New Hampshire Name Changes from January 1897 to January 1899

NAMES CHANGED From January 1897 to January 1899, the judges of probate have made and returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names:

Mary F. Elkins to Mary F. Dearborn
Morris London to Moses Herts London
Harriet C. Read to Harriet Cora Edwards
Aner M. Brady to Aner M. Bates
Adaline S. TIlton to Adaline S. Perkins
Harrison Enoch West to William Harrison West
Rebecca Priscilla Eaton to Bessie Priscilla Clouette
Baby Fears to Henrietta May Slaughter
Harold Emerson SMith to Harold Emerson Caswell
Sally L. Dissel to Sally L. Wells
Mary A. Tuttle to Mary A. Batchelder
Annie Keniston to Annie Varrell
Emma M. Atkinston To Emma M. Allen
Sarah Perkins Godfrey to Dorothy Perkins Godfrey
Mabel Shaw to Mabel Shaw Somerby
Maude E. Smith to Maud E. Emery
Ralph Leroy TUttle to Ralph Leroy Keezer
Irene Smith to Irene Hare
Annie Mary Wiggin to Annie Mary French
Laurie Pearl Wiggin to Laurie Pearl French

Carrie G. Woodbury to Carrie G. Brown
Agnes W. Heath to Agnes W. Tuttle
Mary I. Warner to Mary I. Sleeper
Helen F. Colston to Helen F. Elliott
Nellie A. Kenerson to Nellie A. Smith
Cora H. Cutler to Cora H. McGrath
Sarah Sawyer to Sarah Leavitt
Marion M. Whitehouse to Marion Margaret Zoll
Alice C. Poor to Alice C. Brown
Josephine Smith to Lillian Isadore Prescott
Ita B> Hart to Ita B. Carter
Emma F> Wilson to Emma F. Corning
Mary F. Colson to Mary F. Neal
Frank A. Tyler to Francis Odlin Tyler
Susie Marion Hill to Susie Marjorie Dustin
Rose A. Seamans to Rose A. Moreland

Mary Alphomine (Hardwood) Duelois to Mary Alphomine Routhier
Bernice Lodena Lisles to Mabelle Amerlia Hall
Bertha E. Goodwin to Alberta Trask
Christina Ferguson to Christina Durgin
Fannie W. Lowe to Fannie W. Beacher
Ella M. Plummer to Ella M. Hussey
Lilla C. Stevens to Lilla C. Davis
Ara Adna Hubbard to Ara Adna Sleeper
Alice DOnahue to Alice Mills
Rose B. Stokes to Rose B. Bartlett
Isabella Blackburn to Isabelle B. Chesley
Isadore Howard to Isadore Lord
Henry E. Hodgdon to Harry E. Hodgdon
Rose Eltha Jewell to Rose Eltha Estes
Olive L. Stevenson to Olive L. Beacham
George Herbert Wentworth to Bert Wentworth
Annie Springer to Annie Knapp

Edna B. Clegg to Edna B. Howland
Chester John Flack to James Chester John Flack
Carrie Belle Watts to Carrie May Wells
Georgianna Dockham to Georgianna Dupont
Lydia Maud Vannah to Maud Lydia Emery
Guy Leonard Taylor (Courtois) to Andrew Leonard Childs
Clayton J. Palmer (Folsom) to Clayton J. Mahomet
Flora B. Seeley to Flora B. Wyatt
Bertha M. Collins to Bertha M. Crane
Hattie A. Drinkwater to Hattie A. Bennett
Ivon Blanche Bunker to Blanche Ivon Grant

Cordelia P. Schenck to Cordelia P. Johnson
Annie Mehitable Brackett to Annie Mehitable Wiggin
Kate Whitehouse to Kate Clark
Myrtle A. Grace to Myrtle A. Aldrich
Laura May Currier to Laura May Gilman
Alice T. Holmes to Alice Thompson
Flora C. Roberts to Flora C. Leavitt
Catherine Alice Hughes to Alice Mary Brooks

Wilfred St. Denis to Wilfred Lefebvre
Sara Warren Whiting to Sara Warren Buchanan
Walter Albert Gregor to Walter Albert Monteith
Rosa Tappan to Rosa Glines
Francis Elmer Wright to Francis Elmer Sawyer
Madeline Cynthia Estella Smith to Madeline Smith Caldon
Ernest Stanley Grady to Clayton Roswell Eaton
Rufus T. Roberts to Rufus T. Morrison
Charlotte L. Allen to Maria Charlotte Allen
Charles Francis Allen to Charles Francis Hitchcock Allen
Patrick Hagerty to Patrick Frank Hagerty
George Oliver Perkins to Frank George French
John Lewis Ryder to John Lewis Randolph
Mary S. Clarke to Mary Abbott
Ida J. Christopher to Ida J. Leavitt
George H. Howland to George H. Bartlett
Marguerite Derrick to Marguerite Taylor
Bessie L. Gould to Bessie L. Traver
Viola Goyette Denno to Viola M. Goyette

