Blog Fodder: Themes for November

November is sneaking up on us.  Its bad enough the grocery stores place the Halloween and Christmas products out in August, but they entirely forget to remind us about Thanksgiving until we are almost there. NOW is the time to consider topics to blog about during this chilly month. I’ve Postcard: Boy with Turkeyprovided a few below for your consideration.

Month-Long Celebrations for November include:

Aviation History Month: human beings aspired to flight early in mankind’s history, failing in many initial attempts. Even though air travel seems mundane to some, we still look up at the sound of an airplane overhead, or we gaze in wonder as the plane take off and land at airports. Are you, or is someone in your family, a pilot? Did your family own an airfield? Are you glued to the television when it comes to space exploration? Share your personal story.

National Adoption Awareness Month: National Adoption Day is celebrated on November 23rd this year, but also during the entire month. We can’t choose our parents, but amazingly sometimes our parents can choose us! Are you adopted? If you research genealogy, which lines do you focus on, adopted vs inherited? Did you hit roadblocks in researching your inherited family tree?

National Model Railroad Month: Creating and maintaining model railroads is a popular hobby in the United States. I remember several friends whose husbands filled their cellars and recreation rooms with these spectacular displays. Are you a model railroad enthusiast? Write about your experience with this or any hobby you enjoy.

Native American Heritage Month aka Native American Indian Heritage Month: my grandmother was fascinated with American Indians, having grown up in an area of New Hampshire that was the site of an “Indian fort.” Do you have American Indian in your ancestry, or tales in your family that you do? These are the makings of a great blog story.

Daily Celebrations for November 2013

November 3d: National Sandwich Day. Also the birthday of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich, you can blog about your personal favorite sandwich, and how you came to eat it. Does your family have a unique sandwich?

November 6th: Marooned Without a Compass Day. Yes, supposedly there really is a day for those utterly marooned without a compass. Back before GPS if you traveled a great deal, it was common to get that “where the heck am I?” feeling. Did you ever get badly lost? Tell us your epic story!

November 11th: Veterans Day. Today we celebrate those who have served, who are alive. (Remember, Memorial Day is for those who have died). Blog about anyone in your family (including yourself) who has served in the armed forces, whether during wartime or not.

November 13th: Sadie Hawkin’s Day. This holiday started in a cartoon called “Li’l Abner” that was printed from 1934-1978. Girls get to ask the boys out on this day, but you can turn this into a great blog story. Do you know of anyone in your family where the woman proposed to the man?

November 21st: Great American Smokeout. Years ago smoking was common, but today thankfully we are more educated and aware of the health concerns associated with smoking. Did you lose a family member to cancer due to cigarette smoking?

November 23rd: Eat A Cranberry Day. Another holiday with an iffy origin. Cranberries grow in New England, and were a popular food for the native people’s even before the Europeans arrived. Do you include cranberries on your menu, served as sauce, in bread or muffins, or any other method?

November 28th: Thanksgiving Day. There are many ways you can include Thanksgiving topics on your blog. From your earliest memories of celebration, to your current day thoughts.

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