New Hampshire Name Changes 1818

AN ACT to alter the names of certain persons.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened. That ….

Betsey Hoyt of Concord, may take the name of Elizabeth D. Hoyt
Rebecca Susan Hoyt, of Canterbury, make take the name of Rebecca Susan Greenough
Francis Johnson, of Boscawen, may take the name of Francis Peirce Johnson
Sally Jones, of Pittsfield, may take the name of Sally Pillsbury
Henry Beal, of Pelham, may take the name of Henry Beal Peters
Lyman Harris Rounceville, of Marlow, may take the name of Lyman Harris Huntley
John Farewell Burgess, of New Ipswich, may take the name of John Burgess Smith
Juliaette Keyes, of Goshen, may take the name of Juliaette E. Chase
Levi Pearson, of Epping, may take the name of Levi W. Pearson
Cyrus F. Sanborn, of Chester, may take the name of Josiah R. Sanborn
Allen Richmond Dore, of Rochester, may take the name of Allen Pierce Richmond
Elizabeth Dore, of Rochester, may take the name of Elizabeth Richmond
John W. Dore, of Rochester, may take the name of John W. RIchmond
Ephama Stewart, of Wendell, may take the name of Ephama Bartlett
Richard Colbath, of Farmington, may take the name of Richmond Eltham Colbath
Sarah Stratton, of Holderness, may take the name of Sarah Eliza Burley
James Henry Shapley, of Rye, may take the name of James Henry Locke
Nathaniel C. Peabody of Keene, may take the name of Nathaniel C. Manley
Mary S. Peabody, of Keene, may take the name of Mary S. Manley
Salmon B. Peabody of Kenne, may take the name of Salmon B. Manley
Josiah W. Peabody of Keene, may take the name of Josiah W. Manley
Prucius W. Peabody, of Keene, may take the name of Procius W. Manley
Nathaniel W. Peabody, of Keene, may take the name of Nathaniel W. Manley
Sally J. Peabody of Keene, may take the name of Sally J. Manley
Lewis Twitchell, of Dublin, may take the name of Lewis Powhatan Randolph
Henry Bartlett, of Freedom, may take the name of William Harmon, Jr.
Frederick A. Stone, of Goffstown, may take the name of Frederick A. Weston
William L. Whitehouse of Poplin, may take the name of William L. White.
William C. Powers, of Groton, may take the name of George Powers
Emeline B. Dickey of Epsom, may take the name of Emeline B. Towle
Constantia Prince Blake, of Claremont, may take the name of Clarissa Stetson Blake
Luther Clement of Nashville, may take the name of Luther Herbert Clement
Eliphalet Peck, of Walpole, may take the name of Augustus E. Peck.
— Approved June 23, 1818

Laws of the State of New-Hampshire, Passed June Session 1818
New Hampshire Statesman (London, England) Friday, July 14, 1848, Issue 1416

New Hampshire Name Changes 1840

AN ACT to alter the names of certain persons.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened, That the several persons herein named shall hereafter be called and known by the names which by this act they are respectively allowed to assume, viz:

John Guillow, Jr. of Gilsum, may take the name of John C. Guillow
Ezra Currier, @d, of East Kingston, may take the name of Ezra Fisk Currier
Robert Hogg, of New-Boston, may take the name of Robert Bentley
Joanna Hogg, of New-Boston, may take the name of Joanna Bentley
Abigail L. Hogg of New Boston, may take the name of Abigail L. Bentley
William Hogg, of New-Boston, may take the name of William Bentley
Abner Hogg, 2d, of New-Boston, may take the name of Abner Bentley
Lucy Ann Hogg, of New-Boston, may take the name of Lucy Ann Bentley
Calvin Foster, of Washington, may take the name of Calvin Danforth
Jonathan Sanborn, of Gilmanton, may take the name of Jonathan Tilton Sanborn
Jeremiah Sanborn 2d, of Gilmanton, may take the name of Jeremiah Page Sanborn
Luther Hemenway, Jr., may take the name of Luther Singleton Hemenway
Harrison Gale of Newtown, may take the name of Jacob Harrison Gale
William Babcock, of Grantham, may take the name of William West
Daniel Winchester Jr., of Gilsum, may take the name of Daniel Velasco Winchester
William Collyer Mugford, of Windsor, may take the name of William Collyer Ford
Jane E. Melvin, of Dunbarton, may take the name of Jane E. Wright
Nathaniel Willand, of Sandwich, may take the name of Nathaniel Willard
Fabius II Willand may take the name of Fabius H. Willard
Elizabeth D. Willand may take the name of Elizabeth D. Willard
Nathaniel II Willand may take the name of Nathaniel H. Willard
George Shackford, of Eaton, may take the name of George Allord
Reuben W. Gould, of Concord, may take the name of William W. Gould
John Currier 2d., of South Hampton, may take the name of John Hoyt Currier
Harrison Fitts, of South Hampton, may take the name of Andrew Jackson Fitts
Jacob Tilton, of Epping, may take the name of Jacob H. Tilton
John Tompson, of Nashua, may take the name of John Adam Tompson
–Approved June 20, 1840
New-Hampshire Statesman and State Journal (Concord, New Hampshire) July 11, 1840

