Celebrity Doppelgangers: John Tyler and Nicolas Cage

tyler-cageThe example to the left shows two remarkable strong faces, with long large noses, and deep set eyes.  One would have to wonder by their similarity if they have any genetic commonality.

John Tyler, son of John and Mary (Armistead) Tyler was born 29 March 1790 into a Virginia family of English descent. He died 18 January 1862. He was elected vice president in 1840 under President William Henry Harrison.  He served as President at Harrison’s death, becoming the tenth President of the United States (1841–1845).  He died 18 January 1862 in Richmond, VA.

Nicolas Kim Coppola, known professionally as Nicolas Cage, son of August Floyd & Joy (Vogelsang) Coppola, was born 7 January 1964 in Long Beach, California. He is a well-known and influential American actor, producer and director.  His father was of Italian descent and his mother is of German and Polish descent.



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