New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1901 to January 1903

From January 1901 to January 1903 the judges of the probate have made and returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names (From: LAWS OF THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, 1903)

Frank L. Garland to George F. Leonard
Hazel E. Callister to Hazel E. Fernald
Mary T. Sleeper to Mary T. Smith
Frances F. Carroll to Frances F. Worden
Annie E. Boss to Annie E. Allard
Joseph G. Carroll to Joseph Carroll Brown
Ida B. Baldwin to Ida B. Prescott
Minot C. Spalding to Minot C. Gordon
Lucretia Braxton to Lucretia Carter
Mary E. Whitney to Mary E. Evans
Sadie M. Foster to Said M. Smith
Anna M. Langdon to Anna M. Philbrick
Esther M. Travis to Esther M. McKenney
Gladys M. Thompsont o Gladys M. Robinson
Hattie M. Rogers to Hattie M. Pierce
Fannie Robbins to Fannie M. Cosgrove
Esther H. Zeeman to Hattie E. Narcross
Nellie Thompson to Nellie Alice Manwaring

Edna May Leach to Edna May Johnson
Eugene F. Edgerly to Eugene F. Edgerly
Lulu V. Rogers to Lulu V.R. Edgerly
Elizabeth Abbott to Mary Elizabeth Coleman
Annie V. Smith to Annie V. Whithouse
Bertha Wilhelmina Goodwin to Bertha Wilhelmina Merrill
Maudie May Wilkinson to Maudie May Brown
Hattie F. Babbidge to Harriet F. Wallingford
Ella L. Thayer to Ella Amanda Drew
Edith Jeannette Pidgin to Edith Jeannette Cochrane
Hazel Etta Hurd to Hazel Etta Garland
William E. Hutchins to William E. Goodwin
Mary Emma Huntoon to Mary Emma Whipple
Annie M. Hayes to Annie M. Fall
Grace M. Keir to Grace M. Bickford
Annie Florence Purinton to Annie Florence Hanson
Minnie E. Shapleigh to Minnie E. Blaisdell
Margaret Dowd to Margaret D. Waterhouse.

Nellie E. Davis to Nellie E. Brown
Linnie E. Hayes to Linne E. Wright
Vaughn Seavy to Vaughn Seavy Blanchard
Tryphena Ray Adams to Tryphena Ray Marston
Mary E. Carley to Angie May Eastman
Hattie Goodrow to Hattie Mason
Cleoria M. Ingerson to Cleoria M. Morse
Gracie May Hill to Gracie Mabel Hill
Laura W. THorp to Laura W. Stevens

Nellie M. Brown to Nellie M. Peavey
Nellie V. McKinnon to Nellie V. Hodgdon
Beatrice L. Maloney to Beatrice L. Brown
Belle V. Anderson to Belle V. McKeen
Lula J. Broughton to Lula Hanson Abbott
Alma M. Gardner to Alma M. Swett
Ada G. Hubbard to Ada G. Bennett
Rose E. Stockbridge to Rose E. Pattison
M. Margaret Bill to M. Margaret Foote
Angie M. Fountain to Angie M. Watson
Cora D. Powers to Cora D. Larrabee
Bertha S. Goodwin to Bertha S. Merrow
Hildegrade May Watson to Hildegrade Watson Perkins
Marcia M. Moody to Marcia M. Dorr
Edgar L. Warren to Edgar Warren

Katherine Agnes Lavender to Katherine Agnes Basquil
Alice Bell Sleeper Paige to Alice Bell Sleeper
Nettie A. Lear to Nettie A. Sanders
Lucinda M. Duke to Lucinda M. Sanborn
Katie E. Cheney to Katie E. Wells
Hass Clark Carson to Arold Carson
Nancy S. Colby to Nancy S. Batchelder
Laura E. Merrill to Larua E. Potter
John J. Nichols to Jasper Nichols Johnson
Emma B> Leighton to Emma B. Brown
Dollie C. Beede to Dollie C. Wallace
Lottie Ray Riley to Charlotte Ray Brown
Emily E. Whidden to Emily E. Cole
Ida B. Slattery to Ida B. Merrill
Edith Keyser to Edith Emerson
Anna May Swinnell to Anna May Allen
Maud A. Burroughs to Maud A. Gage
Marion Webber to Marion Webber McDaniel
Joseph Martin Reardon to Joseph Martin Isabelle
Elsie Marion Radford to Elsie May Ellen Wallace
Gladys Bridden to Gladys Elizabeth Blake
Elmer Brown to Elmer Heath
Dorothy Williams to Dorothy Williams Robinson
Beatrice Minnie Sargent ot Gladys Minnie Goucher

