Celebrity Doppelgangers: John C. Calhoun and Willem Dafoe

As I was browsing early photographs of United States Vice-Presidents, I came upon a very serious looking one of John C. Calhoun.  I knew I had seen his face before! John Caldwell Calhoun,  son of Patrick & Martha (Caldwell) Calhoun … Continue reading

Famous and Infamous: New Hampshire – May 1876

STATE ITEMS: Famous and Infamous The Laconia Democrat is for sale. A haunted house is the latest sensation a Rye. The History of Peterboro’ is nearly completed. The Pittsfield bank is to be moved to Manchester. A military company has … Continue reading

Searchroots Update: Peterborough NH

For those of you with websites and blogs of more than a year old, you share the pain of updating.  With a web presence comes the never ending job of keeping it updated, and the links active and refreshed. The … Continue reading