Nevers
Bertha M. Locke to Bertha Monroe Jones
Carrie M. Huntoon to Carrie M. Sinclair
Ruth Marion Huntoon to Ruth Marion Sinclair
Ellen D. Massison to Ellen D. Trull
Eliza Miningham to Eliza James
Carl Anderson to Charles Anderson
Olive R. Bonney to Olive R. Osgood
Mary Louise Emily Foley to Mary Louise Emily Welcome
Helen Edith Verrill to Helen Edith Burbank
David Livingston Howe to David Weld Howe

Elizabeth Mary Watts to Elizabeth Mary Thompson
Nina Brookhouse Wallace to Nina Brookhouse
Hattie Amelia Williams to Hattie Amelia Shaw
Charlotte L. Doherty to Charlotte L. Tasker
Aaron Golub to Aaron Brodie
Israel Sistraten to Israel Stratton
May Nichols Rowe to May Blanche Nichols
Julia A. Davison to Julia A. Bennett
Emo E. Smith to Emo E. Ruffirm
Libbie May Roberts to Libbie May Badger
Mary ELiza Vittum to Mary Eliza Johnson
Mindie Aldrich Buswell to Minda Aldrich Buswell
Adaline Colby to Adaline Morrison
James Pettipaw to James Norton
Annie Crawford to Anna Nicholl
Katie Evangline Wilder to Katherine Evangeline Wilder
Alice J. Adams to Alice Janette Stearns
Rose Hossell to Rose Calwar
Mary E. Loomis to Mary E. Donaghey
Cora B. Trumbel to Cora B. Russell
Georgina M. Brennan to Georgina M. Harwood
Arvilla R. Mills to Arvilla Rebecca Satterly
Levena J. Greer to Levena J. Blondin
Florence E. Jones to FLorence E. Loverin
Emma M. White to Emma M. Cotton
Abraham Selig Ratkowsky to Abraham Selig Rich
Mederic Thomas Gerin-Lajoie to Mederic Thomas de Gerin
Herman Pipig to Herman Wilhelm Webster
Lillian Adams Wadleigh to Lillian Maude Adams
Nellie B. Moore to Nellie B. Munson
Sarah F. Green to Sarah E. Dane
Charles Moy to K. Movsesian
Mabel A. Gonyeau to Mabel A. Clough
Sadie K. Spalding to Sadie K. Kaime
Francena Powers to Francena Hodgman
Lizzie Belle Otto to Lizzie Belle Fellows
Jennie Elizabeth Moffett to Jennie Elizabeth Damory
Bernice Hanson McKillips to Bernice Hanson
Bertha Poirier to Bertha Hebert (adoption)
Margaret H. Steward to Margaret Steward Flanders (adoption)
Doris Arville Cowing to Doris Arville Morse (adoption)
Ethel Marion Keniston to Ethel Marion Dickey (adoption)
Helen E. Smith to Helen Esther Stacey (adoption)
Joseph H. Lavoie to Joseph Herbert Rodier (adoption)
Harold George Stowe to Harold George Merrill (adoption)
Arthur J. Wyman to Arthur J. Rogers (adoption)
Edna Clara Dougherty to Edna Lemay (adoption)
Royal Emerson Pratt known as Royal Emerson Lane to Royal Emerson Buss (adoption)
Gladys Irene Sawyer to Gladys Irene Minard (adoption)
Mary Harrington to Mary Beatrice Mackie (adoption)

Lucy E.G. Whitney to Lucy E.Goodrich
Mary Dora Bedard to Theodora May Lavoie
Daisy I. Carley to Daisy I. Clark
Nellie M. Pierce to Nellie M. Traxler
Ruby Mason to Ruby Gearing
Clara M. Ferguson to Clara M. Read
Dorothy M. Peirce to Dorothy M. Collins
Stewart Gamiela Freeman to Stewart Freeman Faulkner
Nellie B. Marsh to Nellie B. Whittemore
Lillian M. Donovan to Lillian M. Winchester
Sarah Plummer to Sarah MacLeod
Henry Lavando to Henry Cloutier
Mabel Grace Smith to Mable Grace Fisher
Emily C.F. Blake to Emily C. Fisher
Parke Weeks Mallory to Parke Follett Weeks
Vera Minnie Putnam to Vera Minnie Butler
Grace Stone talbot to Grace Stone.

Nettie Clow to Nettie I. Vondel
Mabel S. Gamash to Mabel S. Bent
Ralph Emerson Leighton to Ralph Leighton Dame
Gertrude E. Marshall to Gertrude Marshall Muzzey
Clarence U. Parker to Clarence Parker Huntley
Edna Maria Smart to Edna Maria Maxham
Minnie A. Thrasher to Minnie A. Wilmot
Harriet E. Vose to Harriet E. Slack
Edward T. Wise to Edward T. White
Philip Ward to Philip Ward Robertson

Bernard T. Brown to Bernard T. Gile
Alice C. Brown to Alice Cousins
Hannah M. Brand to Hannah M. Wood
Dorcus A. Carlton to Dorcus A. Clark
Lena Day to Florence M. Lambert
Daisy W. Dorothy to Daisy Ellen Wheeler
Mable Hattie Gerguson to Winnie Irene Sherman
Marie E. Howe to Maria E. Bowman
Helen M. Harrigan to Helen M. Richardson
Annie Eleanor Harper to Annie Eleanor Barraby
Edith Marion Holmes to Edith Marion Carpenter
Emily Bell McLinn to Emily Bell Farnum
Carlton Rupert Patrell to Carleton Rupert Metcalf
Lizzie E. Pellerin to Lizzie E. Dewey
Malcom Dee Pearson to Malcolm D. Hildreth
Mitchell Richardson to Nelson Peterson Johnson
Alphonso J. Rancour to Alphonso J. Sulham
Mabel A. Spafford to Mabel A. Currier
Elmer Tobey to Elmer Courett
Gladys Rebecka Vale to Alice Mary Mansfield
Ruth Lillian Webb to Lillian Ruth Berry

Winifred B. Clark to Winifred B. Whitten
Lillian Brennan to Wanita Glyde Winslow
Bertha Carrie Bowker to Bertha Carrie Libby
Florence Mildred Sawyer to Florence Mildred Oleson
Libbie Lynne Hebbard to Libbie Lynne Goodridge
Helen A. Silver to Helen A. Hanson
Irving E. Angel to Irving Jones
Florence V. Huntington-Wright to Florence V.P. Huntington
John Kenison to John Elwin Moulton
Raymond Ellsworth Pike to Raymond Ellsworth Larrabee
Bessie L. Treggett to Bessie L. Lombard
Henry Walter Cook to Henry Walter Johnson
Merle William Reid to Merle William Evans
Gerald Parker Reid to Gerald Parker Evans
Archibald Crawford to Archibald Crawford Bowles
Fay Lawrence Beecher to Fay Lawrence Roby

From Laws of the State of New Hampshire, passed January Session 1905


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