New Hampshire Name Changes 1937 to 1939

New Hampshire. From January 1937, to Jauary 1939, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the probate court:

Marion Amelia Allison to Marion Amelia Ewer
William Edward Allison to William Edward Ewer
Eva M. Hartford to Eva M. Thibeault
Baby Patterson to Nancy Neal
Jean Courser to Jean Courser Morrill
Jean Courser Morrill to Jean Ann Morrill
Maurice Kelley to Robert Franklin Kelley
Gertie …. to Gertie Kuntz
Joseph Rocker 3rd, to Thomas Barr ROcker
Barbara J. Dockhma to Margaret Rose Peterson
Richard S. Prescott to Wilfred Rowland Kimball
Shirley Adams Davis to Walter Adams Davis
William Richard Anthony to William Richard Dennison
Pluma Jane Boyd to Pluma Jane Fowler
Virginia Andrew Boyd to Virginia Andrew Fowler
Athanasios Aristides Marinopoulos to Arthur Marinos
Carrie W. Carlson to Carrie W. Raynes
Mary Ann Rogers to Elaine Frances Stevens
Veronica Nora O’Connor to Veronica Nora Critchley
Early Jenvin Batchelder to Erle Nathaniel Priest
Phillip Burton Gough to Joseph Phillips Grave
Phillip Gerald Croft to Phillip Gerald Schubert
Riccardo Raffaele Papasotero to Ralph Rosa
Barbara M. Whiteaker to Barbara Mae Brown
Gloria Elaine Cookson to Nancy Rouner
George Oliver Cookson to Lucius Henry Chappell
David Mills Lawrence to Donald Guy Berry
Impi Jackson to Sally Ellen Scott
Edward TImothy Dwyer to Stephen Nathaniel Roberts
Anthony Andreus Coelho to Anthony Andrews
Elizabeth Andreus Coelho to Elizabeth Andrews
John Andrews Coelho to John Andrews
Walder Andrews Coelho to Walter Andrews
Mooney or Mendal Wexler to Murray Wexler
Lizzie Hill Downing Hartford to Elizabeth Hill Downing Hartford
Shirley Carol Dame to Shirley Carol Keller
William Litch Harrigan to William Litch Peek
Priscilla Locke to Priscilla Gorman
George Albert Locke to George Albert Gorman
Mrs. Ruth L. Fitts to Miss Ruth T. Lane
Reginald Jacques to Wallace Reginald Jacques
Baby Quigley to Joan Rosaline Berry
George Grace to Joseph Richard Grace
Dorothy Elinor Conrad to Dorothy Elinor Seavey

Sheldon Halpert to Sheldon Harold Cook
John Herbert Moulton to John Herbert Carpenter
Nancy E. Pillsbury to Nacy E. Buswell
Samuel Ruggiero to Samuel Rogers
Leonel Wilfred Deschants to Leonel Wilfred Fields
Marjorie L. Pickering to Marjorie L. Charrette
Lona Effie Burgess to Lona Effie McNeil
Richard Augustus McKay to Richard Augustus Donlon
Deborah May Morse to Deborah May Small
Everett Gordon Galloway to Everett John Galloway
Alberta May Nielsen to Yvonne May Aspinall
Mary Lora Estes to Mary Lora Dunlap
Grover Newbury to George Grover Newbury
Francis Joseph Crawford to Francis Joseph Carpenter
Joan Beverly Ostler to Joan Beverly Cassell
Roland Henry Drouin to Roland Henry Therrien
Jeannette Lefebvre to Jeannette Antoinette Brady
Mary-Rose Rachel Houle to Mary-Rose Rachel Vezeau
Janet Louise Mackey to Janet Louise Burleigh
Edvill B. Dowling to Devill B. Howland
Paul R. Geary to Paul R. Bowden
Barbara R. Geary to Barbara R. Bowden
Beverly E. Geary to Beverly E. Bowden
June Lorraine Huntsman to June Lorraine Deveau
Richard Gaffney to Richard Croft
Alice Irene Poisson to Alice Irene Fisher
Florence L. Poisson to Florence Louise Fisher
Brenda O. Poisson to Brenda Ora Fisher
Ora M. Poisson to Ora Mary Fisher
Roland J. Poisson to Roland John Fisher
Robert Eugene Unglaub to Robert Eugene Dolph
Adolf Elias Unglaub to James Elias Dolph
Anna Katherine Unglaub to Anna Katherine Dolph
Jacqueline Joan Christie to Jacqueline Joan Christie Butterfield
Robert Morton Christie to Robert Morton Christie Butterfield
Shirley May Smart to Shirley May Peck
Ethel M. Bough to Ethel M. Whitehouse
Roberta Strafford Keller to Roberta Strafford Cassell
Helen Elizabeth Bough to Helen Elizabeth Caldwell
Marilyn Barbour to Geneva Marilyn Wentworth
Helen Louise Londo to Natalie Lorraine Jenness
Pauline Gagnon to Pauline Dubois
Roland Gagnon to Roland Dubois
June Gagnon to June Dubois
Aurel Gagnon to Aurel Dubois
WInifred Dorothy Tappan to Winifred Dorothy Knapp
Russell Edward Londo to Russell Edward Ellis
Bertha Hayes Atwood to Bertha Guernsey Hayes
George Paul Gray to William Edgar Gray Jr.
Loretta Lorraine Trahan to Loretta Lorraine LaFrance

