New Hampshire Name Changes 1878

Chapter 116: Names Changed

The following changes of names have been legally made by the judges of probate in the counties where the persons reside, during the year from June 1877 to June 1878

William Lowry, of East Kingston, to William Cavanaugh
Mary Jane Lowry, of East Kingston, to Mary Jane Cavanaugh
Edward Barrisiet, of Plaistow, to Edward Jarrelle
Ella C. Twombly, of Portsmouth, to Charlotte Ella Wood
John F. Janovin, of Epping, to John Herbert Chase

Lizzie A. Colomy, of Dover, to Lizzie A. Littlefield
Sarah A. Atkinson of Somersworth to Sarah A. Crocket
Lydia T. Andrews, of Rochester to Lydia T. Gowell
Nellie F. Bickford, of Rochester, to Nellie F. Wentworth
Jennie F. Knox, of Somerworth to Jennie F.K. Thompson
Emma A. Hills, of Farmington, to Emma A. Goodwin
Laola B. Gleason, of ROchester, to Laola B. Weeks
Arthur L. Gleason of Rochester, to Arthur L. Emerson

James F. Bunker of Barnstead, of Charles Tuttle
Aruilla Jane Glines, of Gilford, to Aruilla Jane Robinson
Alice Marion Glines, of Gilford, to Alice Marion Robinson
Charles Herbert Waldo Glines, of Gilford, to Alson Charles Robinson
Willie Henry Waldron, of New Hampton, to Willie Henry Lowd
Charles Edward Price, of Laconia, to Harry Arthur Woodhouse
Hattie Nutter, of Barnstead, to Hattie N. Young
Laura Evelyn Kelly, of Center Harbor, to Laura Evelyn Smith
Emma O. Willey, of Barnstead, to Emma O. Cilley
Jonathan F. Aikens, of Barnstead, to Frank J. Aikens

Lille B. Marr, of Madison, to Lillie B. Sanborn
Hannah Loise Chamberlain, of Sandwich, to Grace Agatha Blanchard

Hannah C. Green, to Hannah C. Osborne
Ida F. Gilmore, to Ida F.G. Harriman
George Watrous to Eddie Marden
Daniel Smith, to Danie S. Elliott
Samuel Converse, to Samuel Converse Head
Frank Washington Rand, to Frank Pierce Rand
Georgina S. Page, to Jessie Anna Prescott
Ellen F. Miller, to Nellie F. Garland
Charles L. Peasons, to Charles L. Patten
Harry Eastman, to Willie Edward Knowlton
Estella S. Butter, to Stella S. Whittemore
Emma Elliott, to Emma Gertrude Elliott
Emma A> Mercer, to Emma A. Tappan
Isabelle D. Rollins, to Isabelle Durant

Emma Belle Adams, to Emma Belle Bartlett
Clara E. Blodgett, to Clara E. Burns
Eliza Dodge, to Eliza Pratt
Herbert Fremont Gould, to Herbert Dearborn Gould
Nellie H. Waite, to Flora N. Hodgman
Mary A. Knowles, to Mary A. Davenport
Frank A. Colby to Frank A. Underhill
Emma Sadie Trask to Mabel Blanche Moulton
Fred Hildreth Armstrong, to Fred Hildreth Newcomb
Olive Jane Anderson, to Olive Jane Spencer
Etta S. Wright, to Etta S. Hall
Harriet A. Young, to Harriet A. Moulton
George Murphy, to George Murphy Murray
Richard Mason Hoit, to Mason Richard Hoit
Mary E. Blood to Mary E. Farwell
Myra B. Cobb, to Myra B. Holt
Emma M. Nash, to Flora E. Hamlett
Ebenezer Bailey Bartlett, to Eben Bailey Bartlett
Benjamin F. Ayers to Benjamin F. Bascom
Frankline S.E. Richardson, to Frank S.E. Richardson
Jane M. Arthur, to Jennie M. Hackstaff
Eugene Childs, to Eugene C. Hubbard
Lizzie Jane Clay, to Lizzie Jane Goodwin
Mary S. Annis, to Mary S. Kendall
William Campbell Grisim, to William Campbell

Ellen Mead, of Walpole, to Ellen Hosmer
Wealtha Brittan Wilson, of Surry, to Wealtha Brittan Haskins
Frank A. Heath, of Surry, to Frank A. Poole
Eliza Ann Pease, of Kitzwilliam, to Eliza Ann Kendall
Katie E. Griffith, of Keene, to Katie E. Kenney

Marcella D. Gowen, to Marcella D. Grant
Carl Grant Gowen, to Carl Wilber Grant
Amanda L. Adams, to Amanda L. Slack
By adoption, Arthur W. York, to Arthur W. Lamberton

Ella A. Aspinwall, to Ella A. Hamilton
Sam Colby, to Samuel B. Colby
Emiliy Bonney Dow, to Emily BOnney Kilburn
Nellie P. Gray, to Nellie P. Bryant
Eddie Holton, to Edward H. Bates
Jesse D. Jacman, to Jesse D. Howland
Georgiana Knowls to Georgiana Holden
Henry O. Morrill, to Henry Noyes
Eva Bell Simonds, to Eva B. Putney
Oscar Thomas, to Oscar Thomas Tollman

Eva Beacher, to Eva Brainard
Charles C. Hicks, to Charles C. Head
Winnie N. Newton, to Winnie N. Huggins
Laws of the State of New Hampshire 1878; Names Changed by Judges of Probate


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