New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1899 to January 1901

Chapter 166. NAMES CHANGED.
[from January 1899 to January 1901 in New Hampshire]

Jane West, to Jane Lee
Mary E. Gentley, to Mary E. Kelliher
Mary L. Clay, to Mary L. Lang
Alice A. Eastman to Alice A. Deane
Emma Estelle Smith to Estelle E. Langley
Annie M. Downing, to Annie M. Hill
Robert M. Wiggin, to Robert M. French
Alice E. Kane, to Alice E. Wall
Myra H. Twombley, to Myra H. Davis
Anna M. Davis, to Anna M. Jones
Clara Sclack, to Clara Gill
Mary W. Stirling, to Mary W. Flynn
Nellie E. Gove, to Nellie E. Lyford
Phoebe M. Pratt to Phoebe M. Briggs
Minnie Tilton, to Minnie Farrell
Ida M. Ladd, to Ida M. Kennard
Frederick W. Joslyn to Frederick W. Harrington
Carrie E. Joslyn, to Carrie E. Harrington
Etta B. Coleman, to Etta B. Smith
Emma V. Wells, to Emma V. Hodgdon
Caroline E. Warner, to Caroline E. Dodge
Mary E. Kuselich, to Mary E. Atkins
George S. Tilotn, to George G. Tilton
Jennie McGrath to Jennie Merrick
Ada F. Williams to Ada F. Mason
Ella M. Varrell, to Ella M. Marshall
Abbie M. Brown, to Abbie M. Wells
Perley E. White, to Perley E. Mason
Sarah Ella McKenna, to Ruth Marion Svenson
Lucy D. Ball, to Lucy D. Bartlett
Wilber I. Short, to Wilber I. Fay
Bertha H. Bunker, to Bertha H. Keeyes
Isabel Luck, to Isabel L. Leavitt
John C. Kirk, to JOhn C. Houtvet
Katherine A. Tollbom, to Katherine A. Cockburn
Hazel May Skillings, to Hazel May Frame
Marion Parker Fife, to Marion Parker Moulton
Emma H. Given, to Emma Florence Flynn
Edward Arthur Foote, to Edward Arthur Hills

George Herbert Wentworth, to Bert Wentworth
Priscilla A. Cook, to Priscilla A. Paul
Mary ETta Stevens to Mary Etta Hayes
Annie Springer to Annie Knapp
Millicent Agnes Grover, to Doris Millicent Shapleigh
John W. Smallcon, to John W. Small
Ella May Butterworth to Arvillar Hussey
Ralph Foster, to Ralph Otis Watson
Martha Roberts, to Martha Leigh
M. Geneva Beal, to M. Geneva Berry
William Stanley Skeetup to William Stanley Blaisdell
Grave Viola Poor, to Phyllis Vera Poor
Persis L. Levy, to Persis L. Wiggin
Mary Marcotte, to Mary Q. Marcotte
Maria Exerina Goulet to Exerina Gagnon
Alice Cartland, to Alice Cartland Downing
Mabelle Bardsley to Mabelle Bailey
Samuel Bell, to Samuel Harding Bell
Frederick Henry Peppin, to Frederick Henry Ryan
Marie Berube, to Marie Audeux
Margretta Upton, to Jennie Margretta Whitehouse
Gilberta Irene Herrick, to Lottie Gilbertha H. Pound
Phyllis Meriam Grant, to Phyllis Grant Redlow
Maudie May Hall, to Maudie May Wilkinson
Nellie M. Brown, to Nellie M. McDonald

Sarah E. Savage, to Jessie Savage
Edna Black, to Lillian Beatrice Currier
Perley E. Senter, to Henry E. Wade
Margaret Garland, to Margaret Eames
Edith Farrar, to Stella Iola Giles
Lola B. Reed, to Lola B. Foss
Grace A. Durgin, to Grace A. Locke
George Davis, to John Herman Semple
William Rowe Jones, to William Danforth Rowe
Emma T. Frye, to Emma Taylor Ladd
Blanche M. Lessard, to Blanche M. Turmal
Frances L. Gero, to Frances L. Dexter

Louisa Stewart, to Mary Belle Willey
Christie Ealy, to Verna Gordon
Lottabell Osgood, to Lottabell Andrews
Rhoda Nutt, to Rhoda Kenney
Carrie Wentworth to Carrie Hepworth
Sarah F. Jones to Sarah F. Stickland
Jareb Alonzo Greene, to Jared Alonzo Greene

Margaret I. Stanley, to Margaret I. Ferguson
Bessie May Sanborn, to Bessie May Momblo
Gladys Marion Kelley, to Gladys Marion Ordway
Emma Grace Proctor, to Emma Grace Phelps
Harry Chauncey Davis, to Harry Chauncy Cate
Lena Kimball, to Lena Gordon
Jessie W. Davis to Jessie W. Foster
Willie C. Buswell, to William C. Rowe
Charles Brennan, to Charles Cranston
Grace Taylor to Grace Lull
Lester Howard Ingalls, to Lester Howard Fletcher
Marjorie Atkins, to Jessie Gould
Esther C. Hart to Esther C. Hewitt
Wilson Boyd to William Cyrus Brown
Abbie R. Jacobs to Abbie R. Batcher