Glenna M. Estey to Glenna M. Buchanan
Lenona Elizabeth Huston to Leona Elizabeth Perry
Romeo De Blois to Romeo Richard De Blois
George F. Merrill to George Frederick Derby
Lorenzo A. Morin to Lorenzo Joseph Morin
Roselle M. Huntington to Roselle M. Torrey
Charles Henry Scott Jr. to Charles Henry Morse
-Changed by Adoption-
Russell Emile Clairmont to Russell Emile Boissoneault
Gladys Perkins Bickford to Gladys Sargent Bickford
Foster E. Varrell to Foster E. Varrell
George Walter Varrell to George Walter Varrell
Marjorie Woodward to Marjorie Woodward Ives
Priscilla Johnson to Priscilla Gurney
Germaine Prince to Germaine Prince
Napoleon Prince to Paul Prince
Anthony Joseph Bisson to Anthony Joseph Dupuis
Mary Jane Brosseau to Mary Jane Deslandes
Betty Caroline Fogg to Betty Caroline Cass
Barbara Louise Parsons to Barbara Louse Wheeler
Clifton William Reardon to Clifton William Fogg
Stuart D. Phillips Stetson to Stuart D. Phillipps Stetson
Edmund F. MacQuarrie to Edmund Francis Fields
Robert James Breck to Charles O. Hopkins
Robert George Wallace to Robert George Casey
…. Sampson to Cynthia Colby.

Julia F. Davis to Julia F. Garland
Ellsworth Smith Ervine to Kenneth Grafton Evans
Earle Joseph Hilliard to John Leslie Taylor
Linnie Marie Mayott to Linnie Marie Thompson
John Frederick McLellan to John Frederick Starrett
Irving Howard Eaton to Richard Howard Charles
Leon E. Harriman to Ernest Carleton Bogle
Selma Fay Harriman to Fay Elizabeth Bogle
Earl Francis Chase to Earl Francis Hagar
Kirk P. Brewer to Kirk P. Read
Helen E. Floyd to Helen E. Herrick
Barbara M. Floyd to Barbara M. Herrick
Joseph Beauchemin to Arthur Joseph Bushman
Louise Beauchemin to Bertha Louise Bushman
Robert John Beauchemin to Robert John Bushman
Willis L. Lemorn to Willis Lemwood Nason
Levon Henry Takesian to Levone H. Takesian Fairbanks
Tobia Blake Brownrigg to Tobia Blake Brownrigg Goodson
Tuleta Tutt to Joan Zita Tutt

Rosie M. Ireland to Rosie M. Jones
Ralph Withey to Harry Onley Lewis
Robert S. Borras to Robert L. Fickett
Everet Joseph Thayer to Everett Joseph Mozier Jr.
E. Paul O’Connell to E. Paul Roberts
John William Zalanskas to John William Zorn
Paul Douglas deLahunta to Alexander deLahunta
Emily May Otto to Emily May Radcliffe Otto
Winifred Jewell to Winifred Bean
Bertie C. Tilton to Bert C. Tilton
Lois H. Holmes to Lois H. Heath
Kachadoor Kachadoorian to Benjamin Kane
Harry Lugsch to Harry Lugsch Wisner
Matthew F. Oliver to Matthew Frank Brown
Ibar Robert Derosier to Ibar Robert Lord
Woodrow John Derosier to Woodrow John Lord
Catherline J. Jenvey Lindsey to Catherine J. Jenvey
Dorothea Cecilia Marie Chenette to Dorothy Cecilia Marie Chenette
Alpha Metivier to Alfred Metivier
Frederick L. Lancisi to Frederick L. Lancey
Marion B. Lancisi to Marion B. Lancey
Nella D. Lancisi to Nella D. Lancey
Robert F. Lancisi to Robert F. Lancey
Dale Miner to Dale Miner Blandin
Mabel R. Dow to Mabel R. Scott
Arthur La Mora to Arthur Lamoureux
Louise C. Whipple to Louise C. Guptill
-changed by adoption-
Roger Chouinard to Roger Chouinard Leblanc
Harold Everett Thurber to Harold Everett Boulay
“Baby” Bergstrom to John Sanderson
Ronald Allen Barkley Jr. to Ronald Allen Charles
Nancy Ann Files to Nancy Ann Files Gilson
Raymond Russell to Raymond Russell Marden
Charles P. Bessette to Charles Parker Corson
Jannette Nadeau to Jannette Couturier
William Marinelli to William LaClair
Lawrence Theodore Pero to Paul Arsenault
Barbara Elizabeth Adams to Barbara Elizabeth Reed
Shirley Belle Adams to Shirley Belle Reed
Virginia Belleveau to Clara Louisa Boutelle
“Baby” Hill to Roger Lewis Whiting
Stuart Sanborn to Clarence Miles Boutelle
Priscilla Velma Brideau to Priscilla Velma Gosselin
Hilma Mae Jewett to Alice Ann Corbin
Paul Frederick Hoyt to Paul Frederick Clark
Janet Guertin to Beverly Janet Yeo
Katherine Odell Adkins to Katherine Odell Green
Marjorie Mae Murphy to Marjorie Mae Joyce
Elsie Margaret Bacon to Elsie Margaret Allen
“Baby” MacDonald to Richard Lawrence Sanderson
Dennis John Croft to Peter Blaisdell
Sylvia Pear Fogg to Sylvia Pearl LaRochelle
Barbara Jeanne Hartman to Barbara Jeanne Comolli
Caroline Atta Smith to Patricia Ann Mundy
Roberta Goddard to Natalie Ann Clough
Donald Francis Savage to Donald Francis Savage Durost
Carl Edward Bent to Carl Edward Williams

