Bright Ideas: Identifying Old Photographs through “Naming Parties”

The Library and Archives of Canada got it right.  Faced with piles of photographs that tell the country’s history, but unable to identify them, they chose a novel but simplistic solution–ask the older members of the communities before they die.  Yes indeed, such projects are time sensitive.

Social media is a help too, creating inter-generational conversations. The posting of a photograph to Facebook, for example, creates buzz, often results in identification and often a story behind the faces.

I’ve personally worked for, or volunteered for several historical societies who had many unidentifiable photographs, sometimes complete albums.  The smart organizations will take heed now before it is too late and the knowledge of the where’s and who’s are lost forever. A photograph naming ‘event’ could be created, perhaps with a tie in with a town’s Old Home Day, or with a noted anniversary.

Read more about “Project Naming.”

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