Celebrity Doppelgangers: Ulysses S. Grant and Russell Crowe

I present to you, two more unlikely but amazing look-alikes.  Both bring to mind strong leadership–one actual, the second portrayed in several movies. Ulysses S. Grant, son of Jesse Root & Hannah (Simpson) Grant was born ‘Hiram Ulysses Grant’ on … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: John C. Calhoun and Willem Dafoe

As I was browsing early photographs of United States Vice-Presidents, I came upon a very serious looking one of John C. Calhoun.  I knew I had seen his face before! John Caldwell Calhoun,  son of Patrick & Martha (Caldwell) Calhoun … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: Theodore Roosevelt and Jeremy Renner

Unlikely, but fascinating look-alikes are Theodore Roosevelt and Jeremy Renner. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, served as the 26th President of the United States from 1901-1909.  He was Vice President under William McKinley, and inherited the presidents job when President McKinley was … Continue reading