Celebrity Doppelgangers: James Buchanan and Toby Jones

Another unlikely set of look-alikes are Pennsylvanian born James Buchanan and UK-born Toby Jones. James Buchanan, son of James Buchanan Sr. & Elizabeth Speer, was born April 23, 1791 in Cove Gap, Pennsylvania. James Buchanan Senior was born in Blairlush, … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: James K. Polk and Eric Roberts

These photographs show two southern gentlemen–one with a Scottish and Irish ancestry, the second whose lineage is questionable. James Knox Polk, son of Samuel & Jane (Knox) Polk, was born on 2 November 1795 in what is now Pineville, North … Continue reading

Celebrity Doppelgangers: John Tyler and Nicolas Cage

The example to the left shows two remarkable strong faces, with long large noses, and deep set eyes.  One would have to wonder by their similarity if they have any genetic commonality. John Tyler, son of John and Mary (Armistead) … Continue reading