Gladis H. Derby, to Gladis H. Whiting
William Pillsbury, to William Pillsbury Stickney
Joseph Murphy, to Joseph Phillippe Massicotte
Edith H. Pero, to Edith H. Sargent
Nellie RObinson, to Nellie F. Smith
John E. Blanchard, to John E. Barden
Theresa Corina Driscoll, to Corina Bacigalupo
Frank L. Reed, to Frank Cronin
Evelyn Crooks, to Evelyn Parker
Ruth M. McPherson, to Ruth M. Blakely
Alma R. Sedgewick, to ALma A. Robinson
Nell B. Lawrence to Nellie Lawrence Marshall
Lena J. Woodbridge, to Lena J. Blackmun
Nellie F. House, to Nellie E. Flanders
Emma frances Williams, to Emma Frances Pierce
Franklin Augustus Hill to Franklin Agustus Hills
Rosa S. Morrill, to Rosa A. Crowell
Eliza S. Cheever, to Lizzie A. Cheever
Abby G. Lee, to Abby G. Forbush
Mary A. Bennett, to Mary A. Haselton
Cora E. Forgays, to Cora E. Amlam
Maria Cotilda Martina, to Maria Clotilda Bacigalupo
Musette Elsworth, otherwise called Estelle Musette Titus, to Estella Musette Mills
Minnie C. Currier, to Minnie C. Johonnett
Clarence Wheater Gannon, to Clarence Shepherd Gannon
Clara L. Pettee, to Clara L. Howard
Delinda Ann Pelkie, to Delinda Ann Lee
Dorothy Frances Heath, to Dorothy Frances Whidden
Annie Elizabeth Brown, to Elizabeth Scribner Brown
Meltie Nette Burgess, to Beltie Nette Mitchell
Ina S. Knowles, to Ina S. Colby
Clara Sanborn Dudley, to Clara Loretta Sanborn

Sylvia Estelle Cobb, to Sylvia Estelle Goodwin
Lillian Alice McRegney to Lillian Alice Cahill
Harry Hurton Stevenson, to Charles Hurton Blake
Sylvia Marribee Day, to Sylvia Marribee Hayden
Elsie Moulton Whyte, to Bessie Gertrude Dunton
Clara Lilly Veber, to Clara Lilly Knight
Fred Theodore Veber, to Fred Theodore Knight
William A. Bemis, to Francis Truth
Walter Henry Penniman, to Walter Henry Turner
Arethusa Whitney Adams, to Katherine Whitney Alden
Olive Pratt Fraser, to Olive Pratt Keniston
Mary Esther Smith, to Mary Esther Allard
Addie M. Peck, to Addie M. Grant
Helen Maria Berry, to Helen Berry Banning
Linnie L. Bemis, to Linnie L. Truth
Myrtle Mabel Crassley, to Myrtle Mabel Lund

Ray Edward Alexander, to Ray Edward Stowell
Leon W. Chase to Leon W. Burns
Pearl M. Eddy, to Pearl M. Dean
Frank Willis Grandy to Frank Willis Crane
Florence L. Johnson to Florence L. Guild
Florence E. Lufkin to Florence E. Dunlap
Elinor Milner, to Elinor Trow
Abbie Maud Mann, to Georgia Maud Carlton
Winifred A. Stevens, to Winifred A. Bartlett
Charles B. Slawenwhite, to Charles B. Howlett
Frank A. Slawenwhite, to Frank A. Howlett

Luella Bonett, to Luella Turner
Hugh N. Bonnet to Hugh N. Turner
Bertha L. Crawford to Bertha Crawford Large
Frank Curtis to Frank Curtis Jackson
Sarah Maud Davis, to Sarah Maud Little
Ephraim Henry Davis, to Ephraim Henry Little
Wilma Gertrude Elliott to Wilma Gertrude Harris
Guy G. Furnel, to Guy Goodwin Fernald
William B. Hook to William B. Corser
BLanch Kinney, to Blanch Miller
Grace W. Marshall to Grace W. Ricker
Donald J. Miclon to Donald J. Vandyke
Carl George Peaslee to Errol Kenneth Muzzey
Sadie P. Rowe, to Sadie P. Sanborn
Martha Smith, to Agnes Ethel Kinne
Ralph Swindlehurst, to Ray Abbott Craig
Robert Swindlehurst, to Roy Byron Craig
Cecil H. Tarady, to Cecil H. Smith
Jesse A. Tarady, to Jesse A. Smith
Alma B. Tarady, to Alma B. Smith
Archibald Barry, to Archibald Gregory
Fred Kimball Buxton, to Fred Kimball McConnell
Mabel Crane, to Mabel Hall
Jessie M. Counter, to Jessie M. Chamberlin
Fannie Ruth Forbes to Fannie Ruth Forbes
Benjamin J. Frizette, to Benjamin J. Lawrence
Beatrice Heath, to Beatrice Hildreth
Merl W. Heath, to Merl W. Hildreth
Jennie L. King, to Jennie L. Putnam
Catherine Meham, to Catherine Hunter
Georgianna Repley, to Georgianna Tondreau
James Watson Smith to James Watson
Mary Smith, to Mary Watson
Mary Edith Whitney, to Edith Mary Emery

Lillia A. Davis to Lillia A. Goodwin
Leland Smith, to Leland Nelson Boutwell
Natt Ray Laughton to Natt Ray Cummings
Achsah Alice French to Ruth Kent
Maud Agnes Willard, to Maud Agnes Stevens
Earl C. Keeler to Harry Earl Morse
Viola L. Kitchin, to Lurline Elsie Gillanders
Laws of the State of New Hampshire from 1899 to 1901

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