Celebrity Doppelgangers: Thomas Jefferson and Ian McShane


Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States was of English descent, but was already a third generation Virginian when he was born in 1743.  His father was Peter Jefferson, and his mother Jan Randolph.  Before becoming president, Thomas Jefferson served as a lawyer, scholar and statesman.  He served in the Second Continental Congress and penned the Declaration of Independence. He also served as Governor of Virginia, American Minister to France, Secretary of State under Washington and Vice President under Adams.



During his presidential administration he arranged for the Louisiana Purchase, assisted the Lewis and Clark expedition and established the institution of West Point. [see his genealogy here]

Ian David McShane is an English actor, producer and voice artist. He is probably best known for his roles in the BBC’s Lovejoy series, and HBO’s drama series Deadwood (my particular favorite).  He has also starred in several movies, his most recent being the 2013 Jack the Giant Slayer.

Ian D. McShane was born 29 September 1942 in Blackburn, Lancashire, the son of Harry & Irene (Cowley) McShane.  His da was a footballer. He is of Scottish and English descent.

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