Madeline Longeran to Madeline Hill
Hector MacIsaac to Hector Homoleski
Eva Chatrai or Charter to Eveline Richer
Darrel Lamora to John Francis Lamora
Leopold Norton Booth to Lee Norton Booth
Joseph G. Biron to Joseph Larion
Lucien Raoul Beaulieu to Richard Lucien Beaulieu
George Albert Michaud to George Albert Graham
Diogenes Lioliopoulos to Daniel Lylis
Beatirce Ann Silva to Beatrice Ann Byam
Cecile B. Caron to Cecile Lorette Beaudet
Ernest William Charland to Ernest William Blake
Ida Lubin to Gussie Talent
Doris Glines Belmont to Doris Glines
Humphrey Edward DeSchuiteneer to Humphrey Edward Scannell
August DeSchuiteneer to August Scannell
August Edward DeSchuiteneer to Edward August Scannell
Julia Christina DeSchuiteneer to Julia Christina Scannell
Frank C.J. Dziadosz to Frank C. J. Jadosz
Charles Przybla to Charles Prisby
Joseph H. Barbeau to Joseph Bellefeuille
David Bernard Kaufman to David Kay
Peter H. Tsourides (Sourides) to Peter H. Landis
Stanley Kwiatek to Stanley K. Flower
Emerson Smith to Edward Emerson Smith
Joseph Pierre Menard to Joseph Pierre Maynard
William Henry Martin to William Henry Parker
Joseph Paul Emile DesGroseilliers to Paul Robinson DeGross
Alfred H. Raza to Alfred H. Ranger
Edward A. Raza to Edward A. Ranger
George A. Raza to George A. Ranger
Aime Raza to Aime Ranger
Doris C. Loughlin to Doris Charlotte McAuliffe
Roberta Gervais to Roberta Germas
Robert W. Perdue to Robert W. Hunter
Alfred Joan Warcholik to Alfred Joan Walker
Charles Karanikas to Charles Kearns
Alphonsine Goulet to Alphonsine Larochelle
Kimon Basil to Kimon Vasiliou
Theologia Lioliopoulos to Theo Lylis
Tanous Seibaha to Tanous Seibaha Saad
John Papalevizopoulos or Papalevizos to John A. Papp
Helen Papalevizou to Helen Papp
James Papalevizou to James Papp
George Papalevizou to George Papp
Catherine Papalevizou to Catherine Papp
Alexandra Papalevizou to Alexandra Papp
Joseph Alphonse Ferland to Alphonse Ferland Normand
Celina Caron to Celina Rock
Chow Shuck Yee to John S. Yee
Panagiotis Tempelis to Peter Spiretos
Efthemios A. Adamopoulos to Timothy Adams
Angeline Macri to Angeline Mary Constantino
Hermen Henrie L’Homme to John Joseph Manning
Neil Stanley Hodgdon to Donald Hodgdon Marshall
William Argeropoulos to Antonio Argeropoulos
Harold Malhoit to Wilfred Malhoit
Theodore Lioliopoulos to Theodore Lylis
Elsie A. Coldwell to Elsie C. Doyle
Wasyl Kott to Russell Kott
Thomas McGuigan to Thomas Guthrie
Mabel Zeisel to Mabel J. Frost
Robert Wallace to Robert Wallace Boyer
Paula Hidden to Paula A. Hiatt
Adolfena Smietana or Smeitami to Ardele Krym
Felix Francis Smietana to Felix Francis Krym
John S. Caraphilakis to John S. Caraphil
-changed by adoption-
Richard Hayes Hickman to Richard Hayes Rogers
Marion S. Aldred to Marion S. Coons
J. Edward Aldred to J. Edward Coons
Marjorie W. Aldred to Marjorie W. Coons
Herbert A. Aldred to Herbert A. Coons
Bertha Alice Young to Alice Mae Tripp
Rita V. Simoneau to Marie Violette Rita Belanger
Norman Gabriel to Norman Gero
Richard Gabriel to Richard Gero
Paul Gabriel to Paul Gero
Charles J. Fourier to Robert Hadley Griffin
Alice Everhart to Florence Jane Lucas
Dorothy May Pepin to Dorothy May Blanch
David Keith Aldrich to Fred Lorraine Fottler
Robert ROyal Brown to Robert R. Flaherty
FLorence Emma Gaudette to Florence Emma Francoeur
Donald Bruce Signor to Donald Bruce Steele
Joan Yvonne Brochu to Carola Joan Travini
Aldea Pearle Smith to Aldea Pearle White
Beatrice Ann Collins to June Elaine Brown
Adrian Glenwood Seavey to Adrian Glenwood Seger
Merritt F. Porter to Merritt Daniel Booth
Alice Bacon to Rosamond Woodruff
Robert Foster Walsh to Thomas Paul Bradford
Rene Andre Thibodeau to Rene Andre D’Amours
John J. Goonan Jr. to John J. Dennis
Doris Klardie to Doris Hermsdorf
Georgette Cassista to Nancy Berube
Murielle Renaud to Pauline Lauretta Lavoie
Timothy JohN Chapman to Maurice William Godbout Jr.
Josephine Mary Raymond to Kathleen Mary Mullen
Carol Mary Sanderson to Carol Mary Savoy
Baby Paquette to Maxine Ann Wainwright
Jane Davenport to Jane Taylor
Janet Marion Shaw to Janet Marion ROgers
Theresa Ann to Theresa Ann Lafontaine
Herbert Charles Blake to Herbert Charles Dallaire
Baby Lawson to John Lance Koenig
Ronald Baxter to Lewis Ronald Ashford
Robert Elude Castonguary to Robert Elude Cote
Joseph ALfred Gagnon to Joseph Alfred Gadbois
Stanley Lee Wilder to Robert Allan Vantine
Mary Margaret Brickley to Sonia Margaret Bernaiche
Robert Louise Sevigny to Robert Joseph Vachon
Huntley Joseph Tranfalia to Tranfaglan to Nikolaos Daskalopulos
Marie Carol Tremblay to Marie Claire Rose Lemelin
William Lavallee to William Linehan
Baby Cloutier to Pauline Jeanne Duhamel
Faith McIntosh to Faith Fox
June Wood to Helen Marguerite Copadis
Inez Fisk to Inez Webb
Douglas P. Scanlon to Donald Cote
Merilyn Huckins to Merilyn Ramsdell
Leonard George Doyle to ROnald Herbert Noyes
Doris Lillian Othot to Marie Leona Claffin
Barbara Jean Sheldon to Joan Barabara Rollins
Yvette Loiselle to Yvette L. Dufort
Robert Henry Latuch to Robert Henry Harwood
Davena Hartford to Sandra Eastman
Leo Raymond Tremblay to Rodney John Colasacco

