Why Blog?

The Searchroots Blog was created to help history investigators and genealogists to learn more about the best possible New Hampshire research venues. From beginners to advanced students, there is something here for everyone.

This blog does not substitute for otPhotoFunia-magnifyingher services, such as my award winning “New Hampshire Genealogy and History at Searchroots” (a research-focused web site) or Cow Hampshire: New Hampshire’s History Blog (a general NH history with many interconnecting genealogical references).

Instead, The Searchroots Blog provides interesting content that can enrich your life on a daily basic, and provides shorter tidbits of news and educational opportunities. It will also provide a venue to highlight some of the amazing history and genealogy venues that New Hampshire offers.

Great strides have been made in how we research.  Technology has helped the world grow smaller.  Research that used to take years, in some cases now takes months or even weeks. Watch for news and reviews.

Here you can discover where to attend free seminars, historic house tours, and genealogy education in your neighborhood–just select “Calendar of Events” from the menu.  Learn about New Hampshire-focused history  books, tips to finding primary research evidence and  vintage photographs.  Read snippets about amazing New Hampshirites and uncover little known tidbits at “Today in NH History.”  At the very least, expect to have fun.

Several times a month I find myself researching a family tree that is not my own.  In the past I would inform the person who I was helping, and would  throw away my notes.  Instead, I will now be posting those notes with the hope that they will help another.

If there is a topic you’d like to read about, let me know by writing to me at janicebr@earthlink.net.  I look forward to hearing from you.