John McDonough O’Dowd to RIchard McDonough O’Dowd
Ella M. Town to Ella M. Straw
Aimee Gertrude Van Wyck to Aimee Gertrude Philbrick
Roxanna Shattuck Willoughby to Roxanna Shattuck Patch
Susan A. Buchanan to Suan A. Proctor
Belle Richardson to Belle Watkins
Harriet M. Averill to Harriet M. Mills
Cora J. Banks to Cora J. Conant
John H. Marr to John H. Tucker
Himan A. Jones to Harry A. Jones
Nellie A. Sullivan to Nellie A. Smith
Francena M. Rix to Francena M. McKeen
Bessie J. Cochran to Bessie J. Clough
Bessie Louisa Neal to Elizabeth Louisa Neal
Grace Emory Gelo to Grace Emory Stiles
Mabel Watts to Mabel Livingston
Fannie Ethel Cleworth to Milfred Winters Cleworth
Ella Plumer to Ella Webb
Ada Frances Monzo to Ida Frances Gould
Clara Marshall Wheeler to Clara Roby Wheeler
Anna C> Dollar to Anna C. Cheney
Edna Florentine Ham to Edna Virgina Elkins
Sophronia Shonion to Sophronia Shannon
Lizzie Appleton Swart to Lizzie Roby Swart
Elizabeth Mary Watts to Elizabeth Mary Thompson
Nina Brookhouse Wallace to Nin Broockhouse
Rosella Ballance to Rosella Moulton
Herbert Wenthwroth to Herbert Wentworth Sinclair
Mary Rose Connor to Verna May Woodburn
Gladys Gates to Arelene Jones
Herbert J. Wyeth to Herbert Joseph Goldthwait
Eleanor Rowell to Glenda Louise Woodbury
Edward Fitzgerald to Edward Fitzgerald Ryan
Ernest Brown to Ernest Brown Ham
Nellie Morison Wilcox to Nellie Morison Mudge
Marie Blanche Peters to Isabel Joy
Margaret G. Mullins to Margaret G. Colburn
Bertha May Poor to Hattie Gagnon
Marry Lillian Clifford to Mary Lillian Wagner
Florence O’Brien to Florence May Colby
Lester R. Moulton to Clarence Raymond
Clarence Raymond to Lester R. Moulton
Harrold Earnest Hoyt to Harrold Earnest Truell
Josephine C. King to Josephine C. Duncan
Fannie Ethel Winters to Fannie Ethel Cleworth
Elsie Giles to Irene Margaret Clark
Dorothy Grant to Dorothy Ursula Dalton
Arthur H. Douglass to Arthur H. Garland

Helen Maria Barry to Helen Barry Banning
Jennie F. Phillips to Eva Calesta Bardwell
Marion Davidson to Marion Kilpatrick
Jennie E. Iverson to Jennie E. Lesure
Rubie P. Pratt to Rubie Hartley Mason
Lottie E. Mason to Lottie E. Hill
Frances A. Moriarty to Frances A. McConnell
Lucius Castor to Lucius Curtis
Mattie May Castor to Mattie May Curtis
Anna Louise Holt to Anna Laura Holt
Ella White to Helen Murphy
William Brooks to William McKinley Rockwood
Bernice Page to Bernice Alida Hale
Mildred O. Iverson to Mildred Hattie Mansfield
Annie M. Buckminster to Annie M. Holman
Cora E. Thompson to Cora E. Ballou
Charles Coolbroth to Charles Phillipps

Grace Clement to Grace Rockwell
Mary Julia Cummings to Mary Julia Lorin
Lena Emily Elliott to Lena Emily Kempton
Dorothy Aldrich Leighton to Dorothy Leighton Blanchard
Josephine Agnes Leighton to Josephine Leighton Stark
Mary Elizabeth Miller to Mary Elizbeth Myers
Walter Alvah Nash to Walter Alvah Cross
Clara L. Putney to Clara L. Hunton
Martha Kenniston to Martha Jeneve Bradley

Lucy Ella Atkins to Lucy Ella Graves
Amy B. Berry to Amy B. Currier
William Butler to William Arthur Russell
George D. Butler to Chester Hildreth
Elsie Butler to Glory A. Hildreth
Edna Butler to Joyce Hildreth
Hattie I. Cross to Hattie I. Wilson
Nettie S. Chaquette to Nettie Somers
Sariah M. Cole to Sariah M. Scales
Harrold V. Crowell to Harrold V. Barrabby
Abbie L. Clough to Abbie L. McClu
Mary C. Ferguson to Mary C. Andrews
Arabel C. Hadley to Arabel H. Currier
Daisy Hayes to Daisy Hall
Arthur D. Harvey to Arthur D. Sloan
Minnie R. Lawler to Minnie R. Carpenter
Mary A. LaHait to Mary A. Russell
Minnie E. Merrill to Minnie E. Hall
George H. Marden to George M. Thayer
Flora Moren to Flora Marchand
Matsy McPherson to Beth Helen Corliss
Mary Cathern Morecraft to Mary Catherne White
Clara M. McSweeney to Clara B. Sanborn
Laura Evelyn Nash to Evelyn Sidonia Kimball
Rosetta C. Perkins to Rosetta C. Ricker
Sarah M. Parker to Sarah M. Sanborn
Ralph C. Randall to Ralph C. Bean
Flora RIvers to Flora May Murry
Nora M. Seavey to Hazel May Dawes
Millie P. Simonds to Mildred P. Noyes
Mildred Belle Towel to Mildred Towle Messer
Alice A. Wooster to Alice A. Drew
Paul Hutchinson Wooster to Paul Hopkins Hutchinson

Sarah R. Hutchins to Sarah R. Jacobs
Leman Peabody to Paul Cummings
George Lindquist to George Julius Eaton
George Short to Myrtle George Ingerson
Alma J. Covell to Alma J. Noyes
Vesta V. Cummings to Vesta V. Stinson
Evelyn Keith to Evelyn Keith Leeman
Flora May Stone to Flora May Boothman
Rena M. Emergy to Mabel Currier
Lizzie R. Waters to Lizzie R. Annis



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