Preksfy Bartashievick to Wilfred Bartashevich
Isakka W. Bakka to Walter John Parker
Urho Isaac Maki to Earl Urho Mackey
Natatlie Frances Greene to Natalie Frances Roberts
Alan Proctor Greene to Alan Proctor Roberts
Elsie G. Carter to Elsie G. Hornig
Walter Charles Corey to Walter Edson Clough
Marion Dorothy Gregory to Marion Dorothy Lafleur
Marion Shaw Manning to Marion Duffy Manning
Thomas Anthony Tartaglia to Thomas Anthony Tyler
Mary Heron to Shirley Ann Burgoyne
Baby boy Cyr to Robert Allen Whitcomb
Marian E. Gates to Marian E. Lawrence
Joseph ALfred Guguy to Fred Albert Duguay
Robert J. Drugg to Robert J. Qualters
Marie Libbarres to Helen Fotes Libbarres
Francis Metz to Frances Woodward
Bernice Viola Clough to Bernice Viola Woodward
Lucille W. Desgranges to Lucile Wilso Bedor
Richard Edmunds to Richard O. Stone
Grace Mae Stebbins to Shirley Grace Spencer
Louis Israel Medvidofsky to Louis I. Medoff
Rose G. Medvidofsky to Rose Gertrude Medoff
Maurice Medvidofsky to Maurice Medoff
Marshal Medvidofsky to Marshal Medoff
Alexnader Robertson James to Alexander James
James Miles to James Hogan Beaulieu
Donald Koski to Donald James Allen
Reino John Hakala to Reino John Hackler
Shirley May wood to Shirley May Ouelette
Lawrence Webster to George Lawrence Ryder
Francis Robert Stanley to Francis Robert Schulenberger
Mary Ann Pelletier to Marianne Lorena Pelletier
Betty Lou Mantyla to Sally Jane Knight
Cynthia May Richardson to Yvonne Agnes Bushway
Rosie Kazanas to Jennie John Kazanas
Shirley Ann Rose to Carol Ann Rose
Viola Mae Heald to VIola Mae Vaughn
Dennis Page Fuller to James Lewis Crandall
Jacqualine Elizabeth Payne to Jacqualine Elizabeth Davis
August Honkamaki to August Maki
Evelyn Belle Bowhay to Evelyn Belle Foster
Elenor Frances Hewes to Eleanor Frances Campbell
Francis Morris Walker to John Thomas Moore Jr.
…. Wahlen to Wayne Weston Faery