Willie Kelly to Guy Clarence Vondell
George Leo Reed to George Leo Nickelson
Fannie S. Scribner to Fannie S. Felch
Ferne Ethel McDonald to Ferne Ethel Colburn
Loren A. Campbell to Philip W. Rounsevel
Howard L. Purington to Leonard Maurice Quimby
Max Otto Blei to Max Otto Grundel
Arthur L. Schaffer to Arthur L. Karr
Carlton Grant to Carlton Grant Prince
Josephine E. Winslow to Josephine E. Carter
Elbert Reynold Bent to Elbert Reynold Chute
Joseph Henry Herman to Joseph Henry Herman Roque
William Back to William Ora Wilkins
Alta Thompson to Alta Hall
Earle Ray Sefton to Erhardt William Schmidtchen
Ruth Chase to Ruth Curtis
Ada Gladys Shaw to Ada Gladys Shaw Broadhead
Mildred E. Lawrence to Mildred Evelyn Lawrence Thorpe
Pearl A. CLement to Pearl Anna Sanders
Arthur R. Faulkner to Raymond Arthur Dewey
Frederick Quinn to Frederick Charles Lawes
Edwin S. Goodwin to George Edwin Goodwin Batchelder
Annie Belle Mills to Annie Belle Mills Buckland
Clara E. Parks to Clara Emeline Dickinson
Morris Aschtashinsky to Morris Asch
Charlie B. Bodwell to Charles B. Bodwell
Emily A. Wedge to Emily A. Brown
George Parker Hill to George Parker Hills
Ann Rebekah Hill to Ann Rebekah Hills
Lizzie Neal to Lizzie D. George
David Albert Hodge to David Albert Smith
Grace Helen Warren to Helen Jones
Carlotte A. LaBonta to Carlotta A. Cleaves
Julian Samuel Lord to Samuel Julian Lord
Lulu A. Brough to Lulu A. Parker
Albina L. Hyland to Albina L. Warren
Mary J.S. Knight to Mary J. Shipley
Annie L. Clifford to Annie L. Lord
Mary M. Wyeth to Mary M. Morse
Gertrude V. Lynch to Gertrude V. Estey
Bella Miller to Bella McGee
Hazel May Ordway to Hazel May Batchelder
Gerogia Heath Nelson to Georgia A. Heath
Nona Commillia Shirley to Nona Commillia Bonney
Stella Louisa Hefty to Stella Louisa Berger
Annie F. Methley to Annie F. Dow
Fannie H. French to Fannie H. Sawyer
John Isaacson to John Leaf

Addie Maria Brooks to Addie Maria Young
Esther Newcomb to Esther N. Welch
Mary A. Babcock to Mary A. Breen
Ada H. Pratt to Ada Harriet Kingsbury
Edna Rosella Foley to Edna Rosella Parkhurst
Reginald Hayden to Reginald Balch
Fannie Ella Gee to Ella Fannie Gee
Abbie new to Abbie A. Clark
Marion Cooper to Marion Martell
Electa L. Read to Electa L. Wright
Grace Mave Davis to Grace Mave Greene
Charles Sylvester Gunnison to Charles Sylvester Haynes
Elsie I. Howard to Elsie Irene Newell

Hattie Rose Pearl Bryant to Hattie Rose Pearl Merrill
Lucia C. Cutting to Lucia C. Pierce
Etta Belknap to Etta Belle Davis
John W. Fredericks to John Frederick Lakin
Mary J. Fellows to Mary J. Lewis
Willie Elisha Kempton to Will Elisha Kempton
Mary Marcott to Mary Georgianna Churchill
Melissa J. Paul to Melissa J. Way
Elvira L. Perry to Elvira L. Spaulding
Marble E. Piper to Marble E. Kibbee

Pearl Adams to Pearl Myott
Lyman Bailey to Richard Miles Knapp
Adrian Norma Currier to Adrian Norma Welch
Sarah E. Elliott to Sarah E. Burgess
Mona Haynes to Mona Dimond
Nellie Estelle Jenks to Ella May Bartlett
Walter Perkins to Walter P. Lynde
Merton E. Spiller to Merton E. Castellino
Edward Verry to Edgar Verry Eastman
Randall Wentworth to Eugene B. Hubbard
Lillian Inez Waters to Mary Helen Knapp

Grace M. Burnham to Grace M. Crawford
Jennie Marie Reynolds to Jennie Marie Greenfield
Mary C. Gerry to Mary C. Twohey
Ina M. Page to Ina M. Cole
Pearle Kathlene Stevenson to Pearle Kathlene Quimby
From: Laws of the State of New Hampshire (1899)




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