Blog Fodder: Themes for April

Yes, I know.  We are already part way into the month of April, and I am late.  So lets forge ahead and look at some great blog fodder topics that you can write about.

April 1: Fools Day – almost everyone has either been the fool or played a prank on this day.easter card old

April 2: International Children’s Book Day.  My favorite was one I bought for my son, “A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up And Tied His Horse To Me,” by Wallace Tripp.  You can write about a favorite of your own growing up, or one you enjoy reading now to a child, grandchild or other relation.  Why April 2nd? The International Board on Books for Youth designated April 2and as International Children’s Book Day, marking the birthday of Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen (1805).

April 6: Plan your Epitaph Day.  Some might think this morbid, but hey wouldn’t you rather write your own than leave it to someone else?

April 6-12: National Volunteer Week is the perfect time to focus on someone you know who quietly volunteers but stays out of the limelight!

April 10: National Sibling Day.  Whether you like yours or hate your siblings, write about ’em!

April 13-19: Celebrate National Library Week 2014 with the theme Lives change @ your library. Write about your favorite Librarian and Library!

April 15: Titanic Remembrance Day, dedicated to the memory of the Titanic when over 1500 people died. On this day in 1912, the Titanic sank in the icy waters of the north Atlantic ocean.  Are you related to anyone who was on that fateful voyage, or you avoided the trip due to coincidence?

April 18: Newspaper Columnist Day.  Whether you get your news by paper delivery, on the internet, or a combination of both, there is still a human being behind the stories, and it is time for them to be in the spotlight.  The National Society of Newspaper Columnists created National Columnists Day on April 18th, in memory of the day columnist, and Pulitzer Prize winner, Ernie Pyle, who was killed in World War II.

 April 20: Look-Alike Day.  Do you know of any two seemingly unrelated people who look very much alike?  Think Doppelgangers and start writing!

April 20, 2014: Easter falls on this day.  Write about your memories of Easter–the good and the bad.

April 26: Richter-Scale Day.  Many lives have been changed by earthquakes, and most people have felt at least one, so this is great fodder to write about either your own experiences or one of an ancestor/relative.  Richter Scale Day celebrates the birth of the inventor of the Richter Scale, who was born on April 26, 1900, inventing his namesake, the Richter Scale in 1935, to measure the magnitude of earthquakes.

April 28: International Astronomy Day.  Since men first had the ability to look up into the skies, we have been in wonder.  Write about your favorite astronomer, or perhaps someone in your family who loved to gaze through a telescope.

 April 30: National Honesty Day.  Yep, a day to tell the truth, the whole truth!

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