Madeline Madore to Madeleine Foisy
Harry John Pallas to Harry John Bowles
John Henry Spatz to John Henry Young
Harry W. Laprise to Harry W. Gross
Alexander Meczelski to Alexander Mitchell
Bertha Parizo to Bertha Pariseau
Thomas Francis to Thomas Francis St. Clair
ALice Gertrude Plummer to Alice Gertrude Chapman
Ada G. Coty to Ada G. Colby
Arthur J. Mayo to Untamo Penttila
Arvo Armas Peltonen to Arnold Armas Peltonen
Roy Bunker to Roy B. Parmelee
Margaret M. Malony to Margaret M. Croshere
Lee Robert Richardson to Ronald Edward Spooner
Conrad Higgins to Laurence R. Johnson
Oliver A. Lemere to Levi A. Lemere
Alik Koozanovich to Alexander Kowzan
Merritt Anderson Waterhouse to Merritt Tattrie
George John Kukolander to George John Starr
Marie Virginia Lawless to Louise Amanda Brunell
Angelina Jeanette Valenti to Angelina Jeanette Valenti
Milton William Ihalainen to Milton William Halainen
Kathleen Celarius to Kathleen Morgan

Raymond Allen Bissell to Raymond Allen Davio
Mathilde Brown to Mathilde Louise Skinner
Harold Bunce to James Wallace Lewis
Paul W. Carter Jr. to Earl Sampson Howard
Edward Henry Conery to Wilfred Loren Smith
Leon Coty to Leon R. Saunders
DOnald Courage to Donald Richard Noyes
Patricia Ann Doubleday to Patricia Ann Wolfsohn
Bertha Ellis to Viola Priscilla Gavel
Mildred Irene Gould to Mildred Irene Gould Foster
George Raymond Hobart to Elton William Wescott
Barbara Rae James to Barbara James Goss
Pauline McLellan to Pauline Angela Sweet
Edward Horace Pattee to Edward Standish Pattee
Hannah Mary Pennock to Billie Hannah Mary Pennock
Leslie Marston Reed to Leslie Reed Marston
Vernon Ned Trumbull to Vernon NEd Bergh
Priscilla Mae Wilkins to Carlene Priscilla Barton
Amelia Abdelnour to Amealia Samaha
Harleem Abdelnour to Harleem Samaha
Lora Abdelnour to Laura Samaha
Esther May Briggs to Esther Lucille Ray
Christina Carr to Christina Beth Jesseman
Beverley Ann Cady to Beth Ann Olsson
James Thurlow Colley to George Washington Ellis
Edris Davis Dzengelewski to Edris Davis Bowers
Stanley Edward Dzengelewski to Stanley Edward Bowers
Ughtree Newell Downing to Hugh Newell Downing
Marcia Edna Fuller to Marcia Edna Gay
Ralphie Jean Grenier to Robert Jean Allen
Robert Bruce Osmer to Robert Bruce Warcup
Murray Sarget Jr. to Donald Ashworth Richardon
Evaline Lewis Samaha to Evelyn Samaha
Robert Prince Schmohl to Robert Prince Houghton
Bertha May Schmohl to Bertha May Houghton
Charlotte Schmohl to Charlotte Houghton
Nancy Ann Stevenson to Nancy Lee Keniston
Margaret E. Whitman to Margaret E. Brown

Junior Percival Johnson to Jon Percival Johnson
Everett E. Douse to Everett E. Palmer
Joseph Paul Hamel to Joseph Paul Bourassa
David G. Mattice to David G. Macloon
Edna L. Mattice to Edna L. Macloon
Sharon K. Mattice to Sharon K. Macloon
Francisco DiMaria to Frank DiMaria McGee
Clara Curtis to Claire Curtis
Lawrence A. Longstaff to Granville Aulis Longstaff
Marjorie Helen Queor to Patricia Alice Connolly
Gladys Eliza LaPlante to Gladys Elizabeth Hinman
Donald Edward LaMontagne to Donald Edward Arsenault

**From January 1973 to January 1937, the registers of probate returned to the secretary of state the following changes of names made by the superior court in DIVORCE proceedings:

-Rockingham County–
Thelma F. Fontenot to Thelma F. Hersey
Alison I Rowe to Alison Jean Ingalls
Helen Cooney Hallinan to Helen Cooney
Margaret Furman to Margaret Rocker
Mary F. Hamblett to Mary F. Blair
Sylvia Underhill Dollard to Sylvia Louise Underhill
Lillian Coburn Kieve to Lillian Coburn Emerson
Rosa D. Morse to Rosa D. Shoulders
Louise H. Niescier to Louise Frances Huntoon
Mary T. O’Leary to Mary T. Marshall
Dorothy V. Perfect to Dorothy V. Emery
Isabel (or Isabella) L.M. Rogers to Isabel (or Isabella) L.M. Kujeske
Marion D. Wetherell to Marion Dearborn Clark
Marguerite A. Witham to Marguerite A. Ball
Harriet H. Davis to Harriet H. Harrison
Norma Emma Coldwell Doherty to Norma Emma Coldwell
Irene M. Martel to Irene M. Sinclair
Laura J. Noel to Laura J. Gauthier
Beatrice Hartford Scarborough to Beatrice Hartford
Josephine Davison to Josephine Guiffrida
Beatirce Shaw Estes to Beatrice Shaw
Jennie B. Gordon to Jennie B. Hardy
Harriet B. Nicholson to Harriet L. Hodsdon
Marion D. Wetherell to Marion Dearborn Clock
Isabelle Beatrice Williams to Isabelle Beatrice Thompson
Alma May Pellegrino to Alma Mary Rainville
Harriett B. Cleeves to Harriett Prescott Bell
May Belle Triplett to May Belle Moody
Ethel P. Uhlig to Ethel Powers
Mertie Burrowes to Mertie Bunker Matthewes
Ida M. Dunton to Ida May Tivey

Jeanette G. Wilson to Jeanette G. Aiken
Isabelle Tracey Farley Schoonmaker to Isabelle Tracey Farley
Anne V. Folsom to Anne V. Jacobs
Yvonne M. Poulis to Yvonne M. Forgues
Alberta A. Roberts to Alberta A. Doyon
Evelyn M. Drouin to Evelyn Marie Daverio
Vivien M. Lagasse to Vivien M. Rothwell
Harriet E. Strachan to Harriet E. Hill
Doris A. Lieach to Doris A. Annis
Alexina Beaudoin to Alexina Plante
Ann L. Toomey to Ann L. Meader
Ruth A. Eastman to Ruth Atherton
Marjorie L. Cook to Marjorie L. Charette
Fred B. Martineau to Fred E. Burrows
Shirley DIckie to SHirley Pinkham
Clara May White to Clara May Kelley
Irma Rogers to Irma Grover
Emma M. Forbes to Emma M. Boulanger
Gladys Louise Tripp to Gladys Louise Mosely

Elizabeth Malouin to Elizabeth Wakefield
Gertrude Gagne Lapierre to Gertrude Nancy Gagne
Cecile West MacIntosh to Cecile Viola West
Elsie Staples to Elsie Roberge
Carrie Roy to Carrie Merrill
Dorothy Berry to Dorothy Belanger
Ruby B. Kimball to Ruby B. Keating
Emilienne L. Forrest to Emilienne L. Cormier
Mildred E. Wasson Chaffin to Mildred E. Wasson
Beatrice K. Riley Sheldon to Beatrice K. Riley

Alice E. Cheney to Alice E. Philippe
Mary E. Cody to Mary Monahan
Irene A. Higgins to Irene Moriarty
Katherine F. Varney to Katherine F. Corson
Joanna M. Welch to Joanna M. Nickerson
Marilyn F. Brooks to Delmour E. Brooks

Minverva C. Clark to Minvera C. Nickerson
Irene E. Tibbetts to Irene E. Oday
Irene M. Houle to Irene M. Martel
Lillian B. Andreevski to Lillian Broadhurst
Geraldine H. Stewart to Geraldine Hamilton
Nora Lundeen to Nora Mayhew
Priscilla Small to Priscilla Ruth Freitas
Irene C. Clough to Irene Bennett
Mona Caldwell to Mona Thompson
Gladys W. Burbank to Gladys May Wilson
Gertrude M. Hood to Gertrude M. Hodge
Blanche Gorodn Fletcher to Blanche Gordon.

M. Josephine Lavery to Mary Josephine Welch
Marie Louise BIsson to Marie Louise Belaire
Sylvia LaFountain Edison to Sylvia Ethel LaFountain
Emma Charait to Emma A. Wineberg
Florence E. Sibulkin to Florence Martin
Margaret Boivin to Margaret Zullo
Clara Martin Fitts to Clara Martin
Agnes G. Furman to Agnes G. Chauncey
Louise A. Barry to Louise A Wamester
Albert Rivard to Albert Mitchell
Donna W. Colby to Donna A. Whittle
Jule Ivon to Jule Kelley
Valeda Burelle to Valeda Goodhue
Thelma King Jervah to Thelma King
Elsie Doyle to Elsie A. Coldwell
Jennie Giles to Jennie Kudolis
Emilienne Normand Mooney to Emilienne Normand
Delia Boaise to Delia Chartrand
Ethel Bourzikas to Ethel Sofatzis
Marguerite A. Locicero to Marguerite A. Wright
Anna H. McLaughlin to Anna E. Hubbard
Myra Smith Shirra to Myra Smith
Ruth C. Stanard to Ruth A. Christopher
Mary DeRome to Mary Garland
Bridget L. Allen to Bridget L. King
Mary E. Perry to Mary E. Emerson
Eva M. Meader to Eva M. Boisvert
Bessie Elizabeth Maynard Kapela to Bessie Elizabeth Maynard
Margaret J. Lamprinakas to Margaret J. Belrose
Mary A. McAllister to Mary A. McGuigan
Dorothy Elizabeth Cobb to Dorothy Elizabeth Kelley
Vera J. Deeg to Vera J. Robbins
Jeannette Bond to Jeannette St. Pierre
Grace Maud McQuillan to Grace Maud Bowler
Dorothy Josephine Colburn to Dorothy Josephine Fiske
Alice A. Delehanty to Alice A. Warren
Amy L. Benedick to Amy L. Tilton
Blanche Rousseau to Blanche Bergeron
Harriet M. Friese to Harriet M. Barschdorf
Lida Kelley to Lida Dion
Rose Ann Valles to Rose Anna Desrochers
Amelia M. Guerriero to Amelia M. Bellefleur
Nellie Noel to Nellie Balukonis
Melverta Brooks to Melverta Poore
Rita Milliard to Rita Boldini
Beatrice L. Michaud to Beatrice L. Burelle
Marion M. Ford to Marion MacCann
Vera Owens Chesnulevich LeClair to Vera Owens Chesnulevich
Christine Denno to Christine Gianakos
Julia Korkovelos to Julia Gurska
Mildred Snarski to Mildred Adams
Elizabeth Gardner Freeman to Elizabeth Gardner Rodger
Esther H. Smith to Esther Hopkins
Alice K. Varnum to Alice Kuriger
Dorothy Emma Denison to Dorothy Emma Hoitt

Pauline Laura Gordon to Pauline Laura Orkins
Edna Evelyn Ferguson to Edna Evelyn Bernier
Pauline B. Jarvis to Pauline I. Baker
Gladys E. Hayes to Gladys Evelyn Swain
Kathleen H. Duval to Kathlee H. Pollard
Beatrice Julia Cimone to Beatrice Julia LaPointe
Ellen LaDuca to Ellen Spydell
Josephine Carey Briggs to Josephie Carey
FLorence Lee Barron Parsons to Florence Lee Barron
Evelyn L. Warner to Evelyn Lucille Lee
Bernice Eleanor Higgins to Bernice Eleanor Winn
Dorothy C. Stevens to Dorothy Lawler Cleghorn
Delia E. Killeen to Delia E. Webster
Mary M. Taylor to Mary Mlecezko
Florence Ophelia McGuigan to Florence Ophelia Bodware

Marion O. Williams to Marion O. Smith (1936)
Dorothy Anna Clement to Dorothy Anna Farnsworth
Ada B. Whittier to Ada B. york
Clare Florence D’Amante to Clare Florence Lower
Hazel E. Hill to Hazel E. Richardson
Lucie A. Wilson to Lucie A. Streeter
Josie M. Sheldon to Josie M. Schroeder
Christina A. Nagle to Christina A. Shea
Flossie L. Johnson to Flossie Ada LaBelle
Eva Baker Stebbins Whitney to Eva Baker Stebbins
Mary Anna Lepicier to Mary Anna Therriault
Grace E. Braley to Grace E. Bedell
Vina Guest to Vina E. Niles
Marcella Helen Martin to Marcella Helen Putnam
Katherine SMith Pfeiderer to Katherine Smith
Avis Cuthbert to Avis Reynolds
Hazel Bell Williams Morse to Hazel Bell Williams

Olive B. Straw to Olive B. Bush
Eva A. Dame to Eva A. Welcome
ALice Gray to Alice King
Goldie F. Sargent to Goldie F. Ford
Barbara L. Whipple to Barbara L. Bruce
L. Aileen Coghlan to L. Aileen Kebrich
Bertha Hobbs LaMarre to Bertha Louise Hobbs
Myrtle H. Gardner to Myrtle Hodsdon
Alice D. Olseon to ALice D. Ladeau
Vera A. Stevens to Vera A. Straw
Althea Brown to Althea Gould
Nellie S. Pickering to Nellie Julia Sweet
Wilhelmine Haberer Girndt Goodrich
Beatrice Pollack to Beatrice Morrisette
Marguerite M. Barrett to Marguerite Maxine Bomhower
Flora Arline Renihan to Flora Arline Silsby

Olive V. Temple to Olive V. Bennett
Vera E. Ball to Vera E. Lakin
Annie McGillivary Mason to Annie McGillivary
Alberta Gray Callan to Alberta Gray
Clementine Evans to Clementine Asselin
Ruth Deal to Ruth Moss
Annie M. Arlinsky to Annie M. Rosi
Lillian A. Livingston to Lillian A. Bennett
Ruth Libby Barnard to Ruth Brenda Libby
Elsie R. Egan to Elsie R. Woodrow
Gertrude M. McGennis to Gertrude M. Willis
Serita Noyes Brinkman to Serita Noyes
Lillian Louks to Lillian Smith.

Laws of New Hampshire, Passed June Session 1939